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  1. Assuming a nearly balanced vessel you will need only a very little amount of oxidizer for the maneuver engines. I do not think that it will make your plane too heavy. But I understand your objection; “add more engines†may not have been the answer you’re looking for. But you have to take in account that you’re asking for a very tough problem (even for real world engineers). Due to the inertia of jet engines (approx. 2-3 seconds) your plane will flip before any control input takes effect. Typically, you require a full features PID control loop with parameters adjusted to the specific needs of your vessel. Eventually, TCA may give you access to that control loop parameters. Currently it provides access to P and I only. (I don't know if this is possible, I am not familiar with the internal algorithms of TCA)
  2. In my experience TCA performs not very well with engines that introduces a death time to the control loop (which of course is very challenging). This applies especially to the most air breathing engines e.g. Quiztech VTOL engines. If you want to build a VTOL with (unbalanced) air breathing engines you have to write your own hover script http://ksp-kos.github.io/KOS_DOC/tutorials/pidloops.html or use some additional engines with much better control response time (usually rocket engines). So you may try the following: Set your Quiztech engines to “manual control†and add some Rockomax 24-77 Twitch engines at front and rear of your vessel and declare them as “maneuver engines†with a little bit of tweaking this will do the trick.
  3. I really love this mod! Thanks to this work I was able to build my first VTOL-SSTOs which made it to Mun and back. Especially for VTOL engineering it would be a great if this mod provides large landing legs (s. figure) which fit seamless into the fuselage like regular landing gears. (Unfortunately, B9 and stock parts provide too little clearance height.) I know, this is just a style issue as regular landing gears will do this job as well. But it would give this mod one more unique item…
  4. I’ve build this station during my first career game in KSP 0.24. Its purpose was the completion of various Station Science contracts - e.g. study animals/kuarqs/plants in orbit of Kerbin/Mun/Minimus etc… Therefore, I decided to build a station which is easy to steer (with robust connections and the center of mass barely in the center of station) and provides all basic parts of the Station Science mod. The deployment of the station in Kerbin orbit (200km AP 176km PE) took me four launches plus one for the experiments. After completing its mission at Kerbin I transferred the station to Mun and Minimus which required additional launches to attach an engine module. It may be not the largest station but quite a nice one