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  1. Lol, I think I clicked page 6 instead of the double arrow to go to the last post in the thread. Saw a 2017 date on the last post and figured the mod had died since I last played or something (though I don't think it's been that long, now that I think about it). Anyway, no.. I've been using the same set of like 8 Kerbals all game. I don't think any of them have been anywhere special. I did a few Mun/Minmus flights, then loaded them up on a nuclear powered craft with like 10k delta-v and a mining rig to refuel with.. and sent them on their way. That was like, I dunno. 20 years ago? They hit Duna, Eve, Moho, and then headed off to Jool. They're taking shore leave on Laythe's er.. shores. It's been a good year or so since I've loaded up this save, so I'll have to check the settings to see if they were tinkered with. And, it seems they were. 5 quirks max with a 25% chance to get one on level up. Seems I disabled radiation too. Wow. At 25% chance of getting a trait that Kerbal had a 0.39% chance of getting 4. She's a keeper.
  2. Seems this thread is a bit on the old side, but I'm totally still using Kerbal Health because it rocks. Just started playing an older save today and after reaching Laythe and leveling up my whole crew to level 5 I had to laugh when I realized that one of my engineers is literally sitting at 100% health. I was a bit flabbergasted at how that could be possible (the rest of the crew was at ~60% after docking with and training to use a spaceplane built after they were launched).. then I noticed her traits. Workaholic, Adventurous, Lead Skin, and Talkative. I've never seen a Kerbal with more than one trait before.. and here she has 4. She was totally born for this job. I mean all Kerbals are.. but damn, she's something else.
  3. Ah, finally found the options menu. Forgot how to modify difficulty options on an already started game, lol. Interestingly, death is enabled.. so the pilot and scientists didn't die and respawn. Can't for the life of me figure out how they beamed back to KSC. This save has had a number of odd issues though. I just had like 8 contracts flat out disappear from my list, despite having another 5-10 years on each of them. The tourists are even still in my astronaut list, after having visited their locations. I don't think I even have any mods that do anything to contracts, lol.
  4. Hmm. I'm not sure what it's set to, lethal or respawn. Still, they certainly shouldn't have died. The craft was a prototype for a several year long Duna mission, on a shakedown to Minmus. It's big enough to support several times that crew indefinitely. Regardless, it hasn't happened again so far so I'm not sure what happened. Another question though - is there a way to disable the injuries and the like, or at least make it stop pausing my timewarps? None of it ever matters, since I only ever leave kerbals for extended periods on craft that can support them indefinitely (so any lost health is recuperated anyway).. so it's a little annoying when I'm time warping a year and a half for a Duna transfer and someone I left on a research station 3 years ago gets sick a dozen times over.
  5. So.. strangest thing. I launched a station with two scientists. I know that both scientists were present, because I realized that I needed one in the lab and one in the command module to control the station. I then docked a capsule with a pilot and three tourists on board and sent the whole thing off to minmus as a test trip/tourist contract. I know the pilot was on board, as the tourists couldn't fly the rocket and there were no probe cores. When I got to Minmus, my pilot and one scientist were gone. I found them back at KSC, waiting to be assigned a mission. I have no idea how they got there. Is this something Kerbal Health could have done? It's a rather odd occurance, and I can't think of any other mod that could have managed it.
  6. Hmm. I didn't think that the mission took quite that long, but I suppose it could have. The return swung me out beyond Mun's orbit a little. Still, I'm not sure a 1 day trip to Mun is feasible.. a flawlessly executed flyby (no orbit or landing) still came in at just under 3 kerbal days. I guess that's one Earth day, maybe that's what you meant? Most other life support mods allow the starter pod to have a bit more of a lifetime in orbit.. typically 15 or so days in my experience. This one only allows for 3 days before running out of supplies, and I suppose another 7 before going tourist. Others typically allow for some small radial supply tanks early on too, allowing a mk1 pod to go to Minmus easily enough. I should also add that the other pods are more in line with other life support mods, providing several weeks of supplies. Only the mk1 suffers from the 3 day limit. I totally get not wanting to make new parts (I wouldn't even know where to start with a project like that), but the packs you recommended (KPBS and Station Parts Expansion) don't really provide the needed components. For example, KPBS doesn't have any life support tanks that function with this mod at the moment (though I swear it has some, my last Tac-LS game had them..). The station parts pack's smallest tank hold something like 3900 fertilizer.. that's not really much of an issue since it's only half again as heavy as a full snacks tank, but the price tag is nuts. Personally, if I continue using this mod I'll most likely modify a universal storage install to carry the resources from this mod. Definitely keeping an eye on this one. I can't stand playing without some form of life support/habitation requirements to force me to use more than a lander can, and the evolving capabilities portion of this mod seems quite unique. Really love anything that makes me do something a time or two and then automates it from then on as well.. sort of like the old Kerbal Space Transport System mod. All the fun of setting up and testing things, none of the grind.
  7. So, starting off a new career with this mod - it's almost unplayable. I just lost a mission that was doing a simple flyby of the Mun. Granted, this was prior to upgrading the tracking station.. so I'm eyeballing everything and it's not perfect. My trajectory upon leaving the Mun's SOI took me a bit farther out than I'd have liked, but still well within my ability to correct with available delta-v.. but the trip took a couple extra days and my kerbal went tourist on me. There needs to be some way to pack extra rations in the early game.. 3 days just isn't enough. As it stands, short of packing an extra command pod I can't do that at the moment. My second attempt took me just a couple hours short of 3 days to complete, and that was just a simple flyby. Granted, again I was eyeballing everything and didn't get the best return trajectory.. but this isn't unusual for early game missions (at least for me). Edit: Another issue encountered. Fertilizer is converted to snacks at a 1 to 1 ratio. Fertilizer is not produced on a vessel (no waste recycling or the like), so you have to take it from home if you're building a station (though the mod says you shouldn't?). The only real benefit to bringing fertilizer instead of just snacks is that fertilizer is more dense.. you can pack 1900 into a small container as opposed to like 95 snacks. I guess that's not an issue, though it does create some odd mass fluctuations as resources are converted. All that said - it's extremely expensive in career mode. A small container of fertilizer is a whopping 28,500 credits + 380 for the container. That's more than the entire station I'm launching, and more than the rocket that's launching it. Also, why are there 5 different types of fertilizer and snacks? Wouldn't it be better if progressing in research simply increased the efficiency of your modules? As is, I have to have numerous different types of storage for various types of resources. I don't really like having to launch my station with T0 fertilizer storage, T1 fertilizer storage, T2 fertilizer storage, T0 snack storage, T1 snack storage, T2 snack storage, T4 snack storage.. That's necessary if you want to have any "room to grow" in your station as you unlock higher tiers, and it's not exactly ideal.
  8. I managed to get the mod running after Eridan pointed out that part of it is in the source code download link, and the other part in the link he provided.. after downloading an old version of the mod and then using that to piece the new version together. That said, yeah.. it doesn't seem to have any containers. All this adds part wise is a couple ISRU remakes, drill remakes, and a scanner part. It also adds Tier 4 snacks to command modules based on their seating, and adds a few B9 tank types. If you have B9 part switch and Station Parts Redux, then you can swap the tanks from that mod to carry a given resource from this mod. KPBS doesn't seem to have any container pieces that work with this mod, at least not without some other life support mod installed I assume. I know KPBS has a number of containers for things like food, water, oxygen.. but none of those things are in my game with just this installed. I'm not really a fan of Station Parts Redux personally, but I suppose I'll give this mod a shot and perhaps edit it to use tanks from something else (Universal Storage?) if I like it. One thing I'm noticing though is that this mod doesn't seem to include any UI for keeping track of anything like your research progress. Maybe I just haven't found it yet though.
  9. That just has the source code link though. Not the mod itself. Putting that in the KSP folder doesn't load the mod. Older version releases have "ProgressiveColonizationSystem.zip", which is the link missing in the 0.1.0 release.
  10. I'm wondering this myself. There's no link for it on GitHub, as it just has the source code links. The CKAN download is also 0.0.6.
  11. Exact same issue with the SM-18. Built a Soyuz-like craft, sent it to Mun orbit. Had batteries, solar panels, and science experiments in the bay. Hid the panels, then did my science experiments. EVA'd a kerbal to see if I could just collect them with the doors on, and see if the doors were hidden with the kerbal on EVA. They were not, and could not be collected. Brought kerbal back in, blew doors off (they may have still been hidden, not sure). Saw them fly away though. EVA'd the kerbal to collect the experiments for return, and none of it was able to be interacted with. Switched back to the vessel.. now I can't click on anything in the bay, and none of it works. Solar panels aren't generating EC. It's as if none of it has any functionality or right click menu. Reloading the craft with the doors blown off also has them reappearing, though they're not -actually- there and all the same issues are still in effect. Completely unusable part, which entirely scrubbed my Mun mission. Edit: It is possible to access the interior of this part without blowing the doors. On the vessel POV you can hide the doors, then pin their menus to the screen. When on EVA those menus are still available provided you fly close to the part. So.. the bay is usable, provided you don't blow the doors off.
  12. Ugh. Capitalization ftw. Teach me to try typing my own stuff out instead of copying it directly. Like four hours of wanting to strangle these unchangeable parts, only to find it was as simple as RESOURCE and maxAmount.
  13. So, I'm playing with Kerbalism installed. It's only got a couple of options for food/water containers, none of which I particularly like all that much. I'd love to expand the number of cargo options I have, and I really like the KIS inline container models. I'm attempting to add Food/Water to these containers, but nothing I try seems to be working. Either the parts load in normally, or they fail to load at all - never with food/water. Ideally I'd love to have something like a B9 part switch option that allows me to switch from a cargo container with KIS inventory to something carrying food/water, to something carrying just food, and finally just water.. if not that, I'd take simply adding the food/water to the container with KIS inventory as well (I rarely use it anyway). So far, I've tried simply adding something like Resource { name = Food amount = 8200 maxamount = 8200 } to the .cfg for the part, and that made them not load at all. Creating a .cfg in the gamedata folder with something like @PART[KIS_Container3]:NEEDS[Kerbalism,KIS] { Resource { name = Food amount = 8200 maxamount = 8200 } } makes them load, but doesn't add the food to them. I don't know a lot about modding in KSP to be honest. I've modified plenty of parts before to make them more to my liking, but mostly by ripping out chunks of one part and simply dropping it into the .cfg of another. Bluedog Design Bureau had a comparability folder filled with .cfg's making the mod compatible with various other mods. Kerbalism wasn't one of those, but I was able to take the Snacks! compatibility .cfg and alter it to create new B9partswitch tanks for food/water, then get those parts to load those tanks. What's particularly frustrating is that BDB has a KIS tank of its own that now has food/water as I'd like (though it maintains the KIS inventory as well). Does anyone have any idea how I could do this, or what I might be doing wrong? Even something as simple as just adding these resources to the normal part would be a workable solution for me.
  14. One thing I'm noticing with this mod as I begin building space stations and preparing for my first interplanetary mission - there are really only two options for building craft. Either you build a short duration mission lasting ~30-100 days, or you build something that lasts forever. There's not really an in between. For example, if I send out a Mk 1-2 pod with three kerbals they'll last for 15 days. Add a hitchhiker, and they now last for 67 days. Adding a second hitchhiker only bumps that to ~86 days. In fact, adding addition seating seems to have diminishing returns - a single seat adds a bit over 6 days to the mission. 4 seats adds about 5.5 days per seat.. 16 seats only adds 3.4 days per seat. Now consider the other option. Mk 1-2, hitchhiker, and cupola. That lasts >73 days. Adding a second cupola lasts forever. Mk1-2, hitchhiker x3 - 11.62 tons, lasts 100 days Mk1-2, hitchhiker x1, cupola x2 - 10.22 tons, lasts forever Mk1-2, hitchiker x3, cupola x1 - 13.42 tons, lasts forever (but leaves them super low, 23%) Or, Mk1-2, cupola x3 - 9.52 tons, lasts forever This issue is exacerbated when you're looking for long duration missions. It becomes clear immediately that stacking a dozen hitchiker modules (144 days) won't even allow you to complete a duna mission without a cupola and with cupolas you don't even need anything else. In my opinion the "habitation" modules like the hitchhiker are far too weak, and the inability to stack their effects to at least some degree makes them unable to scale at all for longer missions. The effects gained from extra seating also seems to not really be worth it at all, in terms of efficiency you're better off leaving your Kerbals crammed in a pod with a lot of windows than giving them a place to live. The cupola on the other hand seems entirely TOO powerful. If you're looking to play around in the Kerbin system, then this mod works fine.. but for anything longer than about 100 days the mod just sort of breaks down entirely.
  15. Oh. My. God. How have I not seen that sexy concept? Yeah, I want one. Though.. how are they planning to land that? It has like, no legs. Also.. SuperDraco engines as your vacuum sustainers? SuperDraco's only have like 2/3 the ISP of Merlin 1D Vacuum engines. I'd think that'd be cutting into efficiency like, a lot.
  16. Not to mention they strapped the payload to the side of the bloody rocket, and put the engines on the payload.. at an angle. The thing couldn't get any more kerbal if they held it together with struts made of duct tape.
  17. If I'm not mistaken, the Orion heat shield was changed following the initial test because they were worried it wouldn't stand up to interplanetary reentry. It's made of a different material entirely now. Don't quote me on that, but I seem to remember reading that somewhere.
  18. Steam asks which you want to start when you start it. A menu pops up with several options for me. Still, not sure why that would mean he couldn't use a certain mod. We all used tons of them before x64 came out. Also.. people still play the x32 version? Like.. what are they playing on, a fossil?
  19. This may be historical.. but it's still Kerbal. Isn't the obvious solution to simply put the docking port over the capsule's exit hatch? I mean, sure.. it may throw off your CoM.. but you can rotate your engines a bit to account for that. It's not like they need that hatch anyway.. They're only getting out of the lunar module.
  20. I have been desperately wanting a tiny 1.25 to .625 conical service bay since I started using a mod that had a 2.5 to 3.75 conical bay. All the bays are just too massive for any reasonable use on a craft, but something small like this is just perfect. Half the reason I use Kerbal Reusibility Expansion and dragon-like capsules is so I have that tiny hollow space in the fuel tank under the capsule to fill with odds and ends. Life support, science, batteries.. you name it. A half height 2.5m service bay would also be amazing, as would a very slender (quarter height?) 3.75m one.
  21. According to the last couple posts on that mod's thread the latest version on their github page is 1.3 compatible. Not sure why using steam would matter at all.
  22. Yeah, the later books are set in the future in the same alternate timeline. Book 2 was about manned mission to Titan I believe. They're only very loosely related.
  23. Such a good book. Excellent take on what realistically could have been had things gone a bit differently. Wasn't too impressed by the rest of the series though sadly. Gave up partway through book 2. Parts to make Ares would be incredible though. The Saturn V has been the backbone of my fleet so far in my 2.5x rescaled save. Even tried making a reusable one that would combine a spacex landing with Vulcan's proposed reusable upper stages before swapping to the larger parts in the Near Future ITS style pack.
  24. Had to try a couple different sites to find one that wouldn't just freeze up and give errors when I tried pasting it. Am I not supposed to paste the whole thing? I deleted it prior to starting KSP, and paused the game moments after it started and the error showed up.. so it couldn't really get much smaller. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/7d0de493715a5404f6000db2d149241c In case this is all you need though, it's spamming this hundreds of times. Edit: Oh! The module in question contains two Planetary Base System adapter/structural parts that contained cryogenic fuels. I'd planned on using them as storage so that the ISRU units I'd sent earlier could make liquid hydrogen/oxidizer.. which was remarkably stupid now that I think about it, as they don't have the boiloff protection of the Near Future parts. Could these perhaps be the "KERBALISM.Background.ProcessCryoTank" mentioned in the log? Does the boiloff mechanic conflict with it somehow? I've never had any problems with that before, but I don't think I've ever warped with a crewed vessel carrying cryo fuels unloaded. - Confirmed. Hyperedited that module home, then replaced it with an identical version in which the cryo tanks are converted to normal lf/ox tanks. No problems anymore.
  25. So, I'm having a really strange issue here. Several actually, though I think only one of them is really a bug. I've built a base on the Mun's northern pole.. was aiming for a peak of eternal sunlight sort of thing, but ended up in a pit of eternal darkness instead. The solar panels on my scout rover charged at the flat area I located, so I thought.. great! Built base over many days.. and then found that the base has long periods of darkness in which the sun goes behind mountains and the like, or dips just below the horizon. Panels stay lit, but they all say "occluded by vessel". At high time warp (the last two) it just gives me 50% charging at all times generally, something about being integrated over warp. After a number of strange power issues in which sometimes Kerbalism counted that power, and other times it didn't.. and life support failed, I just gave up and installed a Near Future reactor in the base. Well, actually I cheated and just "added" one of the small ones to the Planetary Base System's central hub to save on part count. Really didn't want to add another module section to the base. That solved the power issues. But, now everyone keeps dying of radiation. They've been there for 75 days and are sitting at like 15%, and several new arrivals are sitting at 5% from the trip through the belt. The base has a small amount of shielding, as I wasn't really sure how much to add or what exactly it would do. The base here is sort of a test to see what I need to do before going for something far out like Duna. Now here's the strange thing.. I can warp up to 1000 times (any higher and it warns me about power inconsistency) while the base is loaded and have no issues. But if I unload the base by going back to KSC, then warp (at all, any speed).. radiation percentages start rising stupidly fast. Within a couple of hours everyone is a radioactive puddle on the floor. It gets stranger though - If I reload the save (at KSC) from before the warp, either with F9 or the menu.. it happens again. Without warping. Over about 5 seconds the entire crew rises to 100% radiation and dies. Stress also rises slightly, from like 4% to maybe 7 or 8% before they all die. It's like Kerbalism is stuck on stupid high time warp when I'm not warping. Oh, and KSC is either floating above the ground or underground. Edit:Attempting to warp with a different vessel loaded (a satellite in high orbit) but the base unloaded leads to the same result. I can warp to x100 or x1000 for a second or two, then stop.. and the radiation/stress keeps rising until death for 10 or so seconds after I stop the warp. If I reload the quicksave I made with the vessel loaded, I appear on the Mun with the base.. but it's at 100% CO2, no pressure (how is there CO2 without pressure?), and my thousands of units of food/water/oxygen/nitrogen are all sitting at 0. Totally gone. Restarting the entire game allows me to load my save without the vessel's resources or crew doing anything strange.. but the moment I warp with the vessel unloaded the same thing happens again. Edit: So, after spending about 20-30 days at 1000x time warp with the vessel loaded (as that wasn't causing problems) a solar storm hits. The crew does not survive, so I reload to just after I got the warning it was incoming. Four of the six crew members climb into the Deep Freeze cryo module I'd sent for just this sort of emergency, and the other two have to evacuate in the evacuation capsule that was waiting in case the cryo module plan failed. They're going to make the return with like literally less than an hour to spare looking at the nodes.. time warp until they hit atmo, and wait.. what? The storm isn't any closer to hitting. It's still reading the 1 day and 3 hours it was reading before they left the Mun. Not sure what's going on, but time warp doesn't seem to be getting along with Kerbalism. Two weeks later, and that solar storm is still going to be here in 1 day and 3 hours. No clue what is going on anymore. Come to think of it, aside from the issues with power (which I'd think are normal, considering the bloody sun is dropping below the horizon).. all my other issues started immediately after I docked my lab/cryo module. The base worked just fine before that, but moments after docking that module everything went to crap. Could there be some incompatibility with DeepFreeze, or at least the Planetary Base Systems DeepFreeze part? Edit: Reloaded an earlier save where the lab/cryo module was still in orbit of the Mun and not yet landed/docked to the base. Warping with the vessel unloaded didn't harm the base, but the lab module's crew was rapidly irradiated. So, something about that module caused all this.. and the only thing special about it is that it had a DeepFreeze unit. Going to try reproducing this with DeepFreeze's own parts and see if it happens with other vessels. Results - Nothing. Everything works as expected. Hyperedited a pod with a lab, another with a planetary base cryo module, and another without either into Munar orbit.. all seem to handle time warps both loaded and unloaded just fine. I'm at a loss as to what broke in my main save.
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