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  1. Many of the city pictures taken from space have that golden glow, but that is because of the long exposure of the camera in a combination with the yellow/orange of high pressure sodium street lights. So, in AVP it looks like it would in a photograph but not quite what it would look like to your eyes. What I have done is edited /GameData/AstronomersVisualPack/EVE/Textures/CityLights/ by desaturating it (making it black and white) so that the lights look white. I also turned down the brightness just a touch so they weren't so bright. What I plan on doing is going back to the image and either editing it or perhaps even recreating the entire cityscape altogether to better reflect what a city looks like at night. Rooftops tend to be black. The streets become ribbons of light instead of dark corridors. Something like that. Like EasyAce, I also didn't like that the city lights came right up to the KSC. The first thing I did was simply erase the city from the file. But then I didn't like that there were only a few continents with cities at all (and apparently highly populated ones) while a lot of Kerbin was empty. I downloaded Stock Visual Enhancements and took their city file and renamed it to That gives AVP the cities of SVE. And, honestly, I'm not quite happy with that, either. I'm going to go in and modify that a bit as well to remove some cities and add a few in places I would think more likely to have a city.
  2. As to the city being too close to KSC, specifically overflying city on the approach to the runway, I plan on editing the EVE/Textures/CityLights/ file to erase the city west of KSC. I may try my hand at creating some other cities around Kerbin but I'll start with just clearing the c̶r̶a̶s̶h̶ landing zone. Another tweak I would like to make is with Eve's clouds. I like the BoulderCo clouds for Eve that are completely opaque. I like not being able to see any of the surface and, as a Venus analogue, I think that's as it should be. I haven't figured out quite how to do that yet. Is it as simple as changing the opacity of the and textures?
  3. >>> Does this mod work in 1.7 with the new DLC? My experience was that, after the update it did not work. But I removed it and reinstalled both KCT and Magicore and it was working again.
  4. I deleted the contract, accepted the contract for an investor tour, drove the investor around and completed that contract, then the Build a Casino contract showed up. I switched to the already completed casino and that completed the contract. Then back to Mission Control to see that, yes, there is now a contract to take tourists to the casino. Not sure why I didn't think of that but thanks, that was absolutely the correct answer.
  5. On completing a Casino, I found that one of the parameters, specifically the ability to house 100 kerbals, had "Failed". I believe the contract got confused because of the failure of a previous mission and had set the flag to "Failed" instead of letting it remain as "Incomplete". But once it was failed, tyhere seemed to be no way to complete it and so I went into the cheat menu and declared the contract complete. Except that it seems that, in doing it that way, some other flag didn't get set so that Contract Configurator doesn't know that the Casino is complete and is not generating tourism contracts to go to the Casino. I'm still sifting through the SFC and CFG files looking for the flag that I need to change but if someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
  6. I think I've figured out the eyeball. In a 1024x1024 texture, the "pupil" of the eye is the bottom of the texture and the rim of the eye is pretty much along the center of the texture. I haven't tried using an actual 1024x512 texture to see how that works. For the left eye, the top of the eye is 3/4 of the way horizontally. I think the right eye is mirrored. The 1024x512 texture holds all the detail when mapped, even though you can't see it in this picture. The pupil is tougher to figure out. I created a checkerboard texture of alternating black and white squares but when it gets mapped to the pupil it comes out as black and almost black squares. I suspect it's mapped much like the eyeball but I haven't quite figured it out yet.
  7. What are the sizes of the eye textures? I was doing some testing with 1024x1024 textures and it seems that only 1024x512 (the bottom half of a 1024x1024 square) gets mapped to the eyeball. Haven't quite figures out how the pupil works yet but it seems to use an even smaller piece of the texture.
  8. You've done a much better job that I every could have done. Do you think you could get a Gold (Yellow) in there as well? I tend to use the Star Trek colors Gold=Pilot, Blue=Science, Red=Engineering.
  9. I've been working on this myself but am probably several steps behind you. I've been using GregroxMun's MultiColor Suit Pack for a long time and rely on the colors to identify rolls. If I can export the default suit so that it works in Texture Replace, a simple changing of stripe colors will solve my problems.
  10. Started trying to take some of the older skins and adapt them to the newer version. Bob was supposed to have a mustache but because I saved as a PNG file instead of a DDS, the skin was applied upside down so he ended up with a monobrow, a neckbeard, and a yarmulka.
  11. Did the thing. It's working fine. Maybe I had installed thinking I had installed
  12. I had been using I deleted the old folder and loaded up In the VAB, Kronal Vessel Viewer no longer showed an icon. I reverted back to and KVV was back.