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  1. Worked on my Duna Mission for a few hours. After I landed with Jendra and Asdra, they collected some awesome science and blasted off just before a dust storm. The real problem came when they were trying to dock with the mothership. Remember the scene in Interstellar where the Endurance is spinning and they have to dock? I had to do that and the time warp cheat didn't work either. It just kept spinning. It spun so fast i was wondering when the Kraken would show up and destroy it all. So after five minutes of lining it all up and about to run out of mono the brave crew spun up the lander and pushed forward praying that the Kraken didn't attack. Thankfully it didn't and the mission is still ago. Sadly no pics as I was to busy trying to match the crazy rotation and spin. The KESA Deliverance's mission to Ike continues...
  2. I'm waiting for 1.0. This is just crazy. I should be doing everything else. Oh well KSP is probably the best game I've played.
  3. I'm way back at 310 I think. or here. I'm lost.
  4. We are going so fast the fuel needs are ludicrous! This is a critical feature of the HYPE train.
  5. Push past them! This is HYPE we must go onwards!
  6. I should be looking for a teaching job, not refreshing this page....oh well.
  7. We are moving fast. How fast? I can't count that high!
  8. Don't tell me we need more HYPE crewman, I know we need more HYPE....Uh get us more HYPE.
  9. That's what mine looks like. I could use a replacement key!
  10. The forums are dying! It can barely load! Well lets get to 500 then.
  11. It is a thing of beauty. Poor servers...
  12. This is an experience of blissful insanity.
  13. My posts are three pages in front of what I'm quoting. This is insanity. I love it! 400!
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