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  1. What you've said is correct as I understand it. There are recipes in the EL CFG files that define what produces what. These get changed if you install MKS, but if you're using stock EL then you need Metal Ore to smelt into Metal, which is used in turn to produce Rocket Parts. Scrap Metal can also be used to produce metal of course. There are several mod packs that add storage for scrap metal. I'd have to check my mod list, but I know I've got some in the PlanetaryBaseInc mod. Also, I think you might be able to get configurable tanks that can be switched to hold scrap metal.
  2. Thanks @taniwha, this is good to understand and certainly explains why the observed behavior is being observed. What seem unclear, at least to me, is why this would be the desired behavior. Is there a game balance issue where being able to reliably and predictably recycle is bad? Thanks
  3. Yep, it will do that. At least it definitely does in 1.4.3. Until the teardown function gets fixed I'd recommend doing a quicksave before starting any build. That's the only safe way to back out.
  4. I've had success using the micropads to extend a base. In fact I've created a series of modular base parts, each with one or more micropads on it, so that as I extend I can continue to extend from there. The process I've followed is to make sure the micropad is oriented with the red arrow pointed down and the part is saved in the VAB in the general (up/down) orientation I want it to appear and with the root part "facing" out the VAB door. The key is that root part has an unoccupied node facing out the VAB. If there is only one micropad on the craft, then it's on the side facing away from the door. Keep in mind the Red arrow is +X, the Blue arrow is +Z, Cyan is -X, and Yellow is -Z. In the VAB +X is out the door and +Z is toward the wall on the left (North) side as you face out the door. I place FASA 1.25 Redstone launch clamps under the parts (attached to the bottom node), and place the part in the VAB so that a Kerbal has room to walk under it (I use mainly the Planetary Base Inc parts, so doing this ties up the bottom node. I also place something like a light on the top node. The end result is that the only node that EL can select to attach with is the free one facing out the door in the VAB. Here's a base I built on Minmus this way Here's my modular workshop with an attached storage container for more RocketParts Here's my modular base core with a nuclear power plant, command hub, and yet more rocket parts storage Here are some craft files on KerbalX
  5. Soooo.... It's incredibly kludgey and probably not the right way to do it, but I have found a work around for the problem I posted above. I took the time to really thoroughly map Moho and then looked in the persistent.sfs to see how it was different from other bodies. I found this, that many of you may already know about, which leads me to believe there is hope that mapping could be "caught up" if you've switched to other vessels and done other things during the time mapping would have been accomplished. The "spoiler" below shows part of the SCENARIO data for KethaneData from a save file with two notable examples - A body completely NOT mapped (the Sun), and one completely mapped (Kerbin): The process of mapping a body changes the ScanMask information where apparently "A" means "not observed" and "." means fully observed. There can be other characters there, but once a body is fully mapped there will be 1708 "." characters and nothing else in the ScanMask. I have no idea what the other characters mean, so intermediate states may be problematic, however it may be possible to add a feature where, given a proper polar orbit and some sufficient amount of time, the user can cause the map to be "updated". I'm not sure how to do this, but it does seem like it should be possible since all that's needed is to edit the ScanMask. Presumably the 1708 characters correspond to the pattern of hexagons, so it should even be possible to exclude a region around the poles for orbits that wouldn't cover them. My experience attempting to map Gilly tells me there are are also bodies where the rotation of the body, coupled with the constraints of the orbit, make it very difficult or perhaps even impossible to get a complete map. The altitude needed to have a good FOV for the sensor seems to result in orbits that synchronize with the rotation making it very hard or impossible to cover all the surface. Maybe I just didn't try hard enough on that one and there was some other orbit I could have gotten into that didn't synchronize and did give acceptable performance for the scanner? My "workaround", which is very cheaty, is to edit the save file and replace the ScanMask with a fully observed ScanMask once a more than sufficient amount of time has passed. Editing your save file is not a proper way to play the game, but it does allow you to "catch-up" on observations your craft would have made if you had simply left the focus there and walked away for a while. AFAIK it has no impact on what resources you'll find or where you'll find them - it just gives you access to the information you would legitimately have acquired if you had not found more productive things to do with your time than watching the map fill out. I should note here that my craft had both a Kethane detector and a Metal Ore detector, so there is probably a different ScanMask character for regions where there is only one or the other data.
  6. Is anyone else having a problem with the recycle bins when if you drive you old craft into an activated bin it starts to drain and dissassble only to break off some parts at the front and allow the rest to come apart randomly and drift away? Sometimes it works normally and disassembles the craft from the back to the front, but some times it goes from front to back shattering the craft and consuming very little of it. Any thoughts on why this might happen or how to prevent it? Thanks!
  7. Hey great parts pack! I've been using it for a while and it's on my *must have* list now for the overall very high quality and general usefulness of the parts. I do have one question though. On the MOS-LS "Mossy" Orbital Laboratory Segement is there any way to rotate the crew hatch so that the orientation of kerbals exiting the hatch is along the primary axis? I use that part in my science landers and it's really annoying that when my kebals exit to EVA on the surface they can't use the ladder like they could if they were coming out of most any other part. Getting back in isn't a problem, and of course it's easy enough to just press space and let them fall to the ground, but it just doesn't make sense. If this was supposed to be an aircraft part and the craft landed horizontally rather than vertically, then it would make sense - but as part of rocket - no. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for a great mod @Papa_Joe! I’ve found this mod to be invaluable when moving things around at a planetary base. Also it’s extremely helpful when recovering from a kraken attack. one thing I’ve noticed, and I’m not sure if this is intended behavior or not, but if I spawn a vessel that has launch clamps attached it will instantly start falling as if I’ve pressed Drop. I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case and I would be able to adjust the height prior to releasing. i can build the same vessel (really a planetary mining base in this case) using EL and survey stakes and it will show up just fine on its launch clamps. VM 1.7.3, KSP 1.4.3 heavily modded. I’ll edit with a link to my mod list once I figure out how to do that. I did try out the new altitude reset key (x), but of course once the craft is falling that has no effect - none of the movement keys do. If this is intended/expected behavior could there be an option to prevent it? Thanks again! Great mod.
  9. Is there any way to either (a) allow mapping to progress when the vessel is not the focus or (b) allow the body it automatically be completely mapped after some time in an appropriate orbit? I believe it should not be terribly hard to figure out how much near the poles would be missed given the inclination and then everything else could be filled in after some time?
  10. @taniwha: not sure if this is the right place but I’ve noticed that when leveling up kerbals who’ve been on EVA and planted a flag they only get credit for landing on the body (which they already had). Is this expected? I was hoping the kerbals in my science lab lander would be able to get credit for planting flags. running latest kerbal stats, EL 6, KSP 1.4.3
  11. I don’t think there were any procedural parts in what I was recycling. Certainly not the stock 1t fuel tank. thanks
  12. FYI this mod is currently breaking the EL recycler when used in 1.4.3 with EL 6. Not sure about other configurations, but including this (even if no parts are used) will cause the recycler to produce about 1 order of magnitude less material making it pretty much useless. With this mod I recycle a 1t part and get 2.56 u of metal (where the recipe is configured for metal rather than scrapmetal). Without this mod I get 23.08 u metal. Bummer, 'cause I really like these parts for storing things.
  13. I have found the culprit! It was KeridianDynamics. Without that mod, but keeping all the many many others I have, everything works fine. I have no idea what it might be doing to me - I thought it was mostly a parts pack and supposed to be compatible with EL. I will proceed without it, fortunately I have a recent save where my orbital workshop doesn't have any of those parts attached yet so it still loads. I was mainly using that mod for some containers that are conveniently shaped and will hold rocket parts, etc. Is there a good alternative? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for looking into this so quickly. I did a ground test on the pad converting an empty 1t X200-16 tank and I got 2.56 u metal. My test contraption consisted of the recycler, a large metal hexcan, and a little bit of structure to hold the tank by a docking port over the recycler. There was no part or kerbal in the system capable of producing rocket parts. That being said, I do run with quite a few mods, so perhaps there is a conflict with one of them. I'll see if I can eliminate the problem with a clean install, and if I can I'll try to see if I can find out which mod is causing the problem. Are there any known mods that have caused problems before? That might shorten my search. UPDATE: It does appear to be a conflict with another mod. Running 1.4.3 with only Squad, Squad Expansion, EL. and Module Manager 3.0.6 I too get 23.08. If I figure out which mod is causing the conflict I'll let you know. Thanks
  15. I’ve built a few things in 1.4.3 using the stock EPL parts for construction. So far no spontaneous disintegration, but I’ve not tried canceling a build. all my builds have used the orbital dock or a micropad