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  1. Before I try to do this on my own, has anyone tried plugging KSP orbital paths/burns into black-box optimization algorithms (i.e. Simulated Annealing, Coordinate Descent)? (i.e. optimize the lowest kerbin periapse while in a duna orbit within the next 5 in-game years. The result would hopefully detect and use multiple moon gravity assists) (I have found one research report here [URL]http://ccar.colorado.edu/asen5050/projects/projects_2014/Nikkel_Jonathan/index.html[/URL] (which became a web app for transfer planning [URL]http://ksp.olex.biz/[/URL]) which mentions the use of grid search (
  2. X-COM skyranger. The reverse-thrust 2.5m engines plus the ability to afterburn the 1.25m engines are going to help with actually flying the thing, and the MK3 ramp is a must.
  3. If you hold down ALT, things will snap to nodes. However, from the picture it looks like you've placed the radial attachment point upside-down.
  4. rocket delta-v can be calculated manually, but most people use Kerbal Engineer.
  5. you don't need any fuel lines with spaceplane engines; they drain equally from all tanks, just like RCS.
  6. -Stack separators don't leave debris on either end, which makes them essential if you're deploying multiple things with one payload. (you can stack them on top of each other) -I assume you mean the Thud. They have some use in early-career spaceplanes, but they also have a very high gimbal range, which gives them some very good uses when you're trying to build something unconventional and have it actually fly. -the MicroNode is used to connect I-beams (yes, I-beams, not girders) to each other at right angles. I don't use I-beams, so I also don't use the MicroNode. (you can't radially attach thi
  7. They're also adding a Deep Space Network to Kerbin, so the kerbin commsats aren't necessary.
  8. The surface scanning module needs to be used on the surface, so you need to be landed first. Once you are landed, you can use the right-click menu to scan. You definitely need the scans for find a good spot for mining; the survey scanner has notoriously bad accuracy.
  9. if possible, you can dissipate all heat instantly by time-warping at the max speed.
  10. also, when you use rotation, press 'F' to toggle between absolute and relative rotation. If you use absolute rotation, then you can use angle-snap to snap it to be perfectly vertical.
  11. your 64 kN of thrust in the shown TWR readout is for in-space ISP, not atmosphere ISP. That's probably the source of your problems. Also, check to make sure that center ore tank as well as the monoprop tanks are empty or at least taken into account for your TWR.
  12. I'm not familiar with how DMP works with docking, but wouldn't it be possible for you to hitch-hike with an ally to get all the science you need? The ally member brings all the high-tech science and propulsion gear, you bring a kerbal and dock onto that gear to use it.
  13. where are the parachutes in your staging? if you don't activate the parachute in staging, then it shouldn't be deploying.
  14. Pretty much in the same boat; I quicksave often and quickload when a bug happens. (i.e. landing burn missed because warp to position doesn't stop) However, I keep quickload disabled so that I have to open up the debug menu and enable it every time I want to use it. Also, I've kept reverts enabled so that I can use them when I've deployed parachutes on a failed launch. Saves a bit of time and tedium, because I know the thing will land safely.
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