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  1. 23 hours ago, johnmorris said:

    Great job! I can't even imagine how much patience you need to do this.

    Thanks :).

    9 hours ago, qzgy said:


    Not just lots, but a stupid amount, especially when we are talking about a project of this size.


    Huge thanks to all of you for the likes and nice comment's these past few days :D, it really helps repair my diminishing energy/motivation, now i feel ready to continue again, sadly that will have to wait til next week tough.

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  2. 11 minutes ago, Lo Var Lachland said:

    Wow! This thing is huge!

    I've been looking around for a decent 3D Printer, but so far I've only found a nice resin one that can't print large parts. What printer do you use and do you recommend it? 

    The printer i use is a "Flashforge Finder 2.0" that i got for 400€ from "clas ohlson" here in Pori Finland.

    The print-area on it is 14x14x14cm in size, so it's also a bit small, but other that, it's been pretty fantastic, and has worked without any problems whatsoever.

    The printer is a sort of easy-to-use starter printer, and the Flahprint slicing software is also pretty simplified as-well.

    I use 0.6 kg spools of PLA with it, but i think you can use a few other material with it too, but im not sure. The spools are Flashforge branded, and go into a sort of "magazine" on the back, making them a little more low-profile, so i don't know about availability/compatibility.


    All in all, i would recommend it if your looking for something simple to start with.

    I would also highly recommend Fusion 360 (the program i used to design this) if your looking to design your own 3D models, It's professional, and it free if you meet the criteria (explained on the website, a bit tough to find).


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  3. 6 hours ago, Exploro said:

    Splendid job you have done so far. Can't wait to see your next update on the Badger build.

    Thanks :).

    Unfortunately that may take a while, as is usual with these giant builds of mine, tough thankfully i still have a good amount of free time left.

  4. 3 hours ago, ZooNamedGames said:

    Amazing ship!!

    As to your question, I’d prefer something the AI could handle, but within reason. Enough that it doesn’t risk hitting the sea floor and not too little that it can’t turn.

    Thanks :).

    So, rudder's it is then. Let's hope a dozen of the biggest elevons (that's how many parts the bow-thrusters eat) will be enough.

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    K.S.S Spruance



    Before i continue and start making the other ships, there was something i wanted to ask/was wondering.

    The ships i make for the KNS project and this one, use bow-thrusters for steering (jet-engines), meaning you need to use action-groups to control the ship, also meaning that the AI (if it even can control ships to begin with), would not be able to control the ship.

    So, should i go back and switch the bow-thrusters for some rudders instead. Reason why i don't use rudders in big ships like this, is that it would need TONS of them to match the turn-rate that the engines give...plus, they also stick out quite a bit and have risk of colliding with terrain when driving to the water.


    Base building pack



    Vertical and horizontal fuel-tanks



    modeled after the lovely explodey fuel-tanks from JC3.


    Radar station


    This time inspired by the radar stations in C&C Tiberian dawn/C&C Renegade.


    War-factory/repair workshop



    Perhaps a little too RTS'ish, but maby it might still prove useful.




    Same as the above


    ADV guardtower


    A bit like the ADV guardtower in Tiberian dawn, minus the missiles.


    AT/AA turrets.









    Cause there has to be at-least one really tall thing that comes crashing down.


    Mobile generator


    I taught that a small power-plant would definitely be way too RTS for this project, so i made a JC3/JC4 style generator instead




    Cause what would be a game without tons of containers laying around.

    I know, some of the stuff may not be entirely relevant to this project, but im a big RTS fan, so i couldn't help myself.

    Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qmqw5656w0lmrll/Base building pack.zip?dl=0


    As with the other stuff, if there's any other buildings you need, just send me the list and i'll build them for you.


  7. 5 hours ago, ZooNamedGames said:

    All boats are acceptable. From patrol boats/gunboats to full size battleships. All are acceptable. Mind the part count but other than that feel free to experiment.

    Once I get the test script I’ll send it to you. Likely through discord once I link the server I’ve been working on.

    Part-counts for frigates/destroyers will probably be in the 300-400 range, battleships will be in the 600-700 range, and as for aircraft-carriers, somewhere around a 1000 parts and up.

  8. 3 hours ago, ZooNamedGames said:

    Ok. If anyone has any structures built as craft, that would be great (bunkers, guard towers, radar stations, fuel silos, etc) as combat will include them too.

    Im sure i could whip those together in no time.


    3 hours ago, ZooNamedGames said:

    Also I could use boats and submarines. Thanks!

    What kind off boats are we talking about, small gunboats/torpedo-boats, frigates, destroyers, or aircraft carriers, as i have been meaning to do some more modern ships (Oliver Hazard Perry, Ticonderoga...that sort of stuff), and this would be a perfect opportunity for that.


    As for voice acting, a part of me want's to give it a go as i do now have a more proper microphone.

  9. While i was searching for a 3D papermodel of a French tank i remembered, i came across something so crazy and insane i had to give it a go in KSP. I remembered i would find the model in Peri paperhobby. When i went there, the first thing i was greeted to was...


    ...This, a beatiful illustartion of a fictional blend between a Japanise aircraft carrier and a Russian Ekranoplan.


    The guy at Peri Paperhobby who found this illustration made by Peter6409 In Artstation.com turned it into a cardmodel. But i was going to create a KSP version of it.


    Yeah, kinda leaves all those carriers and sea-planes i made to shame doesn't it...to be honest, i think it might just leave just about anything to shame, if it works of-course.

    It was basically the perfect opportunity to do another one of those insane builds again. And as far as insane goes, it will likely remain as the most crazy build i have ever done for a LOOOONG time, maby even forever.


    Now, when i started this project i was determined to do it properly, no small scale lookalikes, it had to be a full sized carrier. So, is started by building a Shokaku lookalike that i would be able to turn into a proper carrier, and then saved that under a different name and then slapped on all the plane bits to make the flying version of it.


    And here is the result of that


    (with a large carrier-plane on deck to give you a sense of scale)


    Here are some more screenshots of the first and only flight and a little more explanation.



    Had to put" no crash damage" and "unbreakable joints" on as the thing would explode on the runway every-time, prob due to the runway exploding every-time.



    Yes, the hill behind the runway is now the launch ramp for this monster.



    The sky-carrier is quite maneuverable.



    A nice side view.



    I was going at about 120 m/s when i landed and sadly lost both of the floats. But no worries, we don't need floats.



    Then i had to wait like one and a half hours to wait for it to stop completely (pretty-much zero water resistance due to all the tweak-scaled parts and no reverse engines)



    Time to test our new retro-future carrier aircraft.



    Nailed the landing on the first try (the lag made it easier as it gave more time to think and react).



    The aircraft has somewhat slow acceleration, but i was able to make it.



    Unfortunately i was able to takeoff from water only through halving the gravity via the cheats menu.


    After that, i tried to do some juggling between the carrier and the carrier-plane that just ended up with both nosediving into the water (can't use SAS on the carrier or else it wobbles, so it needed constant attention)



    Technical specks:

    Length: 315.4m

    wingspan: 338.6m

    Height: 65.6m

    Mass: 30,776.870 tons

    Parts: 880

    Mod used: Tweakscale and BD-armory (for no real reason)


    NOTE:  I know i know, your probably wondering about that carrier-plane...well, don't worry, it will be released as a bonus with the massive navy-aircraft pack im working on. So, you'll get all the details on it then.


    And there it is for you, another one of my more insane just for the fun of it projects. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at it

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  10. 12 minutes ago, ZooNamedGames said:


    Well all of this is certainly above and beyond the call and will leave me with plenty to test out of the next few days! I'll need the craft files though.

    Thanks :D.

    Yeah, i was dumb dumb and forgot to add them the first time around, but there there now, below the spoiler with all the picks in one neat package.

  11. Ask and you shall receive. I decided to spend 5 full days building a pack of 22 crafts for this project of yours, and boy was it fun.

    Most of the stuff in this pack comes fresh out of the factory as most of the older stuff i tested either didn't work well anymore, or used A+, but there are still some old designs thrown in, tough with some improvements and testing of-course.

    So, i hope there will be at-least something worth using in there.


    Now, the description for the project your doing gives a lot of room for options, a little too much perhaps, but since you said you where doing something based on the AC series, i was able to narrow the field down and find something to focus on.

    I taught that this will likely be mostly air to air combat, so my main focus was creating two similarly equipped air-forces with all the essentials. Basically an Allied air-force, and a Russian one.

    I was gonna focus on the bigger stuff (bombers, AWACS and Tanker aircraft's), but, i couldn't help myself, so i threw in some fighters and strike-aircraft as-well.

    I also created mobile SAM systems for both sides with all the component needed to make them work.


    My aesthetics can be best summarized by "alternate history". A lot of the crafts are pretty closely based on real-life design. I tried to add a bit of my own flair to them to try and make them feel a little more original. Unfortunately that didn't always work, so some of the designs are pretty much straight up replicas.



    1. Yes, the screenshots show paint and decals, but you don't need to worry about them as i have removed every decal before release, and the paint reverts back to stock if DCK is not present.

    2. you can do whatever mods/changes you see fit. They maby my creations, but it's your project, so go mad.

    3. Missiles, rockets nor bombs have been bound to any action groups, nor have any of the settings on any of the BD-armory stuff changed (other than movement of turrets), as i figured it'd be best to leave that to you.

    4. If there's any specific crafts, or craft types you have in mind, be sure to let me know, as i would love to build more of this stuff.


    picks of all the crafts in this pack


    Allied forces


    KTP-740 Jumbo





    Let's start of with an aircraft you mentioned you'd want (or something like it).

    I was originally supposed to leave the mobile command side to the AWACS aircraft's,  but since you mentioned it, and since i have built so many Jumbos in the past, why not.


    Fouglas FC-80 (AWACS and Tanker)








    To make this one a little more video friendly, i removed all the fancy detailing to significantly lower the part/count.

    The, tanker version is there just for detail, and doesn't really work as refueller.



    KHB-70 Valkyrie








    I was thinking of making another B-52'ish aircraft, but decided to go with the Valkyrie instead as i taught it would be a more interesting and original choice.

    Unfortunately the aircraft isn't as nimble nor hyper-sonic as i wanted, but it can still get to a pretty high altitude, and can reach pretty high speeds with some careful flying.


    KLB-4050 Vautour






    Decided to add some french aircraft in the mix to add to the variety and because i remember flying a french Mirage fighter in AC-Assault Horizon for PS3.

    Decided to also vary the armaments and add some 30mm chain-guns (zero movement of-cource) on the nose instead of the usual 50.cal or Vulcan, and because i felt it would be a little closer to the weapons used in Europian fighters.


    KF-2000 Mirage




    Small, nimble and really fun to fly, tough not as heavily armed nor sophisticated as it's US counterparts.

    On this one i had to do quite bit of work to get it to be as nimble as it is.


    KF-54 LongBow






    The first fighter i made for this pack, and propably still my favorite from this pack.

    It's supposed to be a mix of the F-14, F-15 and F-18, but ended up really only having F-14'ish elements in it's design.


    KF-10 Thunderbolt





    The Thunderbolt is unfortunately a bit sluggish when it comes to maneuverability, but since it's a ground attack aircraft i taught it's not that big of a problem.


    Patriot SAM system








    Built on top of a slightly modded version of the tried and tested KEMMT, so mobility should be pretty good.





    (This pick gives me such a rush of nostalgia)



    (it can handle very tight turn really well...)



    (...but as usual, don't turn too sharp too fast)


    These trailer based mobile bases come equipped with a large built in generator to run all the components of the system, a small command center and a radar for locating enemy aircraft to shoot at and for staying in touch with HQ.


    To make the trailer follow the truck properly, just press spacebar.




    Forgot to take any screenshots, sorry.


    A small command and control box built on top of a standard KEMMT, that is used for operating the Partiot launcher itself.



    Russian forces


    KTP-2202 ThunderStreak and KTP-3303 Typhoon








    The AWACS and tanker aircrafts of the Russian side.

    The Typhoon is basically just a modified version of the ThunderStreak with an extended wingspan and more traditional engine layout.


    KHB-50-B Vulture






    One of my old favorites is back with a few mods and improvements. Basically i tried to improve performance and lower the part-count.

    The armament's are a bit odd i know, but my idea when i originally created this way back, was that this one would be a sort of heavy-bomber/gunship hybrid, with a good sized bomb-load and some turrets in the belly.

    For a bomber, this one is very nimble, but be careful when pulling up at high speeds.



    KHB-22 Thunderbird








    A very nimble hyper-sonic high altitude cruise-missile carrying heavy bomber, what more can you ask for.

    The missiles can be launched one by one and carry a payload of 6 BD-armory warheads. Weather or not these massive missiles are more destructive that the ones BD-armory provides, i dunno.


    KF-29 Falcon





    The LongBow's direct counterpart. A pretty bog-standard jet based mainly on the Mig-29.


    KF-31 Wolfhound


    Again, forgot to take any screenshots, sorry


    A bit of a high part-count beast, designed as a more faster and more higher altitude interceptor as the Falcon.

    Based (as you might have guessed) on the Mig-31 Foxhound


    KF-24 Arrow





    A smaller more nimble counterpart to the Thunderbolt.


    Russian SAM system







    These Russian counterparts don't have the same mobility as the US ones.






    A bit of a huge beast with poor mobility. You can drive around the KSC grounds all you like, but i don't think it will get very far off-road, so i suggest you find a good spot and hyper edit it there, or park it next to whatever runway you spawn in.

    There is also a version of this with the radar stowed, so you can get some footage of it being on the move as-well.

    And like with the command trailer, just press spacebar to detach the trailer so that it can follow the truck properly.











    Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o2n365p2vpz6qka/KDI stuff.zip?dl=0



    Some ideas for improving quality.

    Im not the creator of this series, nor do i really know your planning, but i taught id drop these ideas here anyways. I hope they will be useful in some way and will maby spark something.


    I was thinking of creating some buildings C&C style, but id much rather suggest you get Kerbal Konstruct and create you bases with that, if it even still works that is.


    For example (KNS main naval/air-base that i built myself)



    The naval base section with the huge ship-ramp that would allow a smooth launch of any and all ship-types.



    The huge air-base with it's airship-hangars at the back.



    One of the defense platforms protecting the base.


    The big problem would be the fact that KK bases can not be sheared.

    Anyways, that's just my suggestion, but i think it would add to the quality of the series quite a bit if there where some proper bases and other military facilities.


    Another small addition that i think would add to the quality of the series, would be some separate interior spaces for the kerbals to panic inside in.

    This is something i had as an idea for my WWII naval-battle series im planning, where basically with the addition of building like a Fletcher class destroyer, i would also build some rooms from it (Bridge, engine-room, maby some cabins...) as separate crafts and would have them sit on the runway on a special mount that would allow me to rotate them in all directions (needs IR for that). So, for instance if the destroyer got torpedoed and started listing, i could go to one of these rooms and have like a piece of the wall blow up simulating the torpedo hit on the ship, and then i could swap into another room and start tiling it to simulate listing of the ship while also probably pushing it down with some pistons to have the water-level rise (would need to be mounted on some floating platform for that).

    For this project i was maby thinking of some separate interiors for the AWACS/Command aircraft, so they could have a staff meeting while the aircraft is "in the air" (no widows on the E-4, so just add some engine noise, and it's pretty perfect).


    And also i was planning that i could create some wrecked/sunken ships for my series. And even for a series like this, i think a few plane wrecks could add some bit of extra to the story.


    Just a couple of things that could add some little extra trough the magic of editing.


    Sorry if this ended up being a bit long, but this project ended up being right up my alley and really got my ides going :D.

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  12. Alright, we have now hit our first major milestone. The interior is now done, and we can move on to building the fuselage, at witch point we should see some real progress.



    So far im really happy with the results, and hope the rest of the aircraft will turn out even better, so we can get a nice strong clean result :D.

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  13. Before i fully immerse myself in the Tu-16 build, i taught id show you a recent 3D modelling/printing project of mine that i think you'll be interested in.


    The "BarnStormer" came to be as part of a series of agricultural machines i was modelling on my previous job (more of an extended trial period), we where looking for stuff for me to model, when my employer told me he'd like to have a 3D model of the aircraft hes flown with a bunch of times, at that point i threw in the idea of maby modelling a crop-duster plane of some sort. He said yes to the idea and then the ideas came thundering in my head.

    I only really knew of one purpose built crop-duster aircraft, and didn't really find it too interesting, so i decided that "hey, why don't i design something airworthy in KSP and make a 3D model of that", and while im at it, and cause i really wanted to, why not 3D print it as-well.


    I knew from the start that if im going to design a crop-duster plane, it needs to be a bi-plane, but it also needs to have some "modern" features as-well.


    Here is the result of those ideas.


    Don't really have a better pic of it.


    Basically what i did to make it a little more modern looking, is include an enclosed cockpit, and a powerful engine.


    I wanted the 3D printed version to be like the KSP one in overall shape and size with KSP like wing-profiles (also makes them easier to design and print).

    And id say i nailed it pretty well.

    I chose 1/28 as my scale, as i originally planned on adding some working control-surfaces that would have connected to the stick and pedals.

    Turns out even that scale wasn't enough, so i just dropped the idea as i didn't want to make a model that is impossible to store and one that takes too long to print.

    I achieved this scale by using the cockpit of the aircraft as a yard stick. I knew the cockpit that the BarnStormer uses is basically that of the Zero, so just scale a pick of the Zero, and then scale the BarnStormers cockpit canopy to match, and bingo.


    The modelling process included quite a bit of stuff that was quite new to me...but, im a pretty quick learner, so i got that stuff figured out pretty quick without even having to resort to any tutorials of any kind.

    But, compared to other stuff that i have modeled before and after it, it did still eat a lot of time. It was about 3 weeks before the plane was all modeled, printed, assembled and painted.


    And here it is.



    Here are some more picks



    I did some assembly before the spray-painting. The propeller i attached to test if it would fit and spin freely, and noticed i couldn't take it off without braking things. The wings where composed of 4 parts each, and the spraying system was cut into 3 parts.

    The elevators and rudder where supposed to be separate, but it made more sense to print the empennage all in one piece.







    There is a small radial engine under the propeller spinner.



    the canopy can slide open and closed. Other working features include an spinning propeller, spinning main wheels, and a steerable tail-gear.


    Now, you may be asking, why air-force colors, it's a crop-duster. I think pretty much any aircraft can be a crop-duster if you just attach the right gear in the underbelly, so why not show some of that freedom in the paint-job...also, the aircraft just really looked like some early WWII fighter plane anyways, so why not reinforce that.

    Actually i already reinforced that idea by leaving some MG access hatches on the wings and an MG-sight on the fuselage.

    But, this particular paint-job is not actually my personal choise, i wanted to print and give one of these models to my employer as a present, so i asked him what kind of a paint-job he wanted, and he said he wanted some air-force colors on it.


    So, i sent him an E-mail with this


    He liked it, but he sent me a particular aircraft whose paint i should replicate, the Brewster Buffalo of Lt. Hans Wind (a true ace pilot with dozens of confirmed kills), who was related to him.

    So i went ahead and searched for the best quality image of Hans Winds plane, so that i could make stickers of some of the logos.


    For the purpose of the forums, i switched the blue swastikas to the modern roundel. I did also have stickers of the KF-511 on the side, but the base color was too dis-similar in shade and the numbers where too MS Paint'esque, so i dropped them...plus, they didn't want stick properly anyways. It's a miracle the roundels on the side haven't dropped of yet.


    Right now the aircraft is sitting happily in one of the shelves in his workplace.

    I have plans on doing some slight editing and then releasing this model on My Mini Factory or Thingiverse, but i don't know when that's gonna happen.

    And that's pretty much it for this one, i hope you enjoyed taking a look at it :).

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    Now that i have a few weeks of pretty-much nothing, i taught id take some time and immerse myself in the world of modelling with something huge and well detailed :cool:, like the massive German WW1 airship i showed you some time ago. Of-course this time i hope things don't end up so badly, and that i don't have to build a memorial for this weeks after completion ;.;.


    For this project i decided to make this a "no desktop week", and basically keep myself away from video-games for this week so that i can get this done in one go instead of the usual, build a little bit of it, wait for months to get re-motivated, and then build some more...etc.


    Since this is such a huge and well detailed model, i taught you guys would probably like to see the final product and what goes into making one. Plus, i wanted to get some WIP shots for myself as all the interior bits will likely be impossible to see in the end. Especially since i have decided that this model, like the Fiddlers Green Peacemaker bomber, will end up hanging from the other ceiling lamp, as there is simply nowhere else to put it.


    For this project, i will be posting updates on progress daily. (my initial burst of energy is now gone, so progress will be a little more random now)

    I will make a spoiler for each day of progress and put that days progress inside it.


    As for why i chose this model. I have always loved the look of cold-war Russian bombers (Tu-16, Tu-22, Tu-160, M-4...etc), and have long wanted to make some models of them in some form. I did do some more simple papermodels of them a while ago, but they where a bit lacking, so i wanted to have a proper one.

    The Tu-16 "badger" was a pretty solid first choise as it has inspired two of some of my most favorite designs in KSP.



    The original Vulture bomber was a really amazingly capable design and was, and still is one of my favorite designs in terms of looks, so good in-fact, that i decided to recreate the old B9 parts built design in a more stock+BD-armory fashion, with a few added touches, to make it even more good looking.



    Now, don't expect the most professional job on this one, as i still like to use scissors, crystal-tape and hot-glue to build stuff, instead of the usual hobby-knife and glue combo. But, i'll try my hardest to hide a lot of the tape and glue, and get the best finish i can :wink:.

    The main reason i build stuff that way is time. As, it allows me to skip cutting all the millions of glue tabs, and removes the "waiting for glue to dry" portion of the build.


    Progress for day 1


    It's beginning to get a bit late, so for today it's mostly just prepping stuff so that i can properly begin the build tomorrow.

    Mainly im planning on doing some organization of parts. My plan is to separate all the parts on the pages into smaller piles, with stuff for the interior being in one, the part's for wings in another...so on and so forth.

    It may take a while as there are 56 pages of parts to go trough :0.0: (I had to print each page to PDF first, and then print them one by one :confused:, witch was a few hour job in itself). And yes, there is one page dedicated for the seats alone (6 crew members).


    Progress for day 2


    A lot of today went away while i searched for a bunch of 3D printable stuff for my diorama project.


    Here is what i managed to build today.


    I decided to start with the interior, mainly cause everything goes around it, but also to test my skills and see if i can actually make it somewhat well.

    The pilots seat was a pretty good point to start with as it is probably the most complex part of the cockpit.


    Here is a shot showing all the interior parts.




    Id say the pilots seat turned out quite well.



    The cockpit is almost done, it just needs a few extra instruments between the instrument panels.

    Im gonna continue from here by building the nose interior and then moving on to behind the cockpit. Then it's on to the tail section.


    Progress for day 3


    Progress on the interior continues. Sadly i had a bunch of places to be today, so time was cut a bit short, but i feel like i got to a pretty good pause-point.


    I got the cockpit complete, tough not as planned, as i had to do some semi destructive mod work to get it complete. Basically i had to remove the main instrument panels and move them sightly more inward.



    With that, i also got the nose interior done.


    It was quite the test of patience assembling those instrument panels, as there where a dozen separate instruments to be assembled and attached across the two panels. thankfully ive come up with a good way of assembling those tiny boxes, i basically put a large blob of hot glue in the middle that sticks to each wall.


    Next up it's the area behind the cockpit, that has a seat on a rail that can move up and down (there's a dome window in the upper fuselage above it).

    The it's the tail interior, witch i should be able to also get done tomorrow, as tomorrow is completely free.

    Still, it's pretty amazing to think that ive been spending this long on just the interior. But, after the interior is done, result should come a little faster as the parts become a whole lot bigger and the overall complexity drops.


    I really just hope that my motivation/determination can last the length of the project.



    Progress for day 4


    It's been three days since we properly started, but i no happy to say that the intricate portion of the build is now done, as i was able to finish the last interior bits.

    I think the bit's i built today where probably the hardest of all to build, but i think they turned out pretty great.


    I mean, you know it's gonna be a challenge when you have to attach a ton of small panels into this,


    Not exactly a lot of surface area, but, with the power of tape, i was able to turn the small panels into a single large one that was way easier to attach.






    Progress for days 5-9


    Sorry for the lack of updates, but very little has been done in these few days, as i have been battling with the inevitable decline of motivation.

    Plus, i kinda also forgot.


    Anyways, here's whats been done in these past few days.









    And that is pretty-much the nose of the aircraft complete (minus some tiny antennae and pitot-tubes that get attached later).

    To save some space, i plan on separating the aircraft into modules that i will bring together at the end:


    Mid fuselage with engines.

    Rear fuselage with rudder and elevators.


    Cruise-missiles and their pylons.


    Separating the wing and mid-fuselage modules might be a little hard as the supports for the wings go inside the mid-fuselage.




    And there it is for you, a crazy little paper-model project of mine. I hope you enjoy watching the progress :).

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  15. Time for a little mid project update.


    I have now completed a few more aircraft from the pack. These include:

    Supermarine Seafire.

    Gloster Gladiator.

    Mitsubishi A6M Zero

    Vought Kingfisher.

    Bristol Beaufighter.


    Id say progress is pretty good, and it seems that my goal of getting every aircraft (minus the floatplanes and multi engined planes) to land on the VAB helipad, seems quite realistic.





    As for floatplanes, this time around, things went a lot smoother, and i was able to get the Kingfisher to work after only a single mod to the original design, witch in this case was a small extension to the main float.

    Unfortunately the Kingfisher has the same problems as the Zeke (decided to name the floatplane Zeke, and the carrier version Zero), but not as bad.




    You'll get to see the rest when i release the pack, witch should be pretty soon, as, as i said, progress so far is pretty good, and it's only gonna improve moving forward.

    Right now i have a feeling that i should make some follow up packs to this one, one including some medium and heavy-bombers and flying-boats, and one including some navy jets.

    The bigger multi-engined stuff will likely end up being made, but as for the jets, i just love WWII naval aviation so much more...hmm...come to think of it, a pre WWII pack with some biplanes on it would make for a lovely pack as-well, would go really well with a Kerbalized U.S.S Lexington, witch i have been wanting to make.

    I dunno, just some ideas for what might follow. I will likely for now concentrate on WWII stuff, as i really want to try and make some kind of a KSP film/story set in WWII, and that will require tons more craft to be made, so much so that i will likely soon have over a 100 different craft operating under the KNS project.

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  16. I know there are some other projects i should work on, but i really wanted to return to something a little more simple and fun.

    And since i have been thinking about navy stuff recently, why not make some more navy aircraft...well...some is a bit of an understatement.

    Most of the stuff will be carrier aircraft from 4 nations, with some float-planes and land-based aircraft on the side.

    The float-planes will likely find their way on to the KNS sea-plane fleet, and the carrier planes will likely end up in the decks of my future carriers.


    As is to be expected from the KNS project, all the aircraft will be simple, easy to use, with good performance.


    Here's the ones im planning on making.



    Some 1/72 scale aircraft models with a few papermodels (The SD A5M is my own design), and a little Lego microbuild of a Vought Kingfisher.

    Back in the day i didn't really care too much about painting and decaling, i just loved building them.


    And that's not all


    Some 1/350 scale stuff, in plastic and paper form.

    All of that stuff is quite recent, so paint and decals are actually there this time.


    And last but not least


    The Grumman duck, that is hanging from the mount where the giant airship used to be, before it's structural collapse due to me being lazy and not putting enough supports in.


    I think this collection of models will make a sufficient enough catalogue, so don't expect to see anything that isn't shown here.

    And as for larger aircraft, those are for another day.



    To give you a better idea of what you can expect, here's a BF-109, landed on the VAB helipad.



    Yes, my plan is to make every aircraft in the pack able to do that...i mean, what better way is there to prove that a plane is carrier capable :cool:.



    Speaking of the BF-109, i have some plans that i might soon start building the UCS BF-109 i promised a long time ago.

    I have been going back and forth over what kind of replica it should be, so it may take a while.

    Hopefully, if the BF-109 ends up being a success, there shouldn't be such a large gap between UCS crafts anymore.

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    Once the Naval Masters update came to WarThunder, i had a bunch of new opportunities for replica projects, as tough i had a pretty good scope as far as bigger WWII warships go, i hadn't really done much research in the torpedo-boat/gun-boat sized category (partly due to interest, and partly cause their isn't as much info on those), so before this i didn't know of any specific boats.

    The German M-class minesweeper, was probably my favorite from the smaller ships (smaller than destroyer class), so it was on top of my replication list, but i decided to start making a 3D printable model of it instead(yes, you will propably get to see it. Currently just has some plans made, but nothing modeled yet)...so, what to choose then. I happened to be sailing with Russian boats, so i taught one of them would make for a nice replica project.

    The OD-200 won as my top choise as i taught it was nice to play with and looked like it would make for a pretty perfect replica project, interesting and simpler in shape.


    For reference to build this, i took some screenshots in WarThunder and pretty much eye-balled everything, meaning it's a little off in certain areas. Unfortunately it didn't come across my mind to check that if there where any picks of the real boats around.

    There are little, but they would have allowed me to nail the shape of the hull a little better. It also seems that the real boats had twin machine-guns on the forward turrets and not the single mounts found in WarThunder (also a gun-shield on the rear-gun).

    Oh well, too late now.


    As this is basically just a display model, there is not much t say build wise, other than that i decided to try and nail pretty much every detail.

    So, a full interior is included. Of-course smaller details in the inside aren't included as i have no idea what they would look like or where they would be, and the forward compartment with the crew quarters is a "best guess" style situation based on whats inside similar sized American torpedo-boats.

    I did plan on painting the thing, but didn't as i taught it would be nicer to show you a little better that what parts are used where...plus, it wouldn't have been very interesting.

    I also did one crew member, but dropped it as mirroring on it was a bit wonky and posing was impossible.


    Some more picks of the exterior and all the shots of the interior.



    A close up of the heavier AA-gun. If i made this a working model, i would have likely placed a 30mm chain-gun to represent this gun, while 2 50.cal turrets would have represented the machine-guns.



    One of the AA-machineguns. A seat and plenty of legroom included.





    The bridge is the one i started the build with. It is the most detailed part the ship, as the X-ray view in warthunder tends to show the entire bridge with all it's glory for pretty much every ship.



    The fly-bridge is where the replicated crew-man used to stand, before i removed it



    In the rear you can see the steering-gears and fueltanks. Forward of that is the engine compartment, witch also has the pump and a small magazine for the rear AA-gun.



    (heh, didn't even notice at first, but looks like this is a WIP shot, as it includes the removed crew-man and is missing the rear AA-gun. The reason i didn't notice it at first is because i removed hull parts all the time to get better picks of the interior)

    Forward of the engine compartment is the main magazine that has ammo for every gun on the ship.



    As i said above, the forward compartment with the crew area is a "best-guess" sort of situation. In the crew area is also the main radio station.


    This served as my main point of reference for what is likely to be found on bow section of the boat.


    As for reference for the rest of the boat, a bunch of screenshots taken in WarThunder.




    A nice overall view of the rear to complete the set.



    In feel a bit bad for never taking this out to water, but maby one day i might make a fully working version. Tough considering it has some slightly corrupted bits hanging inside it due to a bad crash, im a bit afraid things will escalate if it leaves the hangar.

    Plus, tweackscale and water don't go together well...of-course unless you want to hover over the water, then its fantastic.


    Technical specks:

    Length: 33.5m

    Width: 4.8m

    Height: 11.8m

    Mass: 49.45 tons

    Parts: 722

    Mod used: Tweakscale


    And there it is for you, a showcase of another well detailed but non functional replica of WWII vintage. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at it :).

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    What makes the F-15J a bit special is that it is a Japanise license built version of the good old Murican eagle. And this particular F-15 is even more special, but we'll get to that later.




    This build was originally supposed to be a 1:1 replica, but it ended up being quite a bit bigger as i wanted to stick with the engine design on this one...plus, i figured the size would give more room for detail, and would set this apart from the usual 1:1 replicas seen these days.

    I basically started by first building the engines, witch gave me a pretty good idea on how big the rest should be...tough not good enough as i had to extend the fuselage after it was already completed, as the wings didn't fit at all.

    Even tough the fuselage looks simpler, it was a lot trickier in a lot of areas than the Draken, minus the cockpit, witch is built pretty much the same way as the one on the Draken. All the lifting surfaces where pretty easy to do.

    Id say i nailed the look and detail pretty well, but unfortunately the flight side of this aren't as good. The aircraft is pretty slow in low altitude and is a bit unstable and quite a handful when it comes to landing. I suspect ive misaligned some few parts, that have then thrown the COM or COL by a hair. This can best be seen when you roll the aircraft, it likes to yaw quite a bit on it's own when doing that. The fact that the yaw on this one is over responsive doesn't help either.

    But there is one thing that has to be said, it has some really amazing STOL capabilities.


    As an extra bit of detail, i decided to use some very light tweackscaling and painting to finish the look, basically they are only used on the roundels, numbers and the airbrake. And since this is a special F-15J, i taught it deserved this extra detail.


    Here are is bunch of extra screenshot's



    A closer look at the aircrafts number "999" and the odd little detail on the nose. You can also see other smaller details, like the antennas, pitot tubes, and the little "hole" for the 20mm cannon. I did think about adding some lights using Airplane+, but taught it was perhaps a bit too much.


    Unfortunately, unlike the Draken, or some other aircraft, the canopy has very minimal frames, witch makes the open canopy on this one look a little too open, but i wanted to make a well detailed cockpit interior, so i stuck with it. I also added a little "rim" around it to try and make it look a little more full.



    A look at the top side-



    A look at the side. You can see that the rudder and intakes a slightly different than in American F-15's (or at-least most).



    I ended up using quite a few of those long thin intakes around the rear.



    Minus the crazy shaking, you can get a pretty nice pilots perspective by aiming the camera at that weapons sight/hud, and zooming in.

    I tried to even nail some of the color differences in the dashboard.



    A better look at the cockpit.



    It was surprisingly hard to get a good angle at the pilot's seat, especially with all the camera shake.



    Tough it may be a handful when landing, it certainly does it well when under proper control, as it tends to lose speed really fast, allowing for some really short landings.



    Gotta see the underbelly as-well.


    Overall im very happy with the end result even tough it tends to have a mind of it's own mid flight. But, considering what makes this special, id say that seems about right.



    Now, some of you may have caught the clues, the name, the number, and those weird round details on the nose.

    Well, let me present to you,




    At first i was very intrigued by the Dragon Pilot, but didn't pay that much attention to it...but, recently i got too curious and decided to watch it, and boy did i enjoy it.

    After my first watch, i really wanted to give ago at creating Masotan himself

    Definitely not your normal KSP build, but despite that, id say it was a surprisingly amazing success, as i got him to fly in the first test flight. Even the more major changes/additions to realism didn't keep our friend grounded.

    I mean...i've always said that i can get pretty-much anything to fly in this game, but i definitely was not expecting that.




    The biggest worry for me was the lack of elevators, so in the firs version i added some canards at the back and made the sky colored to "hide" them. It worked, but i wanted to see if the canards would still give enough control if they where clipped inside the armor, weirdly it still worked just as fine.

    My other worry was a lack of wing area and lack of a rudder, but seems the armor filled those gaps quite nice...plus, Masotan isn't all that big nor heavy, so i guess there never really was anything to worry about.

    To make flight possible, i decided that i should simplify some of the elements in the armor, and that i should stuff proper engines in it.


    I actually started the build by first creating a model of Masotan without the armor on.

    I just used the F-15's nosecone as a thing to scale things from.




    As a bit of a bonus, i wanted to design Masotan to be as posable as possible with minimal editing needed. Minus a couple spots, everything rotates quite nicely without creating too many giant cracks.

    The pick above is an example of one of the poses i created using the base version. Just some rotating, and no offsetting of parts.



    And just for the heck of it, and to sort of complete the set.


    All the armor ready to be installed.


    Here are some more picks of Masotan buzzing around the KSC.



    Unfortunately the landing-gears do stick out a bit, but i didn't want the risk of them not being able to support Masotans weight.










    Masotan has a lot of the same flight characteristics  as the F-15J, it's a little unstable with OP Yaw, and it has amazing STOL capabilities. So, again not for a beginner pilot.


    Technical specks (F-15J):

    Top-speed: 125m/s.

    Stall-speed: 27m/s.

    Length: 27.3m

    Wingspan: 20.4m

    Height: 7.7m

    Mass: 48.1 tons

    Parts: 238

    Mods used: Tweakscale and DCK for modded version.


    Technical specks (Masotan with armor/flight gear):

    Top-speed: 83m/s.

    Stall-speed: 28m/s.

    Length: 25.9m

    Wingspan: 23.1m

    Height: 10.9m

    Mass: 38.5 tons

    Parts: 328

    Mods used: Tweakscale and DCK


    Download link (Pack with F-15J, Masotan, and Masotan with armor): https://www.dropbox.com/s/81m8lcw6u2usbx3/Masotan stuff (KSP).zip?dl=0

    Download link (stock, only F-15J): https://www.dropbox.com/s/8k2ch9vhp3kmju5/F-15J _Masotan_ (stock).craft?dl=0



    An there it is, one of my more unique builds, and one of the more fun ones, i hope you enjoy it :).

    PS. sorry for the lack of a video, but i just wasn't in the mood, and it's also a little hard to do good commentary with a 3D printer going along pretty much next to me.

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  19. The Kerbal Navy Shipyards project has now been running for like 2 years or more, and during that time, released or not, i have made about 40 different ships, and a pretty big pile of aircraft to go with them.

    So, as you might expect, im starting to get some feelings of nostalgia for some of the earlier designs, and a feeling of wanting to remaster them. And that is what this project is pretty much about, but instead of just recreating them with a lower part-count, why not do them real justice and properly rebuild them with proper detail and better looks than before, with possibly a lower part-count on the side.


    Original designs

    I taught it's important to show what the ye original design looked like, as it has been such a long time since i uploaded some of them, and cause it's always nice to have a point of comparison, between the old and new.


    K.S.S Krucible

    The ship that started the project, and undoubtedly the most nostalgic one of them all, not just because it was the first, but because it was quite innovative for the time. It is also one of the few completely custom designs.


    Sporting a full-hull, a lot of detail and functionality, and perhaps most important of all, reliability and ease of use. All my future ships have used a lot of the "innovations" in this ship, tough some of them have dropped off as the design have evolved/improved.

    Features like the full-hull and the life-boats have dropped off due to eating too many parts, and being largely unnecessary. Their nice for detail sake's, but when you want to do naval duels/battles, you don't want those kinds of part eating details.


    Overall design and weaponry was to be inline with what you would see on modern ships. Mainly the weaponry was based on the USN Ticonderoga class Guided Missile Cruisers









    The fleets second AWACS/ship-hunter aircraft, and one of my more "innovative" designs...for the time.


    I decided to try something a little different and build a large aircraft with no MK-3 parts in it, so the quite new (at the time) Nasa tanks and fairings made up the fuselage instead.

    And i really really liked it, but it had one thing that always bothered me, the main wings.


    The design was to be based on the ship-hunter version of the Boeing 737. I wanted to also include an AWACS capability on the side.









    My first ever "hovercraft". Meant for carrying vehicles on land and on water. It was definitely one of the more fun projects.


    Sadly the project had some issues as at the time not all of the mods i wanted to use where updated, so some engines and steering related things where a bit wonky.

    The craft used at one point the angled rover-wheel "hover" technique. It worked fine on the tarmac, but in the grass the speed dropped to about 1,5 m/s, witch forced me to use landing-gears instead.


    One nice little extra that just sort of happened, is that the colors on the thing are pretty accurate without any paint, with the black skirt, grey deck and white superstructure.








    New versions


    K.S.S Krucible II




    The old girl is back, bigger and better than ever before...well...perhaps not back as this is a completely new craft that uses some design elements from the original.

    I wanted the new ship to be a even more original than before and a little closer to my favorite period of warships, WWII, in looks, hence the turret layout, the crane at the rear, rigging...that sort of  stuff. But, the overall design and layout in a lot of places is similar to the original ship.

    With the ship being such a special one, i didn't really pay attention to the part-count this time, other than modifying the hull to use less parts, it has pretty much all the details that a ship needs.


    A huge thanks to all those who slapped a like on the little preview on the WIP post. And now to the showcase video.

    IMPORTANT: If there's anything you want me to change/improve on future vids, don't hesitate to tell me, as i want to make them enjoyable to you guys.


    (this was originally supposed to be uploaded on Christmas eve or Christmas day, but i didn't have enough time, hence why i said merry Christmas in the end there)


    And here are some more screenshot's for those that don't fancy watching the long video.





    A nice little shot of the engines. The propeller engines seen in this shot will not be in the release version, so no need for you to download Airplane+.







    Technical specs:

    Armaments: 4x Abrams turret, 3x Goalkeeper CIWS MK3, 2x Patriot system (currently empty), 8x Cruise missile in custom launchers.

    Top speed: 25 m/s

    Length: 108.6m

    Width: 18.3m

    Height: 28.6m

    Mass: 1,402 tons

    Parts: 759

    As per usual, range shouldn't be a problem as it carries more than a few tons of fuel.


    Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ifg44nk402778n/K_S_S Krucible II.craft?dl=0


    Mods used: BD-armory



    Coming soon



    Coming soon


    I may or may not remaster some more crafts in the future. Mainly the K.S.S Bongo and K.S.S Freedom keep popping up in my mind and in these projects.

    But that's about it for this blast to the past of sorts, i hope you enjoy it :), and i hope ill be getting the other crafts up soon.

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  20. On 1/4/2019 at 8:23 AM, Phantomic said:

    fuselage is done, anyone got an idea yet?


    Yea, i think i may have an idea



    One of my old giant builds that never got released.

    Btw, i almost was about to guess from the original sneakpeek that it would be a JU-52, or something similar. Good thing i waited :wink:.


    On other news, i have been working on the K.S.S Krucible II post as much as time has allowed me, and it should be ready tomorrow...finally.

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  21. Time for some new ships and some announcements regarding navy stuff.


    I added 3 new cruisers based on German and American light cruisers.


    Yes, the K-class has made a return, tough in a much lower part Kerbal form. So, feel free to install the sub-assemblies meant for the K-class into this one and the Nurnberg based one.


    I also took the time to finally shoot a satisfactory version of the Krucible II showcase video. I also shot a video of a new submarine that will appear in the Sub/sea-plane fleet section.

    And to top it all off, i also have a super-detailed ship replica i wanna show off.

    So, lot's will be coming this Christmas.


    And of-course, Merry Christmas everyone :).

  22. Just taught id give you guys an update on the video stuff, and other stuff in general.

    So, i was supposed to upload the triple showcase thingy like two weeks ago...well, it's been shot but needs to be edited.

    There is also another video on the works. But, when this will actually get done, i don't really know. I have work that involves 3D modelling (Rhino and Fusion360) and i also just got a 3D printer (FlashForge Finder 2.0, a cheap starter one that get's the job done. I will likely be getting a proper one like we had at school (Ultimaker 2 Extended +) at some point in the furture), so there's gonna be a lot of printing and 3D modelling on the side, and then there's all the other projects i would like to get done.

    Basically, just don't hold your breath, videos will be coming, but it might take a while. Same goes for other forum and KSP stuff.