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  1. On 6.02.2017 at 7:31 PM, jandcando said:

    Alternatively, you could delete the Community Resource Pack resource definitions for deuterium and hydrogen entirely. This would leave Impossible Innovations to defining those resources. This solution works, but it will have the game defining the same resources twice.

    The REAL fix to this problem is to create special "deuterium" and "hydrogen" resources that only the Impossible Innovations parts use. I think I'll actually do that today or tomorrow... Sorry for abandoning this project for a while guys, but I've had more important things to worry about lately. I can't guarantee commitment on this mod in the long term, but I'll touch on it every now and then... if I feel like it.

    Just so everybody knows, you guys are free to make your own branches of this mod on GitHub as long as you use a compatible license and give me credit. I'm sure this mod could be a lot better under new leadership. But I don't anyone really cares that much :/ Anyways, just a reminder that I'm not all that invested in this anymore.

    where is the update? xD

  2. On 24.11.2016 at 4:04 PM, jandcando said:

    From all these issues, I think it might be smart for me to just make my own variation of deuterium as a resource... Something like "II_Deuterium." Cause the name "Deuterium" seems to be stepping all over other mods.

    yeah, it would be awesome, you should create your own variation of deuterium because MOST players are using mods like KSP Interstellar Extended and other mods with deuterium.


    my modlist: IMGUR

  3. 3 hours ago, KSPNerd said:

    Might I recommend adding a series of laser-based communication devices that would provide more range and higher science transfer rates than antennae, but use much, much more power? I think that these would be extremely useful for long distance communications, e.g. with OPM. Also, maybe a quantum-entangled particle communications utility, have 2 identical parts tuned to each other, have one of them on one ship, and one on another, and they can communicate back and forth. This would be useful for interstellar communications.

    You can use radialy mounted comms on your docked rockets to the ship which you control as main, it should improve your signal and transfer rates as well at any distance, but remember to mount more energy suppliers :wink:

  4. 2 hours ago, jandcando said:

    I appreciate the gesture and I know you are trying to be helpful, but you have to give me more details than that. Based on this report, I can't do anything about it since I cannot replicate the issue. I don't know anything about your game install. I would ask more questions like what mods you have installed and what version of KSP you are running, but an update is on the way. If you are still experiencing problems after I update this mod, then I will do my best to help you. Until then, I cannot do anything to fix the issue, especially if you are running Impossible Innovations on KSP 1.2 / have other mods installed with it.

    If you want a "progress report" of sorts on the status of the new version, just scroll a few replies up and you will find one. I'm working on it, but I have other more important things to do outside of this mod.

    I have version of this mod and most likely the mechanics used in your mod are not compatible with the new KSP 1.2 fuel system, i have many other mods and i was using this mod as well with them together on 1.1.3 :)

  5. I was trying to produce power using the small Electric Generator with an OMEGA Fusion reactor, but I'm always given the message "Fusion plasma heating cannot be guaranteed, reducing power is recommended," and the generator produces no power. Using the reactor to power other things, like the turbojet seems to work fine, and the generator will work fine with fission reactors, so why is it not working with the fusion one?

    Because you need to switch on your generator to KTEC Solid State generator, then message will not display anymore :)

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