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    Kookle Munar Y Prize

    Here's my submission. I did it in 3915 funds, and my original flight does not include any of the extras. The flight took a few tries to get it right, but if you time the suicide burn correctly, then you have just enough fuel to land. In my run I didnt do the burn in enough time to get exactly to safe landing, but the probe core made it and still had power production so I deemed it as a success. Here's the craft download if anyone wants to verify.
  2. jerdrb

    Kookle Munar Y Prize

    This looks like a great way to start off my challenge mode career. I assume that a kerbal is not necessary to be in it and it is just a probe? This should be even easier.
  3. Warp at 4x until until 10m before the ground. The new update makes the parachutes a lot less likely to rip your craft to smitherines. I honestly just hit space to stage into parachutes after I hit 70km and then time accel. While I wait though I lurk the forums, and now recently write on the forums!
  4. You also need to acompany for the radius of the planet. That equations r is the distance between the center of mass of the first object and the second object. So idk what the radius of kerbin is but you would need to add that to 40k.
  5. jerdrb

    Possible alternative to cryogenics?

    Here's a rebuttal question for you. If we clone you, is the clone actually you? Yes it is exactly your dna, and if we save the brain synapsis and all the signals at that instant it may you. But does the you that is typing on your computer to write the original quest actually exist as that clone? No. At the instant you make that clone, it is someone different. Identically at the very instant made, but changing based on experiences that are different from you, since it is not in the same location. So "saving" someone onto a hard drive might be feasible as soon as we clone someone and are able to make completely synthesized human DNA. But never will you be able to save the me that is typing this message, and have me come back from a drive.
  6. jerdrb

    New Horizons

    The idea of a close up photo (relatively to what we had previously) is dumbfounding to me. Being millions of miles away to take a photo. This photo however, will change how we view the formation of planets and our solar system. Can't wait to see this distant body.
  7. Hey guys, long time lurker. Been playing since Alpha. Never got to another planet (outside of Kerban SOI) until beta. Then I made a station, so forth and so on until I visited every planet, including Eeloo. Mechanical engineering student, however I do research in Additive Manufacturing so I guess I am an engineer, albeit one in training. Anyways, I'm going to try my hand at a return mission from Eve finally (new aero model = feasible takeoff and reorbit from sea level possible?) and probably do the Jool 5. Anyways, hope to make friendships with you guys, rivalries with others. Time to get this thing started!