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  1. Always with the negative waves Moriarty, ALWAYS with the negative waves! And speaking of the little things that make a big difference, turning plane wheels, a taxiway and perhaps a little longer runway would make things a bit easier at times, that is if you run out of things to do that is Seriously nice job Squad and you can add myself into to group of those who can't wait.
  2. Well lets see the game was released in May 2015. Most companies release content patches every 6 months or once a year. Patches whenever they deem necessary. Soooo ...... 1.05 Came out with content in November 2015 which is about six months.... So the next content pack should come out May 2016.. Simple :sticktongue:
  3. I do have to wonder. If every part is treated as an individual ship, then you could have 1,000 one part ships, or one 1,000 part ship, the result is the same. Which leads me the the question of does Unity 5 allow the merging of parts or at the ability dump calculations as they are not needed. Example. Aerodynamics - a required calculation while in a atmosphere but does the game continue to do the calculation even though the ship is in space ? IF there is the ability to skip or use conditional calculations then you could speed things up considerably. Or the bane of most games is collisions, simply removing those calculations for connected parts could have a drastic effect on performance However it sounds like Unity V does not allow for this, but rather optimizes (for lack of a better word) the use of current resources which will give you a gain but not on a grand scale. Small ships will see small gains and large ships should see the most gain but I doubt it will be overwhelming. I think the biggest change will be in memory which should remove a lot of crashes and lack of memory effects. Up to now the graphics have been a non issue, or should I say very few if anyone has felt the effects of a graphic card lag. However as the graphics are improved it will become a question of is it the CPU or GPU or both that are causing the problem. If history has anything to say, then as soon as KSP gets the game to run 1,000 parts smoothly people will try and run 2,000.
  4. Well a guess but is sounds like. The game checks if your control surfaces are on a wing, forward of the center of mass, or the tail, behind the center of mass and changes direction accordingly. If the Control surfaces are right on the center of mass the game might be flipping as the load changes or it is not sure what to do with them. So actually a picture would be rather helpful right now especially one with the center of mass on it.
  5. [quote name='Combatsmithen']For me. Gravity assist has never worked. Because you would enter the gravity field. And then on your way back out of the gravity field you would lose all the energy you gained and change your course significantly. So i never see a point in doing it anyway[/QUOTE] Actually you have stated the exact concept of gravity assist. We use gravity to make a CHANGE in direction to our benefit. Something that would otherwise cost us fuel. And yes there is a balance involved but what we are doing is more about passing the ball (ship) between friends (planets) and providing just enough force (power) to do it.
  6. Don't forget the planet is gravitationally locked to the sun so when you try and change the planets path you are really arguing with the sun. And well considering how much mass the sun loses every second... So other then math the practical answer is zero
  7. My normal solution is simply turn off SAS and use RCS and push down to level out the craft as it is a common issue. But you have no RCS. So as others have said F5 and play. Although I say provide just enough lift with the main engines to straighten out and land.
  8. OP - I note you have Thunderbird, Skype, Firefox and I can't see what else is open at the same time. Another item of note is Flux.exe not sure why that should be running. There may be more but I can't see the bottom of your list. I suggest you restart your computer (yes I know don't say it but it works especially if memory has been corrupted) and try KSP with no other programs running and see what happens. Check your CPU load before you try and run KSP it should be idle or very close to it.
  9. If you are using steam you need to plug in your controller before you start steam. I have found if I plug in a controller after steam has started most steam games will not recognize it.
  10. De-orbiting is a bit of a catch 22. You are cleaning up space by using Kerbans atmo as a furnace by dumping all the byproducts directly into the atmosphere. I am not sure how you would classify that but this is my preferred method of keeping the space junk down. That and Mun and Minmus have a few (A LOT) more craters :D
  11. Umm well... I used to read a lot and my wife well... an easy 500 + and... ummm still growing... On a side note a friend once asked if I ever re-read a book and I said yes all the time and they asked why. My answer was do you ever watch the same movie/ tv episode more then once ?
  12. GRATS !!!, sometimes the most aggravating Missions in the end are the most fun.
  13. Well unless the system has changed you don't have to fuel it just activate it. So you could treat it like a payload and activate it at the right time you should be good to go.
  14. As "Charfa" said or in the context of this forum nothing more then a fad, or subject line fluff as it can be removed and have no effect. And as such someday it shall pass like all fads.
  15. [quote name='Seaview123']For me, it helps out a lot with rockets that aren't perfectly streamlined or have large fairings. Setting the Max Q in MechJeb automatically throttles down when the aerodynamic pressure gets too high, then throttles back up when I'm out of the thicker parts of the atmosphere. I had been using the "limit to terminal velocity" feature, but the default Q setting (20,000) seems to work much better. One thing to be careful of... when I set it in the Launch Assistant, MechJeb set the default Q on for everything. I learned that trying to get a spaceplane to orbit and it took me a while to figure out it was MJ that was throttling back when I tried to go hypersonic.[/QUOTE] There is a "Utilities Button" in Mechjeb, and I believe all of those items are persistent and includes items like max Q, Acceleration, even Staging. Quick and easy place to check and see if you left something on, or engage a single function for that matter.