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  1. Because I'm an idiot after 5-day weekends apparently: So to clarify, Legacy is 1.3 compatible, but does not necessarily include the parts in OPT main that are waiting to be brought over?
  2. Ok, I'm confused. Is the OPT legacy mod the only one going now then?
  3. About 50 mods. Many of which are just for dependencies. The big ones from a gameplay perspective are the Near Future parts and OPT space planes (if it ever comes to 1.3)
  4. Is it possible to get information when you load from .ckan what mods *aren't* going to be DLed because they're not for the current version?
  5. Sorry, didn't realize I forgot that. University of California, Merced (founding class woo woo!)
  6. BA in History. Not doing anything at all related with it, since the economy here in the US tanked when I was halfway through school (got my degree 2009). Currently doing technical product support and dealer support for a major firearms retailer/wholesaler/manufacturer.
  7. *Sees NFT pack updated for 1.3* Welp, I'm not getting any sleep tonight while I play with theses mods again
  8. This, we do not speak of. Also, not going to lie, while I'm loving this series just like the last one, I do miss Comrade Political Officer.
  9. Mods that pop that bug for me when trying to update them: USI Core, Project Orion, Kopernicus PSM. Also, is there a way to disable automatic mod removal? I'd like to update stuff as it becomes available without losing everything that's waiting on updates.
  10. Getting a bug, looking to update everything as updates release, and if I click install available updates, I get this: "Cannot install Community Tech Tree, module not available."
  11. I'm coming back to this from a good bit of time away from KSP. What ever happened to the NSWR engine you were working on?
  12. There's actually something like 21 parts in there that are unwanted if all you're looking for is ALG.
  13. Yeah, ALG was it. And I really don't want to have all that extra stuff from foundries Guess I'll go without.
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