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  1. False, but I don't do it super well. TUBM uses kOS to great effect.
  2. Granted. Good luck using a sphere with no nodes and no radial. I wish AMD's ZEN would come out today and be super fast and inexpensive.
  3. Your argument just got a whole lot smaller.
  4. My immediate thought was Washington (where a few weeks ago you could be 100 miles away from the fires and the smoke was still so thick you couldn't see the Sun)... But no, his profile says he's in Jersey (not the old one).
  5. Granted, but you can only do it when completely naked and you have no way to pick where you reappear. I wish I could type faster / touch-type.
  6. The life support system has an intake for the air scrubbers. Attach a hose to the intake for mild vacuum, then hook it up to a tray with a false bottom made of mesh panel (the stuff in the windows of microwaves). The airflow/suction will hold the die to the mesh panel. --------- I think they amuse themselves just the same as astronauts here one earth. Books, etc.
  7. You ejected instead of entering flight mode, didn't you?
  8. Thanks Boeing... Now I have this lovely image of a small business jet being attacked by a dragon. In space. Or alternately, isn't that what Xenu used to shuffle thetans around with in Scientology? (Starliner? Really?)