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  1. Didn't do much of note today, spent most of the afternoon at the local Blueberry festival! Love my Blueberry shakes... anyway, did some experimenting and poking around and about KSC to pick up this sweet last drops of science credits, crashed a few drones because they're cheap, pilots are not (I MISS YOU VAL!!! ) Got the science I needed to unlock the next set of rocket parts and set my sights for the first Kerbal to orbit Kerbin. I had only one Kerbal on my mind for the job- Valentina Jeb Palan Kerman!! Yes the brand new, never before even flown in a plane, first time in the drivers seat of
  2. This is the high quality content I come to expect from these forums.
  3. ...... I.... have..... SO many questions....
  4. Started a new Science career today, since sandbox mode was providing no rewards for the work. And I decided this would be THE career... The career where mistakes mean death, and failures cannot be erased..... This career would define who I was!! THE PRESSURE IS INTENSE!!! IT'S ALMOST TOO MUCH TO HANDLE!!! YOU CAN CUT THE TENSION WITH A KNIFE!!! .... EHEM.... Valentina died within 10 minutes... Can I go back to reverts now?
  5. I FINALLY DID IT!!!! That is the Hopper, SSTO-4, personnel shuttle. The variant pictured above is a bare bones SSTO for training only. It can reach a 75km orbit with enough fuel to deorbit and about 2 minutes of additional flying time. This is the perfect platform for helping Kerbanauts get that first star. The Bouncer, SSTO-5, is going to be the primary crew shuttle between future planned space stations and KSC. It sports five RAPIER engines and over 10k deltaV (most of which is used getting it into orbit.... I'm still getting the hang of SSTOs, but the first step is getting
  6. Well, it's been a busy week at the Doc's space center.... First, the Twilight 1. When I last mentioned this vessel it was in orbit over the Mun, plotting a landing sight. I am proud to say the crew successfully landed 15 km outside of the NW Crater, near the equatorial plain. After the required photoshop- I mean photo op, Jeb and Bob retreated back to the comforts of the lander while Bill got to work on building the rover... There were setbacks. SEVERAL setbacks... I didn't get screenshots of the ensuing chaos because I was so focused on the problem. The rover and scien
  7. The atmosphere of Kerbin extends out to 70 km (70,000 m). So setting up a satellite in an orbit below 100,000 m, or 100 km, you should have no issues.
  8. The time.... It has come... BEHOLD!!! Explorer 1, "Twilight", sitting on top of the most powerful rocket ever developed by The Docs engineers, the Explorer Launch System! Pretty impressive right? .... No? Ok... Anyway, the lander has space for a rover and geographic survey probe to be packed away inside the service bay, and enough life support to last the three Kerbal crew for a month. After a flawless launch and initial orbital insertion burn, Bill was doing a post launch assessment to ensure the proper amount of snack rations were on board when he discovered there were no too
  9. Testing? What's that? Strap em in, light the fuse, and run like hell!! No but seriously, my play style is less calculated and more "this probably wont RUD on me..." I might test a component a few times to make sure it does what I made it to do, but a lot of stuff I end up figuring out on accident. Or there is an accident.... Most of what comes off my runway and launch pad could theoretically be seen in real life. I try to play with as much realism as I can, though that revert button is getting worn out. It might explain the slow process I have, and it might explain why I've played this game o
  10. Finally got my Airdrop LanderTM (Patent Pending) on solid ground in the mountains to visit the mountain monolith just beyond KSC!! Jeb dropped the lander, then turned to observe the landing process. It stuck right to the ground when it landed! So the flight crew returned home, overshot the runway, got the go-around and retry, came in too hot, bounced a few times off the runway, finally stuck to the ground, then proceeded to skid off the end of the runway and take the Atlas for some unscheduled off-road testing.... All bodies- erm, all Kerbals accounted for and ready for the next mission... An
  11. Today, I lost Enby Kerman to the side of a mountain while trying to plant a flag next to the monolith.... He was airdropped in riding a lander. Gears deployed flawlessly, parachute opened without incident. Everything went perfect..... except Jeb's aim... He was supposed to drop in on a small flat area about 2km from the cliff that had the monolith.... He actually dropped on a shear cliff about 5 km away from the target landing zone.... We're working on Jeb's aim now.... *Ground Control to Major Tom....*
  12. Finally perfected my C-1 Atlas light cargo plane. Also, I designed a lander that is specifically for airdrop missions to inaccessible locations, and ran one test.... .... Close enough... Also, I realized today that I have 13 flights currently in progress, It's day 68, and not one of my Kerbals have reached orbit yet. So, I built a basic launch trainer, and leveled up a handful of Kerbals for the next endeavour, landing on the Mun and Minimus... ... very soon... and @Triop Don't you laugh at it!
  13. Is that what Jeb told the engineering department?
  14. Today in Kerbal Space Program I learned that airdrops are a viable option for getting Kerbals to those hard to reach anomalies on Kerbin. Performed a quick test with a lander can and it worked splendidly... Photos of upcoming missions to come....
  15. Kerbal Warming folks.... It's real....
  16. Been a busy weekend, so about the only thing I got done was I finally visited the sites around the KSC... The Mk. I pod memorial... The Monolith.... The Old Airfield.... Friday I continued working on airbreathing heavy lifters for a few mining missions I have planned here on Kerbin, sort of a trial run set up before I moved on to other celestial bodies. Well.... I'm.... I'm embarrassed.... .... I mean, to be fair, they all survived...
  17. today was a day to take a break from constantly crashing non-orbital SSTOs. Instead, I buffed up my COMMSat network and got my first (in this playthrough) landing on the Mun! .... OK 'landing' is a bit optimistic... it was the first Kerbal made object to touch the surface of the Mun... better? So that makes four COMM sat nodes in orbit: one in geostationary orbit over KSC that acts as a primary relay directly to KSC, one in a polar orbit at around 1000km, one in orbit between Mun and Minimus, and one in orbit around Mun. Add in the Prospector Survey Satellite with attached shor
  18. Currently, my total accepted deaths (i.e. they died, and I couldn't revert to launch or the last save was too far away) rests at 5-ish? The main four have all suffered the wrath of my unscrupulous space program, and some poor schmuck went with them.... The most horrific death would have to be the one time Val got eaten by the Kraken while on the Mun. Then there was the time Jeb and Bob crashed into the side of a mountain because of poor time-warping management (I had collected SO much Science, they were on their way back to KSC and I was using time warp over the desert ranges. I was looking at
  19. Working on an SSTO space plane. I've played this game for two years off and on now, and I've never been able to make a successful SSTO. Well today..... Was no different... ... MacFrey and James are fishing while waiting for their tow back to KSC... They did make it to space (79km), but couldn't circularize their orbit. Not enough dV to make the final burn...
  20. Ok, I may have misspoke when I was talking about the game version. I download directly from the KSP store, and it's the x86 version of 1.3.1? Does that make a difference? NEVERMIND!! I'M A DUNCE!!!! THANKS FOR THE HELP DOCTOR DAVINCI!!!
  21. I've been dealing with this issue for a few days now. I wanted to get back into KSP after investing, like, 500 hours into Fallout 4... ... So, I downloaded v.1.3.1 of KSP, because I noticed more mods were compatible with that version versus the latest version. I used CKAN to properly install the mods I wanted, most of which are modest mods (a few are larger, of course). I installed the mods systematically to ensure the memory bleed issues from the past wouldn't show up now. Unfortunately, it looks like this is still an issue even today. I've looked in the forums, but most of the answers I've
  22. Started setting up my DSN nodes around Kerbal... upload gifs I put two of these bad boys up there. They were pretty heavy for being satellites, but I put them in polar orbits just inside of the Mun's orbit. After that I tried to complete a contract where tourists wanted to be knocked out by high Gees.... well... uhhhhh... I got the high Gees they wanted.... images hosting So yeah, that was a setback.... Also lost two interstellar probes when they left Kerbin's SOI and the antenna on the probes were too weak. That was sad.
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