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  1. thanks for the reply, Lead Moderator. i think my idea would work very well within the confines of the new KSP campaign system! having different missions or campaigns, as there is now, but with reasons to complete them. KSP as it is now will say: go to X planet and do Y science mission and you will get Z reward. Cool...but why? Here they could add one more level onto that: like this missions exists because of A, which could lead to mission B, C, D, etc. It doesn't seem like a stretch to have different campaigns that you can follow or not (that part already exists!) but then they'll lead you on a little story adventure. Could even have different storylines for different Kerbals because as it stands now you choose your little Kerbs anyway. And then you can choose to follow them, or not. I think it would add a lot of extra depth to the game and give people a deeper connection with the universe. And give you a reason to keep your Kerbals alive! If you kill them you'll never find out why Jeb really wants to get to Moho I'm hoping that if this doesn't exist with the base game, that the devs have added enough flexibility to the modding system that fans would be able to create something like this. That's my biggest wish!
  2. hmm is there something you need to do to activate it? i got the waterfall effects to work but didn't see the launch pad or rocket light up
  3. ugh annoying its deleting my file. ill upload to my Gdrive so it'll be permanent. Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U5Q0r2zCQ7RQLGO8D1JqiqacM8BfiGCg/view?usp=sharing MM Config Cache: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DmwVTPSvdZ9fxMtL4zlo75McQKSgvaH1/view?usp=sharing
  4. Sorry if this has been brought up but wasn't sure. I'm wondering if there are plans to include a story driven campaign at all? to give reasons to travel to distance planets? Something like: the kerbals detected a strange signal on a distance planet so need to build spaceships to go discover what secrets it hold! And when discovering that secret, points to another, further away planet. And so on. This, to me, would be an amazing addition that could run in parallel to the simple sandbox play-style of KSP 1. And if campaigns were able to be created by users then all of the creative players out there could make amazing stories that could fill out the universe and bring it to life, and make multiple play throughs different and unique every time. Seems like a good way to keep players coming back for many years to come! Does anyone else think this would be a cool addition to the game?
  5. UPDATE: i did what you suggested and did a completely FRESH install. Uninstalled and deleted all old files, and redownloaded from scratch. Unfortunately the results are exact same . Does your GameData folder match mine and are you using latest versions of everything? This is strange if yours is working and mine is not if we have exact same loadout...
  6. thanks for helping me with this, i really want to get it to work as restock totally changes the game for me (aesthetically). OK so we are talking about both Restock and Restock+. I tried loading with one and both and got same results (I also originally had the thought restock+ was messing things up). I don't know why the log was deleted so soon, stupid website. I'll try again: https://file.io/sx1AOYYdxIz1
  7. hi, so i tried again with no other mods and it's still not working . it looks like restock messes up lots of parts locations here are screenshots and attached log: https://file.io/SChMzzHQmPQH WITHOUT Restock, the probe is there: WITH Restock, the first probe is gone, so can't fly
  8. ok ill try this. suggestion: allow different speed units displayed for more than just rover or airplane. its cool to see how fast your rocket is going in MPH (as a yank)
  9. you've given me hope! i love the updated texture so maybe i can get it to work. ill try again,
  10. even though I'm getting a loading error, i think Parallax stock textures have loaded. however something strange is happening, as you can see in the screenshot. as i'm flying 8km above the mun what looks like rock shadows are following me in a trail and my FPS has tanked down to 30 fps (from a typical 120+fps). Is this a Parallax scenario?
  11. hi, thanks found the settings. however i can't find a way to show different speed units for surface mode? for example i want to see ground speed in MPH. is this possible?
  12. ok so it seems my installation was good as I see the K.A.R.A. contracts. unfortunately i tried to use the amazing restock mod and it removed the starting probes which made the game unplayable. i haven't played vanilla ksp without restock in a long time so we'll see how it goes.
  13. nevermind it looks like city lights are already there! just on wrong side of kerbin
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