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  1. I haven't checked in for a while, and missed out on some very nice works! Big fan of the earlier stuff too, both the colorful and monochrome!
  2. Very cute! Is there a story behind this one?
  3. Damn, this is some serious improvement! I'm really looking forward to you filling up that thread!
  4. I drew a used shuttle, might've gone a little too boxy, but overall I still like how it turned out.
  5. You should really give the guys another wall, so they wouldn't have to paint themselves over each time. Oh an I do like the taller version of the boys, it fits the design well.
  6. I love her pose and look, very cute! I'll slap something of my own on here too:
  7. I wish I could call stuff like this "old-ish", this is amazing! Is this photomanipulation, or actually drawn? Doesn't really matter, stellar either way, just curious.
  8. I feel like the best description of the timeframe is not the years that you've been drawing because people tend to consider a year as drawn even if they only draw as a hobby, on weekends, such that the actual base of work doesn't add up much. While I can't concretly say how much work you put in, there is a rule of thumb for "mastery", or rather achieved skill: 10 000 hours. That's ten thousand hours of PRACTICE! It's a huuuuuuge investment. Now even before that you'll likely be above average in your chosen skill, but a rule of thumb to think when you're likely to have "learned" drawing is that. That's a ton, and that 10 000 hours is grueling, boring study work (anatomy, perspective, composition, boxes, value, forshortening, boxes, boxes, and more boxes), but it's what's necessary. I'm not even close, but I also don't claim that I'm learning much, I do this for self expression mostly.
  9. Nice, no, fan-fkin-tastic, I love these to bits. Also it was real interesting seeing how kinda different your process making these was, even If I was sure they're vector. 0111narwhalz is right, it's the shake that's the real problem. I do really like the PA: Titans one though, great work, lots to learn, but, hey - that's the best part! Here's sometheing of mine in return:
  10. Here's a poster I threw together while I had some free time with a 24 pro Cintiq:
  11. ...I actually kinda like the eyeballs more... But hey, your choice - no pressure!