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  1. haha, no problem, it's tucked way down at the end, and I couldn't even remember how i got some of those values, so I had to look them up. One thing that needs to change is the ability to configure the battery in the part. that would change the empty weight and cost
  2. So this is in the readme: Create a part roughly the same size and shape of an existing avionics module unlocked in that tech node. Take note of its volume. Enter this in column G of the spreadsheet. (Note: the KSP UI normally shows liters, but in the spreadsheets it's kiloliters.) Slide the utilization slider down to 0, and take note of its empty weight and empty cost. Put those in columns H and I respectively.
  3. Yeah, everything was based off of the non-procedural versions, which don't always correlate well to a procedural counterpart. The version for 1.3 will have a re-worked tech tree, and with that, re-worked procedural avionics configs that hopefully make more sense.
  4. All the formulas I use should be in the RP-0 readme what version of remote tech are you using? There was a bug that dealt with that that I fixed a while ago:
  5. The best way to get traction on things like that is to open up an issue in my repo here: Since I'm focused mainly on RO/RP-0 development, adding these features are kinda low on the priority list, but having them tracked there mean that anyone can work on them and submit PRs, and then I can handle getting the new versions out.
  6. One thing that the probe core has that the upper stage does not (at least in some configurations) is a sample return container. Still, it looks like it could use some balancing (perhaps raising the minimum tonnage of the upper stage?)
  7. Ok, so that shows that it's not that contracts are broken, but that they're just gone entirely. What's in your /GameData/RP-0/Contracts folder?
  8. Could you provide a screenshot of the contract configurator GUI?
  9. How did you install? CKAN? Have you had a working installation in the past? I'm assuming you have all the required dependant mods?
  10. KRASH is the mod that you should use for simulations now, but the costs haven't been configured for RP-0 yet, so that's why @NathanKell hasn't installed or used it.
  11. Since @pjf is generally unavailable, I've created a new top-post here:
  12. Welcome to Realistic Progression Zero, the lightweight career add-on for Kerbal Space Program's Realism Overhaul. RP-0 is a career mode for RealismOverhaul with minimal install requirements, and fair and balanced gameplay. Our aim is to allow players to enjoy RealismOverhaul in career mode, without installing a huge number of modules on top of those required by RealismOverhaul itself. However we also wish to ensure that RP-0 works with as many additional mods as possible; we use the Community Tech Tree for the basis of career progression, and try to place as many parts from other mods as possible in a balanced fashion without them being requirements. When starting the game, the balance should be similar to KSP's normal career, so we recommend "Moderate" or "Hard" settings. If playing without part unlock costs, it's recommended you drop contract funds payouts to 20% to maintain balance, since in real life the research programs and the setting up of factories cost much more than serial production. We recommend installing via the CKAN, ckan.exe install RP-0 on the command line, or just look for "Realistic Progression Zero" in the GUI. To install manually, install all required mods, then grab the latest release from the releases page and extract the stuff in the GameData folder in the zip into your KSP/GameData folder (and overwrite as needed). RP-0 is a community effort, and your contributions are appreciated. You can report issues on our issues page, and access the source code on github. The tech tree itself is designed to be particularly easy for humans to edit. As @pjf is mostly unavailable, this new top-post is maintained by rsparkyc. The original thread can be found here: Releases Page (however, we recommend using CKAN; if installing manually be sure to install all requirements first) Source (Github) License: CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 Requirements (RP-0 will not work without this): - Realism Overhaul and all its required and recommended (NOT SUGGESTED) mods - Real Solar System - Community Tech Tree - Lack's SXT (although only the engines have RO configs as of yet) - Ven's Stock Part Revamp - Contract Configurator - Custom Barn Kit Recommended (RP-0 will not play right without these; note in addition to RO's recommended mods): - Deadly Reentry - Kerbal Renamer - TestFlight - Procedural Fairings - Procedural Parts - B9 Procedural Wings - Kerbal Construction Time - Taerobee - Adjustable Landing Gear (NOTE: Not for 1.1 yet, alas, but RP-0 is playable without it) - SCANsat Supported (to varying extents, in rough order of completeness of support) - BobCat's Soviet Engines - FASA - Raidernick's mods - Habitat Pack (Bigelow habitats) - Starshine Merlin engines - Universal Storage - DMagic's Orbital Science - AIES (engines, mainly) - Mk2 Lightning Cockpit - B9 Aerospace - Space Shuttle - KAS/KIS - Infernal Robotics Note that more effort has gone into balancing earlier nodes than later nodes. Your feedback and assistance in balancing all nodes is appreciated! Changelog Tutorial Campaign in RP-0 (YouTube) Eye-candy from existing RP-0 games: NathanKell's very realistic career: pjf's IronDoge RP-0 career:
  13. Honestly, I think your best bet is to cheat the save file to get to where you want to be. I know the next release will break saves, and I don't think we have any plans to provide any migration for save files, as it changes the entire tech tree.
  14. Yeah, the contracts have changed a lot, so I wouldn't expect those to carry over very well.
  15. I think that's due to deadly reentry. You probably need version 7.6.0