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  1. Any chance on some extra ablator to make coming in through the atmosphere a little easier too?
  2. Not sure if I'm reading this right, but when you said the old version being 'worked on' do you mean that the little shuttles will be updated to 1.1 and that the EX will be in the future? If the 4.3 is being updated to 1.1 you have just made my night! Or did you mean that the 1.1 release of KSO will only be the new EX version? Apologies if this was already painfully obvious to everyone and I have missed a trick!
  3. I'm not a big poster on here and I'm sorry for sounding like a huge groupie but I felt I had to write that the KSO shuttles have been one of my favorite mods for this game and while I am really excited to see the new shuttle I'll be very sad to be losing the older two. Would the old shuttles be able to be given a final update or even authorizing someone to keep them updated? I am aware that as someone who hasn't made anything in this mod it might seem a bit rich to demand that people just make things for me but it would be great to keep them alive. I would offer my own services but
  4. Which mods do you thing will be ready first?
  5. Thank you for your welcomes, can't wait for 1.0!
  6. I can't update this thread let alone at the moment!
  7. Another lurker coming out of the woodwork in time for 1.0 (been around since 0.23) Just thought I'd say hello, I'm a British teacher living in the Middle East trying to shoehorn as much Kerbal into my Science lessons with a surprising amount of success! While I'm finally writing I'd like to say a thanks to Beale for his amazing parts (my dad always loved the MIR space station), Rune becuase the White Dart is my absolute go to spaceplane and of course Squad for an amazing game. Time to ride the Hype-Train! Oliver
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