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  1. Thanks . Hmm, can't remember it exactly. Probably little over a weeks worth of intense working to get one of these built. Thanks
  2. Merry Christmas folks. Time to finally upload something that's been sitting around about 4 years. A giant papermodel of a KSP craft im very fond of. The Fouglas FC-8 is one of my older designs, the first one i built when the new MK-3 cockpit arrived along with some of the other revamped parts. It was a very exiting time. The first thing after checking out the new parts that i wanted to do, was to build some form of a 4-engined passenger/cargo-plane and this is what i came up with. Looking at it now, i still really like the overall design, even tough it definit
  3. Sure, id love to help out the best i can, tough id like to have some screenshots of those crafts to better analyze whats wrong. Just send me a PM with some picks of the crafts and ill see what i can do.
  4. Unfortunately no, this is all the progress i made before i ran out of motivation/energy. Dunno when im gonna continue the build, but it has been on the back of my mind for the longest time.
  5. The definition of "MOAR GUNS" if there ever was one. Thanks .
  6. Good lord, it's been 4 months since i uploaded anything. Sorry about that, ive been absolutely buried in work and haven't had the time to play KSP, until very recently. Work continues on the WWII replica fleet project. Pretty-much all of the aircraft ive built so far for the project have now received their national colors, or at-least a part of them. I still have tons of other decals to create, and a large number of the aircraft have stock textures/colors. As an apology for taking this long, i think it's only fair i give you something nice and big
  7. It was late 2013, Youtube was recommending me a series called "THAT'S NO MOON! Base" by HOC gaming, and i decided to have a little peek as it looked very interesting, with bases and spaceships and even a truck mounted Kerbal cannon. After that i decided to by the game as it looked really fun, and after 7 years and over 7500 hours (not even kidding) of game-play later according to Steam, i can say it was the best decision i ever made...well...as far as video-games are concerned at-least. Below is a post i made a while back, witch will give you a little look into some of my early creat
  8. It's been months since i got anything relating to this project done, but during this summer i really got things going, and have a ton of new stuff now. While in the past i was concentrating solely on stuff relating to this specific diorama i have now broadened my spectrum quite a bit and have aguired a bunch off stuff that i can use in this and other dioramas as-well. Since my plan has always been to make sure none of the miniatures are getting glued to the diorama base, why not broaden the selection models to give myself the opportunity to create a multitude of dioramas with this se
  9. Interesting, every-time ive tried to use an image whose canvas isn't in the 2:1 ratio, the game has stretched it to that. I think we could give that a go and see what the end result is. Thanks . Update for everyone: just finished editing the national markings side of the decal pack (over 90 decals), just need to rename them and ill be ready to put them in-game and then release them. I'll probably work on the tank-numbers next.
  10. Yea, feels like a weights been lifted. Thanks .
  11. Time for a little update. I went ahead and did a little extra searching around for some additional decals, and believe it or not, i now have near 400 new decals waiting to be edited so they work. Most of that stuff comes straight from War Thunder. So, be patient, as it's going to take some time for me to get trough all of them, especially now that school is starting. I will of-course segment it to smaller packs. First thing im gonna focus on, is the rest of the national markings.
  12. BF-109 G-6 "Mersu" It's been what feels like forever (about 3 years as it turns out...), but here it finally is, the UCS Bf-109, the plane most of you wanted to see me build next after the UCS Hurricane. To give you a short story of what happened, during all this time. After the UCS Hurricane and asking you guys that what you'd like to see me build in this style, i built the UCS HE-111, as i taught it was the most interesting of all the suggestions. The Heinkel 111 turned out pretty badly in the end, it simply wouldn't fly, and the video along with it was pretty terrible.
  13. Man, so many millions of things to do and so little time. Haven't really had any time to play ksp in the first place let alone time to upload stuff, hopefully that will change soon, so i can get to uploading the British fleet side of the WWII KNS project thingy, as there's some pretty exiting stuff going to be included in it. There's also the UCS BF-109 that is ready to be uploaded. Just really feel like prioritising my time on all the many model projects that need to be completed. Be prepared to get an update on the diorama project soon. Speaking of models, here's a
  14. I'll see about adding those to the pack when i get back home (bout 2 weeks).
  15. Roundel/decal pack Being a model builder since i was about 6-7 years old, i have really learnt to appreciate the impact something as simple as a roundel can have in the looks of a model airplane, or in this case a KSP build. So a long time ago i installed a couple decal mods and started to decorate my aircraft to make them a little more exiting. And i couldn't be happier about the fact that now it's possible to do that in stock...yes it may be more limited than Nebula decals, witch is the mod i have been using for years now, but it's still pretty fantastic. So, i went ahe
  16. I know not everyone is going to like this change, but it has become pretty obvious for me that the UCS project as i stands, is way too much for me, a ton of work for something that's likely to crash the game during assembly and something that isn't very fun to fly. Finding any motivation to continue that, has been impossible. So, i made the choice to change the scale of my BF-109 G-6 and future UCS aircraft to 1:1 so i can end up with something fun an functional while still retaining all the detail trough the magic of tweackscale, witch i had to use anyways in the landing-gears. He
  17. Thanks . Now that im here, might as-well give you a rundown on what was wrong with the "crocodile". At-first i was afraid there might be a more serious mechanical fault with the other gearbox or something, turns out it was a little more harmless...or, at-least i should have been. The way the locomotive works basically, is that the motor is located in the middle cab of the locomotive witch is then connected to the two "bogies" via thick rubber-bands, acting as sort of transfer belts. Turns out one of the rubber-bands had come off the pulley-wheel or whatever it's called...so, a p
  18. Despite all the millions of other things to do, ive managed to get the British side of the naval project very close to completion, just need to build at-least 1 destroyer and a couple gun-boats/pt-boats, and it's ready for release. There will be lots more ships and aircraft added in later, but for now, the package is pretty complete, the rest is more for the sake of variety. Remember when i set a bar for myself that i would try and make every one of my carrier planes able to land on the VAB helipad. I managed something even better with the fleets latest fighter, the mighty Hur
  19. Looking really good. The Catalina is definitely one of my all time favorites as-well. For those that are looking for something a little more "economical", i present you my PBY-5A catalina. Getting this one to work properly as a sea-plane, took a LOT of tweaking and head scratching, but eventually i got it to take-off from water. Right now im pretty happy with the amount of naval aircraft ive done for the RAF side of things. As for ships, ive started work on the Ark Royal, after that i would like to get a couple destroyers and a couple g
  20. Just saw some news on steam that got me the most exited ive ever been in years. The C&C remasters are available for pre-purchase. And so far it seems to be pretty fantastic, remastered soundtrack, updated graphics and only minor additions/tweaks to gameplay/ui, basically the original Tiberian Dawn and Read Alert 1, but better. The C&C games is one of the biggest parts of my childhood and are something i play pretty frequently even today and their soundtracks are something i listen to even more often than that (doing that right now). So, what better to celebrate these news, th
  21. So, remember that school-project i mentioned, that went a "little" overboard. The basic assingment was to create a 10-15 slide/10-15 minute Power Point presentation on some product or product line...History, future design, function, that sort of stuff. Me being the aviation nut i am, i naturally decided to do it on the airplane in general. I pretty soon realized that was too much material, so i decided to narrow it down to commercial airliners...i mean, it is still a product like anything else, even tough it may cost tens of millions a pop. As a nice little secret bonus, i decid
  22. Holidays are done and my little school project is done. Sorry i couldn't get the naval stuff done, but i simply didn't have the time to do that. Now that there's nothing major going on anymore, it's time to resume work. And what better to start thing's off with, than a 102m long ekranoplan. Made it more for the fun of it, and to see if it was possible to do one in a realistic size ( the real one it's based on is 92m long). It flies...barely, it's top speed is only a little over 100ms, and it's turning circle is really big. Id say it fit's
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