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  1. These are the only two Q's you had that I really care about. And in order: - Yes, it is cheating. But only because It's cheating IN REAL LIFE. It's the closest humanity has to a torch ship (being defined as something with simply ludicrous amounts of delta v). You get both high thrust and (relative to what we have now) high Isp. We had the technical knowledge in the 50s and 60s to put essentially as much mass as we wanted into orbit around the earth (or slightly less unreasonable amounts of payload around mars, or saturn, or, you know, anywhere). For an excellent read on Orion (and, well, everything space), this is where to start: - Sort of. The easiest way to throttle an Orion plate would be with variable yield bombs. The problem though (as I understand it) is that to throttle, you essentially have to pick what acceleration you want, figure out what yield you'll need for that, let the plate come to a stop at the mid point, then launch a half-charge, then go to the full charges for your give acceleration.
  2. My last career wave that got lost in a HDD crash I didn't play green, just manually deleted everything. I'm thinking my next play through will be greener, but with orbital tugs with claws to de-orbit spent stages and the like where possible. Though eventually I'll build them be recovered under chute and power....
  3. Playing a vanilla career game. Put science stations in orbit around the Mun and Minmus, built a Mun/Minmus rescue rocket for those contracts, realized that the rocket equation can work *for* me if I stop over-building things, and have gotten that rescue rocket to the point where the only non-resusable parts are the three solid rocket booster I use at launch. Also, apparently every single engineer from Kerbal manages to break their rockets. Scientists and Pilots never seem to need rescuing. Also realized I need to find the science mod that shows if you've got science you can collect, as well as the mod that lets kerbals level without having to bring them home first....
  4. [quote name='Endersmens']I also read along to the music, I love playing that song as loud as I can. (Well, when it's supposed to be loud anyways) Glad you went on to Jool. But why the name choice? Just curious. :) [SIZE=1]i personally liked "Journey to Jool" :P[/SIZE][/QUOTE] Referencing 2001 I'm guessing
  5. [B][SIZE=7]HMMMMMMMM.[/SIZE] [/B]So we've got a warrior society, the Zarathustra reference in the title for the first chapter, Jeb crashing a ship like he seems to so often... BRB, busting out some Nietzsche to figure out future plot twists :P
  6. There's a part of the island near the airfield that's also marked as tundra.
  7. Using them on the SLS also has to do with the relative lack of US made liquid fuel engines. We simply don't have a huge number of options unless we want to rely on the Russians, combined with the RS25 engines already being a mature design. (Clearly SpaceX has the Merlin engine right now, with their larger methane engines coming online in the future, but right now the RS25 is a better option)
  8. Why then are they listed by CKAN as being only compatible with say .25?
  9. Quick question. In CKAN many of the recommended mods are listed not being compatible with 1.0.4. Are they actually not compatible, or is this just an issue of build numbers not getting updated properly? EDIT: Awesome. Something in the list of recommended mods is crashing my game :/
  10. This and Manley's RP-0 play through are making me seriously consider giving it a crack....
  11. Play smarter most likely. By that I mean I don't bother with efficient transfer orbits right now, or figuring out minimum delta requirements. I just throw a rocket and probe into kerbin's orbit, then load up tons of fuel, and get to other planets asap.
  12. When you toss out a lifter design during a lunch break because you already know it won't have the delta that you need.
  13. I just want a Pluto style ram jet system. I tried briefly to get a SSTO working with just the Nuke jets and Liquid fuel nukes, but couldn't do it :/
  14. Actually, the cool thing about massive designs like that is that you have SO MUCH thrust that you can build them out of heavier/cheaper materials, especially when you're re-using the expensive parts (rocket fuel is cheap as hell frankly). Lookup the Sea Dragon rocket concept for an idea of what you can do....
  15. I spent five days just designing/testing my ore harvesting landers (and then threw out all the previous testing when I changed it completely), Making me redesign something I haven't even gotten to theory-crafting yet is making me mad
  16. Any chance of an inline or aerodynamic nose cone 2.5m docking ports?
  17. Curse you for telling me that. Now I'm going to have to go re-design my current project to integrate both the nuclear lightbulb in the center, and either cryo engines or some other near future engine on the outside
  18. Building my current Grand Tour ship. Sketched it out on a notepad "This'll be easy!" ... Four days later (and five designs later) and I still haven't finished the very first step: My mining landers...