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  1. 'ello! quick q: does this mod enhance regular rockets/space stations/landers as well? i watched the vid and it was only planes, so wanted to see if it was worth it for just doing regular space stuff. thanks!
  2. Hello, quick q: what does the "MJ" button do, under the scansat zoom map waypoint selector? When you hover over it says "Set mechjeb landing target". However when I click it, nothing happens
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, and I can see how your way does work. However I'm wondering about the button in the small scansat window (shown below) that specifically says "Set mechjeb landing target". However when I click it, nothing happens
  4. hi, quick q: how do you clear a mechjeb landing target? I accidentally clicked "set" when I wasn't ready, and now I don't see a way to "unset" the landing target. thanks!
  5. A couple quick q's, I looked in the wiki but didn't see the answer: 1) how to do you delete waypoints from the small map? 2) how do you select a waypoint as a mechjeb landing target from the small map? thanks for a point in the right direction!
  6. thanks for confirming! while obviously not game breaking, maybe it's a sign of some other underlying issue in the code. good to know it's not just me breaking it
  7. hi friends. I'm getting back into KSP after a long hiatus, and am re-learning MechJeb. I'm having an issue with the autowarp feature; namely, it's not working for me. For example, when I do a simple maneuver (like change apoapsis) and execute, the craft spins and aligns with the correct maneuver attitude, but then never begins auto-warp. It just sits there, However if I manually press the . key to increase warp to 5x, then mechjeb takes over and increases the warp to the correct speed, and then decreases it normally when it's time to maneuver . but it refuses to start up warp
  8. hey there. i just got this mod and am having a fun time learning it. quick question though: i just went on my first mission which was to stay in orbit for 12 days. i threw in a single life support hex can and blasted off. i began to fast forward in time after i was in orbit, when all the sudden i got a message saying my Kerbal died of air toxicity why did this happen? i read the instructions thoroughly before use and it says: Filling up with waste resources (Carbon Dioxide, Waste, Waste Water) has no effect. Any excess is dumped overboard, and you lose the opportunity to conve
  9. hi! i'm new to scansat so had a quick question: what's the difference between the R-3B and the R-EO-1? it says they both scan for "Altimetry LoRes". Only difference I can see is the ideal altitude? Is one better than the other? thanks!
  10. that is quite the workaround. however the added weight and, to be honest, aesthetic unappeal disqualifies that most of the time for me. i've never noticed that being unable to loo around IVA is a "feature". I have several IVA enhancement mods that allow full missions from IVA by using RPM addon, and there are some buttons and screens on your periphery that you can't get to. it's quite annoying. Does anyone know of a mod that fixes this problem? thanks!
  11. quick q: i'm trying to fly IVA but ran into an exceedingly annoying issue, I can't look behind me in IVA. In fact I'm only able to look left and right about 90 degrees (180 degrees total). Anyone else run into this? These kerbal need to learn how to turn their shoulders.
  12. hi, thanks for your reply. i went to the base folder and hit the green button but didn't know what "take them out of the folder" meant. but i clicked download zip and it downloaded everything, but was able to find the craft files. thanks mate
  13. hi there, quick question: I notice a lot of addons use Github and link to it for downloads. However I am unfamiliar with it and it's not very user friendly. How do you download files in a folder? For example: the bluedog addon supplies all of the .craft files for KSP at: https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/tree/master/Craft Files However I cannot see a way to download all of the files...can someone help me? Maybe something like a zip file would be helpful
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