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  1. Wow, i had this issue again so I can back to see how I solved it the first time, not knowing so much conversation had happened since! Anyway, for me, I have learnt to check the registry AND the settings.cfg, resetting both to get over the issue. I used to always run windowed mode, but I tried switching it to fullscreen and back, somehow I couldn't, so I went into the settings.cfg to do it manually. When that was done, although it was "windowed", but there was only the picture, no actual window frame was visible, and I couldn't figure out why...
  2. Checked and reinstalled, still no good, nothing wrong with the nvidia control panel EDIT [sOLVED] BUTTT.... About 1 min after I replied here, I think I solved the problem I went into the settings and disabled launch with launcher option (an option of that was to that effect) and it seemed to load fine now
  3. Ok good to have a confirmation. I have tried to reinstall but still no good. I tried to reinstall at other locations too. The closest thing and the next thing I'll try is to remove an old profile from the NVidia control panel which I used to AA the OpenGL on .9
  4. Suggestions anyone? I tried to play around with the registry a bit, and close some more programs as some resources suggested, still to no avail.
  5. Hi all, I have tried to run KSP 1.0 using -force-opengl, but the error "Couldn't switch to requested monitor resolution" comes up and I cannot actually get into the game. The details about the error is: Switching to resolution 1768x992 failed, trying lower oneAll resolution switches have failed Screen: could not switch resolution (1768x992 fs=0 hz=0) The things I have tried to get this solved is: Ensuring I have the latest graphics driver installed - which I have I have looked online and found a couple of resources for older version - wasn't a problem in the current version Been trying to wait it out to see if I get some other users with similar errors - still can't find any active threads on this Absolutely clean install of KSP 1.0, tried restarting (multiple times) the computer but problem persists So this leads me to think that would this be an isolated incident only for me or have some of you also experienced something similar? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Brendan
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