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  1. Can anyone tell me how I open the TACLS settings window when viewing KSC? I cannot figure out what key command to press to open it.
  2. I actually solved this problem by realizing I didn't have the most recent version of the mod.
  3. I'm having the same problem and it isn't Space-Y Expanded that is the problem. It is specifically the docking ports in Konstruction, the MAIN reason why I want this mod. My game crashes on load when processing the weldable docking ports. Has anyone found a fix? Edit: Specifically "Squad/Parts/Utility/dockingPortSr/dockingPortSr/dockingPortLarge" during loading screen is where the load process halts. I'm under the impression that the base game doesn't like the Konstruction large docking port.
  4. I also want to modify my resource parameters but I don't know how to bring the window back up. I also want to see the answer to theersink's question as I would like the changes to be permanent as well.
  5. Edit: Nevermind I found the KJR post and updated to the latest dev version. Mods feel free to delete this post.
  6. Here is my updated station with new docking port extensions to accommodate the Dragon v2's new deployed shield angle. I have a lot of crew on this station and I need a high capacity, low part count Shuttle/escape pod. Your Dragon v2 fulfills this need as my current shuttle seen in the image has 19 parts whereas the last version with your Dragon v2 only had 9. I read that you are in need of inspiration and I wanted to tell you that if mechanical failure or collision (likely on the part of Jeb's showboating) were to happen, it may be too laggy to get all of the crew off in a safe and timely manner with the higher part count (preemptive thanks a lot Jeb /s). Jokes aside, I don't know much about coding but will beta test up the wazoo.
  7. Here is my version with the fixed color syntax. I haven't found much of any other issues with the mod, though sometimes autopilot settings reset or turn off when you have MechJeb activated and switch between IVA and regular view. So far as I know my other mods don't interfere. I am running 1.2.1 and am waiting for mods to update before moving to 1.2.2. I hope I'm not breaking any rules with this post but I will take it down if so.
  8. I may have figured out the multi-color syntax. I changed it from "labelText = [#<=1:"fff600ff";"00FF0000";"00FFFF00"=>]..." to "labelText = <#<=1:"fff600ff";"00FF0000";"00FFFF00"=>>..." This seemed to work for the first one I tried which was the stage switch. I'm going to continue working tonight and see what results I get. Edit: It definitely works. I have almost all of them done, I just can't find the one above the parachute buttons and a couple on the overhead switches (I have no idea what the overhead switches are for??).
  9. Well I thought I did but I just did it a second time and now everything seems to be working, consumption, death, the UI. I retract my whole prior post.
  10. Exactly. I don't know what anyone else is doing different but I followed the directions of the "hacked" two files you drop in/overwrite and these are the results I get. They're there, you can use them, you can manipulate their contents but they are all functionally empty.
  11. I downloaded the "hacked" 1.1 update and I have been testing it. So here's what I've found so far. I've been testing the mod with and without community resource pack. I'm running I'm running ksp x64 Win10 -All of the parts load (they have the three resources, you can use the sliders) -The converters load but don't work (they have no right click menu, I can't even turn them on, though the wastewater -> water converter has a resource slider it also won't turn on) -When in mission, kerbals do not consume the three resources. -running out of power doesn't kill kerbals -the settings menu doesn't load when starting a game Edit: resolved by reinstalling mod & "hack"
  12. Here is my sfs I'm running ksp x64 Win 10. The contracts just don't show up. Contract configurator doesn't see them either. CC version 1.10.4.
  13. So I found that the the rotation parts sometimes disappear when in a fairing. It is hard to replicate and I cannot figure out what triggers it. I think it might have to do with having other parts attached to it. If you look at these pictures you will see that there are two floating joints, you will see that the IR Rotation pieces are missing in flight. It seems to only occur when they were within a fairing because I can launch the same ship without the fairing and the parts will still be there. When testing this bug I found another where the camera will leave focus on the ship as seen in this picture. this seems to happen only when rotating parts are present and it happens at 6000m every time, and seems to get further away gradually but sometimes with big jumps every 6000m. This is ksp x64 Win 10
  14. As far as I can tell this is not updated for 1.1, especially given the KerbalStuff link. However it is showing up as 1.1 compatible on CKAN. It does not work for me, anyone else have input?
  15. @WaylandSmith Now that TaranisElsu has bowed out (hats off to him) do you intend to produce the 1.1 build?