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  1. Because I'm an idiot after 5-day weekends apparently: So to clarify, Legacy is 1.3 compatible, but does not necessarily include the parts in OPT main that are waiting to be brought over?
  2. Ok, I'm confused. Is the OPT legacy mod the only one going now then?
  3. About 50 mods. Many of which are just for dependencies. The big ones from a gameplay perspective are the Near Future parts and OPT space planes (if it ever comes to 1.3)
  4. Is it possible to get information when you load from .ckan what mods *aren't* going to be DLed because they're not for the current version?
  5. Sorry, didn't realize I forgot that. University of California, Merced (founding class woo woo!)
  6. BA in History. Not doing anything at all related with it, since the economy here in the US tanked when I was halfway through school (got my degree 2009). Currently doing technical product support and dealer support for a major firearms retailer/wholesaler/manufacturer.
  7. *Sees NFT pack updated for 1.3* Welp, I'm not getting any sleep tonight while I play with theses mods again
  8. This, we do not speak of. Also, not going to lie, while I'm loving this series just like the last one, I do miss Comrade Political Officer.
  9. Mods that pop that bug for me when trying to update them: USI Core, Project Orion, Kopernicus PSM. Also, is there a way to disable automatic mod removal? I'd like to update stuff as it becomes available without losing everything that's waiting on updates.
  10. Getting a bug, looking to update everything as updates release, and if I click install available updates, I get this: "Cannot install Community Tech Tree, module not available."
  11. I'm coming back to this from a good bit of time away from KSP. What ever happened to the NSWR engine you were working on?
  12. There's actually something like 21 parts in there that are unwanted if all you're looking for is ALG.
  13. Yeah, ALG was it. And I really don't want to have all that extra stuff from foundries Guess I'll go without.
  14. A year or so ago there was a mod that had a couple of different landing gear sizes that could be installed in any orientation on the fuselage of the spaceplane, and the wheels would angle themselves to be flat on the runway. I don't know if it was part of another mod pack or not, but I can't seem to find it. Wondering if anyone knows of something like this
  15. Completely botched the math on delta V and thrust for my minmus transfer stage and hopper for early game science gathering. Ended up taking twice as long and two Mun slingshots to get onto the correct orbital plane and apo (I *really* messed up). Ended up managing to pull it together with possibly the ugliest ship to ever be launched and got 1500 science without even getting everything.
  16. Stuff like this is why I always want to get into the Base building and life support side of KSP, but not going to lie: I'm more than a little scared of the learning curve. Any suggestions?
  17. In the dark days before I understood deltaV, gravity turns, Oberth, etc, I used to name things by role and then iterative design steps (1, 1.1, just to 2 for a new ship from the ground up for the same role). These days I usually get things right (enough) the first time to not keep the iterative version numbers, though I still number based on major redesigns.
  18. Built a cheaty three person Minmus lander, put it into polar orbit for maximum science gathering with what few science gadgets I've actually unlocked. Landed it, planted flags, got the OG three to level 2, and brought them home with 1k science. Had a brown pants moment when, as I'm at about 50km up....I realize I don't have a way to jettison my return stage short of ditching my heat shield....which I'm not going to do at 2km/s. cue several hair raising minutes while I pray it doesn't flip and burn on me.
  19. Eh, Updated windows and it works. This is why I do product support for firearms these days instead of doing IT.
  20. Windows 10. I'll update and see if that works. To the best of my knowledge my comp didn't apply any update b/w the day it worked and the next day when it didn't...
  21. Welp, that's awesome. Went to update mods today and Ckan crashed at startup. No error given. Ok, fine. Re-DLed it and same problem. Any ideas? (or is there an error log somewhere?)
  22. Hmmmm. Not well is the answer actually for how well it does pure-solid setups. Lack of thrust gimbaling and lack of throttle hurts it. Might be worth still looking at for hybrid setups with short duration, lofting only solid stages, but for pure solid setups, a simple ballistic/aerodynamic approach is still the best. I will say it's impressive how well it optimizes, to the point that I might start building more pure liquid fuel setups with minimal boosters, rather than my old, sold booster heavy setups.. Tried it with just loading up the stock Kerbal X ship, and without tweaking anything It resulted in an extra ~130 units of oxidizer in the tank on the 2nd, and then an additional ~100 on the 3rd go around. 2nd and 3rd launches would have used ~55m/s to circularize. First would have used ~70. I did notice that on the 4th try it actually stayed in the atmosphere too long, resulting in worse efficiency to orbit. For those that use it a ton, is that something where it'll start zeroing in on the most optimal, or does it tend to get worse overall after the 3rd/4th depending on rocket design?
  23. Question for those that use this: How well does it deal with Solid rocket only designs? I tend to use them for a long time because of the cheapness....
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