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  1. Love these USI mods! Thanks for the hard work and time you put in. Quick question: I can't seem to load any PackRat parts into the storage containers (using the stock inventory systemj, no KIS/KAS). Is there something special I need to do to load the parts into a container so I can assemble them on other planets/moons?
  2. Similar problem I think, I'm not seeing spare parts storage on any of the modules. Malfunctions are working correctly, I loaded up KSP, Making History and Breaking Ground with Dangit as the only mod and had the same problem.
  3. Fantastic Mod! Thanks RoverDude for all the USI mods. I have a possible bug, is anyone else having troubles getting the wheels to retract and extend again? Never mind, patience is a virtue. It just takes longer than it used to! Keep up the good work.
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