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  1. As I can see you have FAR installed. I'm more or less sure that these lines are some sort of interaction between it and KJR. And nothing about KSPI-E itself.
  2. I'm not sure which topic is the right one as I was not able to find IFS support thread... It seems that one of the two latest updates of IFS disabled patches to stock tanks and all my adapters turned into a pumpkins From what I can think it is because configurable containers core (not full version) is dependecy of AT Utils which is dependency of several popular mods like USI colonization, TCA, Ground Construction and so on, but I have no idea how IFS can detect whether it is just core version or full. If this behavior is intended should I just install full version of configurable containers to have KSPI fuels in stock form factors again? However it had already created some mess with old crafts >.< For now I just deleted &!configurablecontainers from mmpatches, but if these changes will remain in effect I should think about some more elegant way... PS Link to this topic from release thread is trying to lead us to edit your post.;do=edit /&amp;do=edit
  3. Can someone tell me, where are 10-202 missing MW of power? Or some other number... ChargedParticleRatio = 0.985 NeutronsRatio = 0.005 NormalisedReactionRate = 0.9 NormalisedPowerMultiplier = 0.936 NormalisedPowerConsumption = 3 MeVPerChargedProduct = 1.079411 TechRequirement = advFusionReactions RequiresUpgrade = False RequiresLab = False TechLevel = 2 Here are numbers for this reaction type, but I coudn't find a way to lose exactly 202 MW.
  4. Looks like you either don't have enough radiators for equilibrium point to be lower than max temp of critical parts or you have some problems with installation. And for radiators... pebble bed reactor has built-in thermal throttling, so when heat goes too high, not only generator looses its efficiency, but also the reactor should start produce less and less thermal power for helping with equilibrium point. Can you post your craft?
  5. Heat in KSPI is way more realistic than stock. In real-life cooling things in non-conducting environment is pretty hard and cooling is not a magic process, but a thermodynamic one, so we have equilibrium state (if it is possible), radiation depending on the power function of temperature and so on. However this problem is real only at the beginning of KSPI-tech, as you open more nodes and technologies cooling will become less and less a problem. As I understand it early reactors are meant to be bad choice for almost anything except thermal propulsion and early generator tech's poor efficiency doesn't allow big scale electric production without horrible amounts of radiators. Reactors that are meant for electric propulsion are higher in the tech-tree, and upgrades that will allow generators to work with starting reactors for electric propulsion are even a bit further. But this is just a small misunderstanding of this mod by new players, some of them may think that everything should work with maximum efficiency like the stock things do while in real-life every technology consists of trade-offs. And KSPI is following this trade-off path, so reaching maximum efficiency is almost impossible, but good enough is manageable. And the further into the tech-tree, the more futuristic and efficient things become.
  6. Spent another couple of hours testing delta-v of interstellar engines. Everything was tested with default fuels (mostly hydrogen or built-in). So "ok" means calculated delta-v and real are the same, and "not ok" means real delta-v are twice as low opposed to calculated one. atila ok bussard fusion ok CANDLE ok daedalus ok dyrect cycle nuclear turbojet ok kerbstein ok magneto plasma dynamic ok plasma wakefield accelerator ok solid core nuclear engine ok thermal nozzles ok timberwind nuclear particle bed ok TORY nuclear ramjet ok vasimir ok cloced cycle gas core rocket not ok magneto inertial fusion not ok open cycle gas core rocket not ok plasma nozzle not ok vista not ok magnetic nozzle ok
  7. Just checked in sandbox. You are right, full tech efficiency has no effect. The errors in calculations of delta-v are the same, almost double.
  8. I don't have access to the vista in my career yet, but I have the same issue with previous tier fusion engine - Magneto Inertial Confinement. However I saw stat efficiency in it's description, and according to it I should have about 50% efficiency with my fuel choice, so I thought my delta-v was that low due to that. May be vista works the same? Can't check it right now.
  9. Looks like IFS dual fuel tanks use incorrect volume number for only liquid fuel setup. At least CDT tanks. They don't use 0.2 multiplier for it. LFO setup is ok, LF is not.
  10. Hello there. Just returned to KSP after a long break, installed my favourite KSPI and had some fun. Found a little strange patch, which makes small vanilla ion engine soooo hungry: about 17480 ec/s. Patch is applied as I have not NFT installed. Are these numbers intended? @PART[ionEngine]:NEEDS[!NearFutureElectrical,!SETI] { @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { @PROPELLANT[ElectricCharge] { //@name = Megajoules @ratio *= 2000 } } !MODULE[ElectricEngineThrustLimiter]{} }
  11. Why do you think so? You recieve power that was radiated from the surface, there is no know realitstic way to utilize power from center of star with keeping star "alive".
  12. KSPI-E is intended to play with some sort of bigger tech-tree (CTT in stock, but I think ETT will work fine too). These tech-trees need way more science to fully unlock (really a big number, I think more than 100k), so your balance suggestion is not really an issue. However if you feel that you are gaining too much science you can always lower it in your settings. Also KSPI-E uses science for retrofit or upgrading some parts, so I don't think it is unbalanced. Because.. you know, you have no 100 000 ISP engines in stock neither, so if starting to speak about unbalance... This mod is more for late game usage, when you think that stock "just more boosters to eve" no more fun and want some different techs (and challenges). And with that techs you wont think that magnetometer is too OP, when you need thousands of science per tech node.
  13. As I understand it - it can utilize all power from mixed type reactors, but works like thermal generator. So if total power of some fusion reactor is 3 GW, where 20% is charged particles, then Magnetohydrodynamic Electric Generator will work with all 3 GW while thermal generator will take only 2.4 GW. And then these numbers will be reduced by thermal efficiency in both cases. However I have no problem with bringing MEG to 50+% thermal effficiency. Of course thermal helper doesn't show these numbers, but in flight they are achievable. May be it is time to delete or redo thermal helper, as it becomes more and more confusing for newcomers with each update.