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  1. Here's my entry, Kerbal Cake Program: Here's the whole mission log. Mods used: Scatterer, Stock Visual Enhancements, KER.
  2. I have a bug to report. The Klaw's free pivot option does not work with this mod installed. I had to uninstall the mod, line my ship up with the center of mass of the asteroid, then reinstall the mod. Would love to see a fix for this, as this is an essential mod for me.
  3. What is wrong with you guys? Ungrateful! This is the best feature I've seen in KSP in a long time. By far my favorite new feature in 1.1. Keep rockin' it SQUAD!
  4. Hi, question about the ore concentration overlay. Why is it that I can scan all the biomes on a planet/moon with ground scanners, and yet if I set the cutoff to say, 70% there will be no ore? Shouldn't the cutoff show the highest concentration on the planet/moon as 100%? Should I be using the narrow band scanner? Last time I used it, it didn't show very much detail. I've been trying to find a concentration over 8.25% on Ike.
  5. Landing Height, Protractor, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, S.A.V.E., Navball docking alignment indicator. I basically play stock but with some "fixes".
  6. I love this mod! Just updated for 1.0.2. In fact I only use this mod and Landing Height. Thank you so much! (I really only use it for planetary alignment though, I time the rest of the burn myself.)
  7. Perhaps the flats are naturally low in ore content, to make Minmus more challenging? It is a pretty obvious refueling depot.
  8. I believe their drag gets added to the parent part too?
  9. Hey, can I use an asteroid as a heat sink? Giving each nuke its own grabbing unit to attach to the asteroid would be hilarious. And BTW I think you're doing a great job Roverdude.
  10. So, anyone else planning to mine a class E near Kerbin asteroid, continually generating fuel to propel the asteroid? I want to attempt to push a very large asteroid into Kerbin orbit this way, then use it as a gas station. I think it will depend in how much ore the asteroids actually hold.
  11. I don't see the problem. Literally the only thing they omitted is the time warp. You still have to achieve a polar orbit to scan the whole planet. And forcing us to do it in real time without time warp would be awful. And even better, the planetary scan is vague and not suitable for mining. You still need the local scanners to actually get good concentrations of ore.
  12. Can you show us ground scans too? And am I right in thinking that the narrow band data is only visible with the scanner turned on, it doesn't get permanently added to the planetary map?
  13. I bet the bottom of the Mohole is a 100% rich ore vein.
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