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  1. Hi there. Couple quick q's: 1) is this compatible with Spectra visual compilation? Wasn't sure if there was conflicts 2) Does this work by default with default system? Is this how mun is supposed to look if installed correctly?
  2. For anyone else confused with the incorrect installation instructions, I think I got it to work. For step 1, use this link instead: https://github.com/themaster402/AstronomersVisualPack/archive/refs/heads/master.zip That'll give you the necessary parts!
  3. Can someone please help me understand the instalation guide? The links in step 1 and 2 go to the same github page with the texture packs. I thought step 1 was supposed to get the Astronomers Visual Pack and step 2 was texture pack? Is anyone else confused by this? I ONLY see the texture packs? EDIT: and the link to EVE is broken
  4. Hello - I'm currently using Spectra as my graphics enhancement addon. However I would also like to add simple city lights like there have been in other packs. Is there simply a city light addon out there that people use to add to Spectra? Thanks
  5. hey yall. just quickly seeing if this mod works fine with newest 1.11 version? thanks
  6. Wondering if this worked with new 1.11 version, anyone know?
  7. hey guys - i'm loading up an old save but it won't let me, saying a ship has a missing part: orbital-engine-25. I tried googling which part pack that was from but nothing came up. Does anyone either: 1) know which part pack that engine is from? 2) know how to look up part names by part pack? Thanks EDIT: nevermind i found them
  8. Anyone tried this with latest 1.11 version, or is there a different version of this mod somewhere?
  9. oh ok thanks for the info. yeah it seems like that'd be a great addition to the collection in the future! how would you go about making one with other parts? not following exactly what you mean...
  10. quick q: is there a universal storage folding solar panel module? it's the last thing i need to complete my ship and thought it'd be a very handy addition.
  11. yep that was it, much success! thank you. excited to explore the solar system now in all its glory
  12. i pasted my GameData folder for this very reason, are you able to view it? Do I have the hierarchy right?
  13. Thanks for your reply. OK to test this out I removed all mods except Parallax and Spectra. I loaded them up and put a rocket on the pad, and this is what I got: is this what it's supposed to look like?
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