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  1. Argh!!! That crappy moment when you have your beautiful orbital ship with 16Y of hab and 2Y of supplies that is practically extendable past the hab lifetime, with EPL-enabled construction capabilities, a small fleet of mining drop ships for small-moon-mining, all in preparation to provide some orbital support for early-stage bases on Duna... and you realize... in orbit around Ike... that you didn't pack the one thing you need a starter supply of no matter what: Organics. Dammit... Well, at least I have a long runway for resupply, so I can wait for a cheap window and send extra stuff. But I was hoping to do it in one shot. On a related note... is there any plan or notion as to whether or how an orbital ship can participate in planetary logistics? It seems to me that putting something into orbit is only marginally more costly than getting it to the other side of the planet, if you dont' already have a full blown transportation infrastructure and economy on that planet (e.g. cargo ships and planes). I can't imagine it's unreasonable for a Low-Duna-Orbital base to get resupply, or drop orbitally manufactured stuff (from captured asteroids, or Ike-mined resources, etc.) Obviously some costs should be incurred to take things from PlanetLog into orbit, but it should be doable. I guess I can manually do it, but that's frustrating after enough launches. Thoughts, RoverDude?
  2. Heh. I think this discussion is so far past "the bud" that this comment made me chuckle. (good-naturedly, not mockingly, Mycroft)
  3. But seriously... I wish I had spare time on my hands, as I would happily put money where my mouth is with pull-requests, but the ramp-up required, and subtle delta between C# and languages I have some facility (plus the hurdle of learning Squad's core APIs) in makes the hurdle too high to clear just at present.  Though if taniwha's departure turns into EL being abandoned (if he's not into continuing as a modder, I mean), then I might have to roll up my sleeves and remember my C#.  

    As I mentioned on the EL thread, if you have good pointers to setting up an environment for mod development, that'd be a great head-start - I find coding isn't the hardest bit, it's getting all the environment set up with all the implicit knowledge and local tweaks that ends up being the big break, along with API familiarity.  I exist either in Google's codebase or in open-source java-land, and those are both substantially different than a mono+git+make+whatever setup. 

    1. RoverDude


      Just load up Visual Studio community (or better if you can get it).  There's no special stuff needed beyond that, other than the debugging tools (for which you want Unity 5.4.0), and there are instructions for that on the plugin dev forum (Sarbian's sticky post).

    2. subitan


      On a mac, so I don't think VS is an option, is it?  I'll dig around, and look for Sarbian's post.  Thanks.

  4. So... is there a good tutorial available on the forums on getting an environment spun up for mod development? That seems the biggest disincentive for me, the amount of putzing around I'd have to do to figure it all out. I can infer one from mono, git, make, and bash, but if someone has documented the process (or their process) somewhere then that could be a great help. If not, then I might do so as I figure out my own setup, but reducing the friction for getting started would really be handy.
  5. Well... I use CKAN for betas... but I don't complain when things aren't right, and I manually install mods which aren't available yet, revelling in the thrill of living on the edge.
  6. Seems to be fixed now, after the update. Cool. Thanks, and thanks very much for the awesome mod!
  7. Good call. And thanks for the reading help. I'm not a C# guy, and unfamiliar with KSP internals. I see how it's working now. All that said, it's still failing, even with SVE removed, which is what supplied scatterer. The full log is here: http://pastebin.com/e6nwSs0T and (after removing two plugins which had errors) http://pastebin.com/sNmT4T5Y. However, in all cases, testing with CC and without CC, with fails, without seems to handle the errors. It's very very weird. This is the error I'm seeing in the first log, if that helps: [EXC 16:09:24.165] MissingMethodException: Cannot create an abstract class 'ContractConfigurator.StockContractParametersTemplate'. System.Activator.CheckAbstractType (System.Type type) System.Activator.CreateInstance (System.Type type, Boolean nonPublic) System.Activator.CreateInstance (System.Type type) GameParameters..ctor () GameParameters.SetDifficultyPresets () GameParameters.GetDefaultParameters (Modes mode, Preset p) MainMenu.Start () But the whole thing is bizarre to me. It's breaking the main menu, not the rest of the game, and removing CC magically fixes it. Can't figure out why. Argh.
  8. So... it shouldn't affect... but it seems to be loading scatterer (and failing) from within the ContractConfigurator call stack. I'm trying to figure out how to put the whole log in. This forum UI is really weird, and I cant' figure out how to attach a whole file.
  9. Hmm. When I install 1.20.1 and load up the game, the main menu is unresponsive. I click any menu item and nothing happens. The game responds again after uninstalling. I have no report about save-games as I can't even get to the screen where the savegame is in place. In the log, I see a whole lot of reflective loading errors, but I can't tell if that's just logging handled errors in loading. e.g. For now, it renders the game unusable, sadly.
  10. Nope. Didn't help. Tried a fresh install, to ensure nothing was there. It must be a different interaction. For now I"ll just jump past it to a charged particle generator.
  11. Crap. I had deleted my Near Future stuff, but apparently I had left propulsion in. That's probably it. I'll confirm in a bit.
  12. ... aaaand it's back. 1333 tonnes. Attached to a 1.25M pebble-bed reactor
  13. 1,333.00 tonnes? (or 1333,00 if you're european). Specifically, 1.3 Kilotonnes? I think that's a bug. The generator's mass was entirely irrespective of size or of generator attached, and was a constant, and was 10X the mass of all the other parts of the craft put together? That does not seem WAI. At any rate, I killed the craft, and it behaves more as expected on a fresh craft.
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