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  1. Oh and this is using the 64 bit version, haven't tested it with the 32
  2. Anyone else having a problem where the flight computer causes the probe's attitude to immediately just go out of control? No matter if I have just a little torque, a lot, or in between, the flight computer just immediately starts flinging the probe around everywhere. It seems to over correct for everything. I didn't have this problem back in older versions of the mod I also have dlrk's problem
  3. Hi ferram4, was wondering if you could fix KJR jamming up the stock spin-o-tron motors? Amazing mod btw! It's on my 'mandatory' list. Thanks for all the work you have put into this! Oh here's the link to the spin-o-tron mod: Thanks! -Tyler
  4. Huh I tried that but they still fired immediately :/ Thanks for the response though! At least I'm not the only one with this problem haha
  5. I feel like filling the bar up is just acquiring the necessary materials to perform the experiment and when you hit 'finalize' is when the experiment is actually performed. But if that's not how the mod is meant to be used, then that is now how I will use it. I'm just trying to fully understand how the mod works.
  6. Anyone else having a problem with the Landertrons just firing immediately instead of waiting for a suicide burn?
  7. Sorry if this has already been asked. Can you obtain all the eurekas and such for an experiment in orbit, then take just the experiment to the surface and hit the finalize button (leaving behind all the science labs and cyclotrons and such in orbit)? Or will it reset like an experiment that is still in progress if you cross the low-high boundary in orbit? Or will it still just count as being performed in orbit, not on the surface? Thanks!
  8. I have a ship (lets just call it 'X') where oxygen is supplemented by a co2 to o2 converter. This gives me 144 days of 02, and if I time warp with X open it will last for 144 days. However if I go to back to the space center to warp or warp with a different vessel loaded, when I reload X all my kerbals will be dead from oxygen deprivation (still trying to determine exactly how long they last while warping without the vessel loaded). Are the resource converters simply not designed to work with time warp when the vessel is not loaded? This sort of breaks the resource converters, as they only seem to supply their resources when the vessel is open. Sorry if this has already been answered in this thread, I didn't see it. Thanks!
  9. Is there a way to disable the fast forward arrows next to the nodes? Sorry if SelectHalfing0 is asking the same thing. Thanks