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  1. I’m also curious about this one, I was hoping to have to invest in KK ground stations in my JNSQ career save.
  2. I actually just finished tinkering with clouds for 3.7x rescale + OPM. As far as I can tell, the altitude is defined relative to the surface. The biggest things I've considered when using clouds on an upscaled system are z-fighting (weird graphical flickering) and the cloud speeds. I've managed to reduce z-fighting by using a higher than normal altitude for the clouds and removing some cloud layers altogether. Also you'll need to reduce the cloud speed a bit depending on the scale so the clouds aren't whizzing by at unrealistic speeds (tangential velocity increasing as radius increases and all that mathy stuff). I haven't ever tinkered with scale settings or anything like that as it hasn't really seemed necessary.
  3. I just wanted to share a shuttle I built in the 3.7x system Also, if anybody knows how to embed Imgur albums directly to a post I'd be grateful. I don't want to spam, but had to share these pics of 3.7x Kerbin
  4. I'm not sure if we're talking about the same problem but I'm not using ATM, so it can't be that.
  5. Hello! First off I'd like to say great work. This is my planet pack of choice as it expands the Kerbol system in just the stockalike way that I like. Really love it To business: I believe I've found a bug/glitch in the way that Kopernicus' rings and EVE's clouds behave. It seems looking through the rings 'ignores' the clouds. I'm using the OPM EVE cloud configs by Eleusis La Arwall. Have a look for yourself: Urlum Sarnus I wasn't sure where exactly to post this as it probably has more to do with Kopernicus than OPM. But here's hoping you might be able to provide/find a solution or explanation
  6. I'm pretty sure that you can direct it to the 'Parts' folder and set "compress = false" and this should work. Though I'm not positive.
  7. Awesome picture! Grats on your license, I know those take many hours to get (my buddy is a skydiving instructor/cameraman). Looking eagerly to a release
  8. I just wanted to +1 this train of thought, as I personally like the possibility of death for all kerbals. I do like how kerbal-esque this life support system is out of the box, but I tend to torture myself with hardmode and the possibility of losing Jeb forever due to life-support is good motivation for proper design beforehand. I looked through configs and it seems you can't adjust anything concerning how this mod affects orange suits (unless I missed something). I'd like to be able to change that in configs. Also, amazing work in general! Your mods are absolutely amazing. You have my loyalty
  9. I've noticed the Infernal Robotics applauncher button is duplicating itself every time I change scenes. Just thought you should know!
  10. You'll have to manually tell ATM to ignore those icons. Go into GameData/ActiveTextureManagement/ActiveTextureManagerConfigs folder and create a new .cfg file named "DistantObject.cfg" with the text: ACTIVE_TEXTURE_MANAGER_CONFIG { folder = DistantObject enabled = true OVERRIDES { DistantObject/Icons/.* { compress = true mipmaps = false scale = 1 max_size = 0 } } } This is an example for DistantObject, but you'll have to do this for each mod that has a fuzzy icon. The name of the .cfg file has to be the name of the mod's root folder, the "folder = " line needs to say the mod's folder name and the "DistantObject/Icons/.* is the address for the icons within that folder. Hope this helps.
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