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  1. Guess it's a bad day for me to start a brand new career (deleted my 1.3.0 folder)
  2. Does this has anything to do with me unable to download any mod linked to spacedock on CKAN?
  3. I've had some serious amount of crashes with 1.1.3 all while I'm in VAB/SPH, with 100+ mods installed, somewhere around 1 crash every hour or so. But definitely way better than what we had in 1.1.2. I have watercooled Intel i5 4670 + watercooled GTX 980 Ti. Edit: Serious amount considering I spends the whole hour making some crafts, and poof there goes the volatile memory, cause I don't save cause I'm an idiot.
  4. When you still keep on playing after the game CTD every hour, and the loading takes 15 minutes with all the installed mods...
  5. Spaceplanes are cool, but with my 150+ parts station, a total of more than 200 parts within physics range means I will experience unnecessary 'time dilation'. So I'd prefer launching my payloads with a rocket.
  6. installed that, the perihelion is within jool (modded with 6.4x rescale). so i'm just requesting that planet gets integrated into OPM (ain't good enough to mess with .cfg) Edit: or someone could give me a pointer on how to edit the "End" to fit my 6.4x gameplay
  7. This is probably a problem on my end, cause I don't see anyone else talking about it. Here's my problem, the RE-D7 "Bollard" doesn't seems to have plume/flame/smoke trail, this is a problem only persist on the Bollard, regardless of whether RealPlume is installed or not. Any idea what causes this?
  8. I uses Smart Parts by BrettWebb. A must-have mod for my gameplay.
  9. Saw this thread last week (final exam week), and it inspired me to have my own take on this Korolev Cross thing (truth to be told, I've never heard about it before ). Here's the result: One thing to note: I've decided to not go for the more obvious aft detachment, because of this gif here: http://imgur.com/gallery/EU7c24I
  10. I see...I've found a solution for it tho, if you got mechjeb installed, just "intercept" the target multiple times... and hopefully your probe is tougher than the target.
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