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  1. Okay thought that might be the case. Haven't used CKAN or KSP for 1/2 year. Hey, I got 3,000 hours on KSP I'm allowed a break. I was worried something major happened to KSP in the abscence. An interm risky, though low risk, option I just found is in CKAN > Settings > Compatible KSP versions and tick 1.3. That got Ship Manifest to display again. Of course there is the risk that it isn't the most current version.
  2. Reporting not seeing it my CKAN list. I was thinking of getting back into KSP. My mod list had this in it and I recall Ship Manifest being very useful (thank you). CKAN popped up an error message related to this but I assumed it was part of needing many updates. Ran the update. Now my CKAN doesn't show the mod. Search by mod name "ship" finds a few but not this one. "manifest" finds none. Author "Papa_Joe" finds shome Bahamuto Animation, BDarmory and "VesselMover continued". I still see it in my Game Data directory (so should work) but not in Ckan. I did do a CKAN upate check which
  3. That doesn't sound familiar to me. My main game play has a community tech tree plus engineering aspects applied so perhaps I haven't unlocked it. Can you name the specific part you mean and I can look for it in a sandbox game play mode? So, part of the answer is no, I don't seem to be using that part.
  4. Feature request: Could we have an option to drop out of time warp on boil off. Im imagining this as switchable so we could let it go through or stop. If further possible to set it so that we can select the time warp limit on boil off. Some ships might intend to cruise with boil off happening but most might want to stop to trip capacitors. Reason: I had one flight on a high time warp that was okay then suddenly was not. Happened so fast that by the time I noticed the power and all lqdH was gone. This was a solar panel only ship so Im expected some random incident of entering a shadow
  5. Ran my test flight and went okay. Its an orbital probe with a few solar to charge its few batteries and moderate capacitors there for the communication of science power needs. Next was a cryo engine and tanks managed well with those electrical sources. Around that was a radial set of cryo tanks feeding that inner core, each with some electrical resources. Launched in the early night with only minor losses getting to orbit on the dark side of Earth. High time warps used to leave the Earth SOI and the transfer burn to Uranus. Did see the EC buffer boosting the electrical charge with
  6. Don't suppose we could add alternators to the cryo engines as a means to have EC to power the cryo tanks? Just an idea. I was doing some test flying and figured I'd be good because the engine was running.
  7. Thanks for the explanation. I've been trying some different fuel tanks. This is probably a cross mod issue. See some odd behaviour with the "IFS Cryotank (CT 2501)" in the VAB. I'm assuming that is for this thread. If not by all means redirect me. Repeatability as follows: Probe on top staged from a CT2504 (larger one and seems okay) for liquid hydrogen and add oxidizer in rockomax tanks Place radial decoplers Place smaller CT2501 and set for 15,000 lqd hydrogen and give it some oxidizer in tanks attached to the bottom. So far so good. Needed to shift the position
  8. Been trying to make use of cryo engines/tanks in a real solar system. Having some issues containing boil off. Just saw you mention ElectricCharge different form MegaJoules. Is "kW" need on some the same game code mechanism as "electrical charge"? In real life W is watts, electrical energy, but in game code you can call units Bananas and Apples. I'm wondering if I've been adding apples when I need Bananas.
  9. I noticed that some solar panels now have text describing them as having radiators on the reverse side. Thus they might be able to cool more than the weak solar energy but also of use in cooling the whole ship. Go to assembly and check the description including the right mouse button details.
  10. Another thought on what is happening in my tests is that in high time warp it doesnt seem to match the battery levels it doesnt seem to be working with the capacitors. This might be an Amp Year mod related issue. The simplest thing I can think of is to add either a divisor based on high time warp conditions ( 1:warp/10,000) or see what happens if the clock tick is adjusted to a similiar ratio. Mostly it works at up to x 10,000 so power/battery should be enough. As always thank you for your time in making and supporting the mod.
  11. Ran my test again. This time going from 4,000 battery to 12,000. There is also 6,000 "stored energy" in capacitors. Also put at least one small radiator panel on each cryo tank as extra insurance vs heating up of the tank shell. Same issue that above x 10,000 warp it goes into a boil off. Up to x10,000 warp the reactor and solars keep the electrical level full. So it seems to lay in the difference "clock ticks" going on between the cryo tanks and electrical. Is anyone else able to use these cryo mods and the mod "Amp Year"?
  12. There are a few different parts. The primary currently in use is probably from a mod "MRS Rechargeable Battery, Radial" with has 600 units. I could switch over to the stock batteries like the radial 400 unit stock one. Currently running a test with more battery Test result added just more battery to buffer as suggested. Brought Total Battery to just over 9,000. Test shows promise in finding the solution. At the above x10,000 warp the sudden drainage started but not as bad. At x 50,000 there was an ongoing drainage of the Liquid Hydrogen while also showing s
  13. There are a few different parts. The primary currently in use is probably from a mod "MRS Rechargeable Battery, Radial" with has 600 units. I could switch over to the stock batteries like the radial 400 unit stock one. Currently running a test with more battery
  14. Well at 10,000 its okay. Its somewhere above that when it goes wonkers so this might be the case. The next step in the game is x50,000. Under observation the time warp numbers spin quickly but it is above 20,000. Also there are three tanks involved. Not sure where the /50 comes from in your math (I am curious) That number becomes 3 * 6.6 * 20,000 / 50 = 7,920 > 4,000
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