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  1. So the big 'Update' button on the launcher that has been broken since 1.0 isn't a viable vehicle for sending 1.1 pre-release updates to those of us who purchased KSP in the store and want to opt-in? I mean how hard is it to push an initial 1.1 pre-release on the KSP store with a working 'Update' button? Then we could get the multitude of 'build versions' just as easy as those using Steam. What's more, you'd have a good test bed of users using the now working 'Update' button.
  2. Unlikely. If you remove the index.php from the URL you get the 'website under maintenance' response. The server is responding. Either the PHP app is offline, broken during the migration, or the permissions for it are wrong on their server.
  3. Perhaps the website migration broke something or the permissions for the folder got messed up. I am getting 404 errors in my Patcher.log Patcher.log excerpt: