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  1. Thanks for the update! I just got a much better computer and my first save on it will be with this installed I have a question though: Is this compatible with, or replace the functionality of, the Engine Lighting [Relit] mod (atleast for stock)?
  2. Am I misunderstanding this? Are the SystemHeat extras the cause or fix of this problem? I have all the extras installed (via CKAN) and can confirm they are in GameData, yet I am still getting a similar problem: https://pastebin.com/xMRVjPea
  3. Well, I imagine the kerbal would immediately disappear as soon as you activate the hatch, which is what normally happens. And if there's another object in front of it, the hatch will be inaccessible anyway (or tagged as obstructed).
  4. Sorry for not clearly explaining earlier ^^; I did mean closest in the part tree. Distance wouldn't make sense. I suggested it because placing the kerbal into a random seat on the vessel may bypass structural parts that would otherwise not be traversable, which could totally ignore CLS standards. However it couldn't be done with *just* a part tree check. If there's no seat between the port and a non-traversable area, the port shouldn't be enterable. And you would have to check every part tree direction (and send to seat with the least nodes between) to avoid being sent to one end of a long
  5. If you could find a way to make it choose the closest empty crew cabin to the port, rather than random, that'd be even more awesome! (For people with Connected Living Space or the like)
  6. I don't mean to be too much of a bother but this is the final sequence of the contract I'm working on. Destroying the target is optional and nets bonus funds, and if the player decides to do it, they'll have to do it in 15s. However with my current code, when the TargetDestroyed parameter (and thus the Any) completes, it sometimes appears in the UI as failed, and whether or not it visually shows as failed, it must internally fail because the timer does not stop (which it should as Any contains disableOnStateChange = true) and the contract does not complete immediately. Weirdl
  7. Unfortunately for me, putting it all in a VesselParameterGroup hasn't affected when the check occurs. I honestly don't know if I'll have to resort to just giving the player a 10sec timer telling them to do it manually and just hoping they do it.
  8. Thank you for the suggestion @Grigetio . Can I ask if you know where I can find documentation of the syntax which FILTER / VALIDATE_ALL / NONE etc. nodes are a part of? Apart from that, the solution you presented works, with a slight edit in code, if your ship matches at launch: FILTER { partModule = USI_ModuleWarpEngine } VALIDATE_ALL { MODULE { isEnabled = True IsDeployed = True } } But unfortunately, once a validation check fails once (ie. at launch), it won't detect a change in it mid-flight, even with "disableOnStateChange = false". Another problem is that using oper
  9. @nightingale I'm trying to use extended PartValidation - and as I've seen in a previous post, I've put MODULE {} behind a FILTER {} node. However neither hidden nor hideChildren seem to hide anything when placed anywhere in the above nodes, so the result in the contract menu in-game ends up: (Note the change in the module name) Rather than just: Activate your warp-capable engine: Incomplete EDIT: Even putting all of the code inside of an All clause and putting hidden or hideChildren in that doesn't work. !!EDIT: It doesn't seem like the MODULE node is detecting changes i
  10. I just wanted to note here that MOARdV has decided to stop official development of RPM (at support for KSP 1.6.1) to focus on MOARdV's Avionics Systems, however RPM should still work unless there are major changes to IVA modules in 1.7 and above. @Stone Blue I'm interested, are you still attempting to create an IVA or have you decided to moved on?
  11. Hi, I was just wondering, has anyone has made a User Defined Language for Contract Configurator yet? A .xml file you can import into a program like Notepad++ to highlight keywords. I attempted to make one myself, here is the link to it (it will be updated as I refine it): https://www.dropbox.com/s/od8sku0wkpceh79/contractcfg.xml?dl=0 +Edit: I added a Lite version which supports folding/collapsing, but text may be highlighted out of place: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uueo4pykr2cqmar/contractcfg_lite.xml?dl=0 It has a couple of problems, like some brackets and/or comments directly after DAT
  12. This is the unfortunate result of part module edits. The same problem occurs if you attempt to open a craft built with 'Mechjeb and Engineer for All' or 'RemoteTech' without having the mod installed.
  13. +1 for a CKAN release c; But it's too good, so I'm still downloading it manually. BTW KottabosGames reviewed this if you want to link the video.
  14. I was only just debating installing the original mod yesterday, so thank you for this! I hope you continue to develop it into a stable state with the same features enabled as the original.
  15. Hi, could I get my name changed to "Inqie", or if that's not available "Inqiery"? Thanks.
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