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  1. And the developpers confirmed that players could interact with each other, by exchanging resources for example (what a strange way to describe a collision!). I played a lot of MFS in multiplayer with friends. And while it's fun, there was no interaction between us: no collision, our relative position wasn't precise at all, I kept seeing my friends disappear in invisible clouds (they are client sided), the model of the plane was sometimes a generic 3D model. Other players in MFS are an afterimage, nothing else. While it's fun to follow a propeller plane going 120 knots, I cannot imagine doing the same in KSP with crafts moving up to thousands of m/s in relative velocity. To be perfectly honest, I don't think a massive multiplayer aspect to the game is coming out at all apart from getting an ingame community library where people share their creations (like Spore did for example). And even then, I don't think this kind of feature is necessary.
  2. Yeah, I'm imagining something like Snowrunner where you can open up your solo save for people to join you. Now what I'd like is the possibility to "lock" some structures in place. I think I'll mostly play with friends, but if I feel like playing with random players, I'd want my bases and space stations to be protected from grief. Something along the lines of : can dock and transfer resources but cannot damage or change the orbital parameters.
  3. There is in theory almost no limit to how big a station could get. The limit will be set by availability of resources, time and of course by your computer struggling to keep with your constructions. But if I had to guess, I'd say that building something bigger than 500 meters long would be overkill. Will people do it? Sure (I know I will). Will it be useful in terms of game progression? I'm not sure about that. We've already seen concepts of space stations with interstellar ships docked to them : Keep in mind this screenshot comes from a 2020 video, things have changed since then.
  4. What I would love to see is the inclusion of resources in unlocking the tech. Something like just using science points is fine in the early game but get rather boring in the late game in my opinion.
  5. Well @Nate Simpson already hinted at an open progression in this post : So I guess the first colony location will be driven by what the players need resource wise, which in turn would be decided by what "progression path" players chose. For example (and this is pure speculation from here), if you choose to develop nuclear engines, you need need nuclear fuel. And if you're "unlucky", the only place where uranium might be found is on Mun's south pole. Then you'd have to build a tier 2 colony on quite the awkward spot, but in return you would gain the possibility to build very compact nuclear reactors for electricity generation, which would allow your interplanetary cargo ships to be more compact and lighter compared to having solar panels. On the other hand, you could go with a less complicated scenario and choose resources that are easier to obtain (located for example on the equatorial plane), but would give less of an advantage later on. Man, I'm thinking about several hyper hypothetical scenarios, and I'm just thinking that being a game designer must be tough. Taking into account several paths of progression while avoiding the possibility for players to get soft-locked, that's some migraine inducing stuff. But back to the debate on Mun VS Minmus, I think Minmus is easier to build on, while the Mun is easier to get to.
  6. Yeah that's what I've been using too, but I was wondering if a better solution existed. It works well enough but I've limited myself to a x10 warp multiplier or else my hubris gets punished by the kraken!
  7. Hello, first of all thanks @Nerteafor this wonderful mod ! I don't know if the question was already asked, but I couldn't find anything so here I go : I'm trying to design a big efficient ship that can haul very heavy payloads. The design is easy enough : some efficient engines, a ton of fuel... But the TWR (and not the ISP, sorry about that !) is abysmal! How do you guys deal with the long burn times ? I've read that Persistent Thrust is busted with 1.12 these days... Don't get me wrong, I've been having a lot of fun, but I'd like to know if there is a workaround.
  8. You're right, the Gamescom 19 (or was it PAX?) videos were showing rockets with earthworm flexibility properties. I also assume they're going for a wobbliness factor similar to KSP 1, that's why I still think it's a bit too much (but that's a personal opinion).
  9. I see some wobbly physics, I hope junctions will get a bit more rigid at release. While I think some wobbliness is fun when you're messing around or learning the game, it does get in the way of the player when you actually want to accomplish some goals. Back to the topic, I think the shader looks nice, maybe a bit too "strong" when the debris are flying everywhere. The new launch pad looks great, and helps make the KSC infrastructure feel more grounded (I also like the choice of placing the other buildings further away from the launch site). Are these functionnal walkways I see on the tower?
  10. I see a lot of areas covered in lava. @Nate Simpson are you able to tell us if lava is something we're going to see on the surface? If yes, does it impact gameplay heat and resources wise?
  11. I mean, I could see how adding a new remote planet would work gameplay wise: rather than going directly to other stars after unlocking interstellar engines, you could go there to "test" your new ship (or maybe get a specific resource or technology on that planet that would play a role in interstellar travel). A stepping stone to interstellar space. But that could also be a star mistaken for a new Kerbol body by Heliocentrist kerbal scientists
  12. I expect the game to be even harder than the first. What I mean by that is I think it will keep most of the gameplay of the first one, plus some new stuff to manage related to colonization, logistics, interplanetary trips. Showing people how stuff works isn't dumbing down, it's common sense. Especially on such a niche game. I'd go as far as saying that some "hand holding" might be beneficial to new players. Something simple like suggesting what type of part to use based on the context, or a notification to tell them to use their scientific instruments. Advanced players may ignore/deactivate it, but it could be useful to newbies that would otherwise feel overwhelmed by the wall of new concepts they need to understand. Now I'm hoping the new celestials bodies will pose new interesting challenges (orbiting Rask and Rusk, for example).
  13. Great video! The timestamps at the end point to an easter egg. u/RobotSquid_ on Reddit analysed the audio files which gave the following image: (credits: u/RobotSquid_ on Reddit). Some of us think it's a map. A rocket can be seen orbiting Kerbin. Above the rocket there is something that is most likely the Kerbol System. At the top of the image, 12 dots could imply that there is twelve star systems to explore (I think it's a bit too much to be realistic, but who knows). Back on the topic of the video, I'm really glad to see the new procedural wings. I'm hoping to see some procedural tanks one day (maybe as a mid-late game research?). I paused the video to look at the VAB UI, and I think it's a lot more transparent in the way it shows info to the player. Can't wait to forget how to use the current VAB! The tutorials look great, will there be advanced tutorials for new concepts of the game as well? I'm thinking about colony building, logistics, brachistochrone trajectories...
  14. I don't think there will different parts adapted for each environment. If my habitat dome is "Eve grade", then it's good enough for Pol. However the player will most likely have to adapt and make choices regarding the environment he's building in: Should I go nuclear or solar on Eeloo? Should I bring more radiators on Moho? Should I build a vertical base on Tylo or go for a more "grounded" design? Hopefully the new base editing system will allow us to adapt in case of a bad design choice. The developpers have been clear about wanting us to be creative, so I imagine the new base building system is more complicated, but also more forgiving.
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