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  1. Nope, KSP still launch without steam opened. So no DRM.
  2. kiki37250

    [1.3.1] LonesomeRobots Aerospace: HOYO CSM

    Works well in 1.2.2 except in reentry :| The pod dosen't stay in the right position and burn
  3. It's not a lot but that can make free money so I change cost to 4000 to have the price at 1000. I'm running 1.2.2 version of KSP. I tried that @MeCripp send me and now I don't have any crash (Thanks !) when taking the cruise part and the backshell is not the problem since when I take the cruise part as a first part : It crash too ! (And that's not a low-end pc that I have )
  4. Hi, ksp crash when adding the cruise part (with a heavily moded ksp and a light (Module Manager and Firespitter dll) ) also the total price is reduced (-3000) when putting the cruise part. Here error log : and output log if you need : @Kevin Vandy +1 We need TweakScale (or bigger part) support for bigger rover