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  1. I have a question about the download link for the "Never Enuff Dakka" mod. For some reason the download link won't work is there a reason for that?

  2. I'm not asking you to remove it, at all, I know how much of a pain it is to get this one working (wasn't exactly a fun job first time round). I'm amazed you even bothered to fix that old broken mess in the first place.
  3. I am the original author of the model, though I realise it may have seen further usage outside of my own projects which complicates things. Though I think I should make you aware that there's a good possibility that the original Scorpion turret is going to be updated within it's original pack, though unless they directly conflict with one another for whatever reason that shouldn't be a problem.
  4. Actually, the Scorpion isn't from Spanner's boomsticks, and I am it's original creator. (KSP form of the model originally from this zombie of a project, which in turn is originally from this, which should explain why the mesh is so strange) However, I released it under the exact same liscense that Spanner uses, you've simply credited it to the wrong place, not exactly a huge mistake, and I haven't exactly done anything to maintain presence here. Mind you, Spanner recently contacted me about updating my old project anyway. Funny huh?
  5. Hi, re the Dakka mod, any chance i could get a link as all media fire links are dead, I would very much like to either rebuild it or help in the rebuild just finished the  Old School Turrets mod, Boomsticks is just about ready again would willingly take this on as well

  6. M60 starship is best Patton. Do want. Haven't been doing much recently, but there's a SU-152 gun in the works as a fatter alternative to the M102 and a second fictional tank turret to complement the Leviathan.
  7. The Challenger and Chieftain bodies need to have their collisions meshes re-worked, the Scorpion should be working fine though.
  8. I'm aware of the rattling, but can't work out what causes it, some turrets are fine, some rattle, and I can't work out why they are doing it.
  9. Yeah, we fired Flan as a modeller and made our own. There's also a tonne of 3rd party packs now.
  10. Yes, ever heard of Flan's mod? Has about every damn tank going. Sadly that KV-2 model was never released, I just know the guy who made it, but there is another KV-2 out there.
  11. Well I have to rework most of the minecraft imported guns anyway so that shouldn't be a problem to add.
  12. No you're right, the AS-90 is the one that's supposed to have 48 shells, not the vodka dispenser.
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