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  1. In version 2.1.3, the Medium Modular Service Tower section is scaling too large. 4.2m instead of 2.6m.
  2. My LK-700 is kind of crap but it flies to the Mun successfully. https://kerbalx.com/CaptKordite/Chelomei-LK-700 I think this one is better, though. https://kerbalx.com/The18thDoctor/LK-700
  3. Try these two files: http://www.tasigh.org/ksp/Kosmodrome.zip http://www.tasigh.org/ksp/Kosmodrome_0.zip The first are the redone MU files to strip the gantries off the Gagarin and Kourou launchpads and also add the plug. The second are all the config files that will place the plugs where they need to go, move the whole thing up to Woomerang, and all sad some bits and pieces. That second was generated by KerbalKonstructs so I assume it works. I've never monkeyed with it before this.
  4. I've got a bunch of craft suitable for 1.9 over at Kerbal X. The most recent Mir and Munbase stuff is 1.10 but from the Caspian Space Monster back to Kotsov are all 1.9. https://kerbalx.com/CaptKordite/craft I very much like the Black Badgers Tungusga-Avalanche. https://kerbalx.com/The_Black_Badger/Tunguska-Avalanche I've made some mods to his version and strapped it to a TantaresLV version of Energia. I'm still monkeying with it so look to see it being uploaded on Kerbal X in the next week or so. https://kerbalx.com/CaptKordite/Caspian-Space-Monster
  5. This is the best surface base I've ever seen with these parts, amazing job! I love it. My comrade housemate said that it needs onion domes. Maybe the Mars base from the second Iron Sky movie. Mir could use some expansion.
  6. The Stayputnik is a tight squeeze, but it fits inside the aeroshell with just enough room for doodads.
  7. I, also, have been experimenting with Buran. My literal first attempt at flying the Soviet Burya space shuttle. The orbiter is a Tunguska-Avalanche (craft file https://kerbalx.com/Flakbadger/Tungus...) from Flakbadger at Kerbal X. I added a 16-seat passenger compartment and rebalanced the RCS. Then instead of his stock Energia launcher, I built a new one with Tantares parts. The launch was a little squirrely because I did a roll to get a lower inclination but otherwise didn't have too many problems getting to orbit. It looks like a 200 km orbit is it's operational altitude. The added p
  8. In KerbalKonstructs I edited the Kosmodrome group to move it up to Woomerang. Lat 45.4284 Lng 136.1036 Alt 55.03783 Rotation 225.999 In the GameData\Kosmodrome folder, I renamed beachlight.dds to beachlight.bak. Then I made a copy of the file squadgrass.dds and renamed it to beachlight.dds. That is all.
  9. It can now. Create a file GameData\HullCameraVDS\MM_Scripts\Benjee10_ARK.cfg @PART[ARK_filmCamera] { MODULE { name = MuMechModuleHullCameraZoom cameraName = WideAngle cameraForward = 0, 0, 0 cameraUp = 0, 0, 0 cameraPosition = 0, 0, 0.15 cameraFoVMax = 60 cameraFoVMin = 20 cameraMode = 0 } }
  10. Tricky, but I was able to come close. Had to wrap the entire Blok D. Once you can use 1.10's locked fairings, it will be easier. https://kerbalx.com/CaptKordite/N2-LK3
  11. I moved the Kosmodrome to Woomerang to play a Soviet/Tantares career. To solve the problem with craft exploding I learned just enough Blender to create a launchpad plug so that the rockets (or Modular Launch Pads) sit on top of the pad instead of down inside. A stockalike flame pit would be great, though.
  12. That's the Kerbal Constructs' Kosmodrome. I moved it from it's original position in the Great Desert to the Woomerang launch site to better emulate Baikonur.
  13. My PTK-S atop an Angara 1.5. The rocket was a little noodly on the ascent. Using the grey Tantares 1.5 D tank instead of 2 white C tanks, while less authentic, works better. The R-01209 engine is very quiet compared to other engines. I needed to use both an Alnair LES B and an A to be able to pad abort the dual capsules. It might help to have attachment nodes on the tops of the LES to account for that. I don't understand why the attachment node for the short LES A is set 0.6 meters away from the base.
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