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  1. Hello, thanks for your awesome mod I have a little problem with a satellite contract : I can't manage to get the line of sight turn green for more than one specific ground station. It is quite problematic as I designed a craft to bring 4 Navigation Cores with the 4 associated frequencies (16.5, 17.5, 18.5 and 19.5). But no matter what I did - I tried a Keostationnary orbit, a low circular orbit, to eject the other cores - I don't understand the behavior of those lines of sight... Any chance you can help me with this ?
  2. Thanks for this mod! About proposed features, I must say I totally agree with Gilph: So +1 for the Lab processed/processable list of experiment !
  3. Thanks for the answer! That's what I suspected, I don't have the selection part of the right click menu. Yes I have Module Manager 2.6.3 and the KSPAPIExtensions.dll with the former being bundled in the Plugins directory of Smart Parts. Any other way of troubleshooting? EDIT: in fact thanks again for the advice, I checked for any other mod using KSPAPIExtensions and the bad boy was KIS which has now a very updated version of it and I can now see the menu!
  4. Hmm is there any reason I can't see any way to use those parts? I can put them on the rocket but how should I select the action group triggered? I don't have any selection menu for this, am I missing something?
  5. No really, I activated the pack and that's exactly what was making the Kerbonaut spinning.
  6. Hello there, I don't know if anyone has signaled it yet but the ModuleRCSFX included in the Exploration Pack mod is causing serious troubles when trying to EVA in space. I was not able to control anything and had to diagnostic it with a new stock save to isolate, adding mods mods in a dichotomic way. So yeah, without this directory in my GameData, all is fine!
  7. Ok, I admit I don't have been on EVE since a long time in KSP but from what I remember, the controlls where usable. I can't manage to do anything with the 1.0.2 version, I don't understand how I am supposed to stop my Kerbonauts from spinning? I thought you had translation controls and the ability to turn in the direction of the camera. When I activate the RCS of the EVA, they just start to make the Kerbal spinning and never stop except if I deactivate them. So what do I miss? EDIT: ok I found the problem and I signaled it in the appropriated thread.
  8. Thanks RoverDude but I was not speaking about the conversion from data to science but the analysis rate (the displayed percent after the click on the yellow button to analyse a science exepriment data to feed the lab with data). There is no place where to get this information on the already conducted experiment and I was looking for the same thing. So I decided to make a mod to display this information. I found the way to do so now but I still need to display it nicely and I will post here when finished
  9. Ok, I just tried the experiment analysis of the new science lab with accelerated time and it seems that its rate isn't affected by the time warping factor, is this intended or a bug? Note that, in consequence, the EC resource consumption is not affected either. I am definitely going to look for more infos about the new ModuleScienceLab mechanics and let you know guys if I find some usefull stuff around
  10. An idea would be to make science decrease through time which would make some random tech tree nodes to be locked back. It's a bit like you have to maintain you developpment level or you will fall back to Middle Ages, as Isaac Asimov predicted it in his Foundation books ^^.
  11. Thx RoverDude for the answers To the former question I would like to add: is there an archive of the processed experiments on a per lab basis? It would be very handy to keep track of what can still be achieved by the lab before trying to bring the data.
  12. Hey nice mod there! Would be super cool to have IVA inside emptied asteroids or even to be able to enter inside to build space hangars or stations. I wonder though if it is possible to modify a celestial corpse mesh to do it dynamically depending on the filled/emptied ratio?