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  1. Yep, that physicsSignificance config line fixed it correctly even before the patch, and now it's official. No issues with reentry anymore, thanks guys! And fairings are fixed too, hurray
  2. Come on, this can't be exactly the way it was intended to be. I understand there are compromises to be made to not overengineer something not really that important, but it's forcing us to make contraptions to shift CoM on return stage. Which is especially tricky when you're just starting career and have very low limits on mass/number of parts, not to mention added drag and weight you have to lift to get to places. And without this foolishness you can't bring anything more complex than just a pod back from orbit. There must be another way.
  3. Um, my bad, indeed, "loading" wasn't fitting only on first launch. Can't reproduce it anymore no matter how much I switch resolutions, windowed/fullscreen mode, etc.
  4. I can confirm loading icon is half off the screen in 1280x1024 (my native resolution). Not a big deal, though, the rest of UI is perfectly fine.
  5. This is probably a bug with heat shield. The info on the part says its mass is 0.3, bug when I place it it doesn't affect center of mass indicator at all. Yes, my ship isn't that heavy, placing small girder that is just 0.125 on the same spot shifts the indicator a bit. Testing whether it really is treated as 0 weight by physics is tricky for me, but it certainly seemed like the center of mass was where it was shown in the editor - just above geometry center which caused the ship to flip during descent back to Kerbin despite my attempts to hold it retrograde. There are no fuel tanks on that stage either.