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  1. haha there's no way i could build the rockets from scratch. there's so many parts you'd need an engineering degree.
  2. FASA used to come with all of the craft files and subsegments included in the main download, is that not the case anymore?
  3. heya! merry christmas to all and happy holidays. so i think kopernicus is making it that my solar panels don't produce EC. this isn't a for sure thing, but I've read this has happened before when new versions of KSP came out. i was just wondering if there was a quick and dirty fix that's been used in the past to get them working again without deleting the mod. maybe a small change in a CFG file somewhere? no worries if not, just thought i'd try! ho ho ho
  4. hi! i was to move these parts up to basicScience (for science reasons!). I tried to edit the CFG to say: TechRequired = basicScience but they're still in the same research nodes. any tips on how to move em? thanks! Update: nevermind! figured it out. changed the values in the community tech tree cfg instead of parts
  5. ah ok interesting. yes i downloaded the bluedog set as well and was trying to compare to see if one was better than the other since they both seem to cross similar territory
  6. this mod, or a combination of it and another, led to some weird effects. mainly the add shroud button was reversed. so if you wanted it off, it was on, and if you wanted it on, it was off. which made adding a shroud impossible. when i removed the mod, everything was back to normal. *shrug*
  7. only a guess. not currently near my gaming machine now so can't test, which is why i was reaching out to this wonderful community to check.
  8. ah ok i grabbed some craft files that were too new...interesting. are there more craft files somewhere, or just the 6? there seems to be many parts that go together to make a complete ship (like soyez?) (i'm not lazy, i just dont have a lot of free time these days to figure out how to build these historical rockets from scratch like i used, so now i get my main enjoyment from simply flying them around space ) thanks for any help!
  9. i'm using the main files from: https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/releases craft files from: https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/tree/master/Craft Files are there newer craft files i'm missing?
  10. hi! i tried to load the Athena 1 craft file, but got an error message saying 2 pieces were missing: bluedog.fairingbase.1p5m bluedog.decoupler.1p5m anyone have a guess what's wrong?
  11. i see those craft files from page 207 are all from 2015. that is a long time and several versions ago, so i assume they either don't work or are buggy af. does anyone have any craft files from a recent built?
  12. hi all! i'm trying to get back into KSP after a long hiatus. i like playing career mode, but hate the tech tree progression. I prefer it to start with smaller rockets/probes before building big manned rockets. i used to use the seti "unmanned before manned" mod, but that one seems like it hasn't been kept up and doesn't work anymore. so wanted to reach out to the community and see if there is anything similar, that made a more natural tech progression for fun career play through? thanks!