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  1. In the previous version I would modify and export the file with DXT3 Compression and Generated Minmaps and it would work just fine. In the latest version they no longer work. I've tried it without compression and without minmaps and it still fails. When you are saving/exporting DDS files, what compression are you using?
  2. Just started playing with this mod and thought I would try to see if I could generate an actual reason to explore under water. I went to GameData/SquadExpansion?Serenity/Resources and edited the roscdef.cfg file to add the line Biome = Water underneath the entry for Giant Quartz. This causes crystals to be generated in the oceans in addition to the ones generated in the mountains. The thing is, the Water biome is all 700 meters or deeper. And the crush depth is between 300 and 400 meters. I can see those crystals below but can't get to them. Sure, I could also add the Shores biome to the CFG but then crystals would also be appearing on land, and that doesn't seem appropriate. I don't know enough about the coding to figure out how to get crystals under water but still above the crush depth.
  3. I am closing in on understanding how the recycling formula works, though it still doesn't seem to follow with the 3 ec/sec per kerbal claim, even with experience factored in. With level-5 pilots or scientists, the recycler consumed 36 ec/sec. It did not matter how many pilots or scientists were aboard, the recycler consumed 36 ec/sec and turned approximately 0.0006 soil/sec into 0.0002 snacks/sec. But, add a level-5 engineer and the recycler was consuming 59.40 ec/sec, almost but not quite twice as much electricity. For that extra electricity, it is turning 0.0009 soil/sec into 0.0004 snacks/s. Twice as many snacks for not quite twice as much electricity and only half-again-as-many snacks. And engineer is much more efficient in making snacks but you have to give him a lot more electricity to do it. That was relatively easy to work out because Sandbox mode makes everyone level-5. I have a Career mode ongoing and, near as I can tell, the level-3 engineer on my Minmus base is using 52.2 ec/sec to convert approximately 0.0005 soil/sec into 0.0002 snacks/sec. There does seem to be a progression but I still can't figure out a formula. Close enough, perhaps.
  4. Yes, my mileage is varying, but I don't understand the math. I have a single level-5 kerbal in a craft. How does that equate to 36 ec/sec?
  5. That's what I thought, except that I built a craft with one kerbal and the recycler in the hitchhiker is using 36 e/s.
  6. That did the trick! The modules are now consuming electricity as they should. The Lab converter is eating 30 e/s and the Recycler is using 36 e/s. Wasn't the recycler supposed to be using 3 e/s?
  7. I created a copy of my KSP folder. Deleted all the mods. Installed the latest version of Snacks clean. Same result. I loaded a number of previous versions of Snacks. Same result. I went back to my original install. Made a backup. Deleted everything from the Game Data folder, including the Squad and Squad Expansion folders. Had Steam Verify integrity and reinstall. Installed the latest version of Snacks. Same result. Curious.
  8. Nope. Everything else eats electricity as normal. Probes, drill-o-matics, the lab doing research, all normal. Only the snack recycling and processing.
  9. In my game, neither the recycler in the Hitchhiker or the processor in the lab is consuming any electricity. Everything else is working, it's taking the ore or the soil and turning it into snacks, but it's not costing any electric charge. I've been running a single career for a year-plus (though the issue also affects my Sandbox save). I have used Snacks in the past and the recyclers and processors had been consuming electricity but it had been quite a while since I had used them for any missions, so there had been updates and the addition of Breaking Ground in the meantime and I didn't recognize when or with which version the issue began. I created a copy of my game folder and deleted all the mods and files from GameData, leaving only the Squad and SquadExpansions (both Making History and Breaking Ground). I installed only the Snacks mod with its latest version of Module Manager. I launched the game. Created a new Sandbox. Built a simple craft with a crew pod, a big battery, no solar panels, a Hitchhiker, a Lab, and an ore tank. I removed half the snacks, half filled the modules with soil, filled the ore tank, and launched it. Ore went down, soil went down, snacks went up, the charge in the battery stayed constant. I read through a lot of the thread but couldn't find another occurrence.
  10. I was having an issue with the update to 1.7.something. Wasn't loading. Just loaded it back into the system the other day with 1.7.3 and Braking Ground. Broke an antenna on the Mun just yesterday.
  11. Same problem as Aelipse. Averaging every 20 minutes I get a message about transmitted science of about 0.03 or 0.06 science. I have heard of people getting so many science spam messages that it crashed their career saves.
  12. Many of the city pictures taken from space have that golden glow, but that is because of the long exposure of the camera in a combination with the yellow/orange of high pressure sodium street lights. So, in AVP it looks like it would in a photograph but not quite what it would look like to your eyes. What I have done is edited /GameData/AstronomersVisualPack/EVE/Textures/CityLights/ by desaturating it (making it black and white) so that the lights look white. I also turned down the brightness just a touch so they weren't so bright. What I plan on doing is going back to the image and either editing it or perhaps even recreating the entire cityscape altogether to better reflect what a city looks like at night. Rooftops tend to be black. The streets become ribbons of light instead of dark corridors. Something like that. Like EasyAce, I also didn't like that the city lights came right up to the KSC. The first thing I did was simply erase the city from the file. But then I didn't like that there were only a few continents with cities at all (and apparently highly populated ones) while a lot of Kerbin was empty. I downloaded Stock Visual Enhancements and took their city file and renamed it to That gives AVP the cities of SVE. And, honestly, I'm not quite happy with that, either. I'm going to go in and modify that a bit as well to remove some cities and add a few in places I would think more likely to have a city.
  13. As to the city being too close to KSC, specifically overflying city on the approach to the runway, I plan on editing the EVE/Textures/CityLights/ file to erase the city west of KSC. I may try my hand at creating some other cities around Kerbin but I'll start with just clearing the c̶r̶a̶s̶h̶ landing zone. Another tweak I would like to make is with Eve's clouds. I like the BoulderCo clouds for Eve that are completely opaque. I like not being able to see any of the surface and, as a Venus analogue, I think that's as it should be. I haven't figured out quite how to do that yet. Is it as simple as changing the opacity of the and textures?
  14. >>> Does this mod work in 1.7 with the new DLC? My experience was that, after the update it did not work. But I removed it and reinstalled both KCT and Magicore and it was working again.
  15. I deleted the contract, accepted the contract for an investor tour, drove the investor around and completed that contract, then the Build a Casino contract showed up. I switched to the already completed casino and that completed the contract. Then back to Mission Control to see that, yes, there is now a contract to take tourists to the casino. Not sure why I didn't think of that but thanks, that was absolutely the correct answer.