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  1. A replacement for kerbalstuff is still in the works it can be found here http://spacedock.info/
  2. as much as you are abiding the Copyright, Credit Goes to prototype, And i would still take out his content, to avoid clone parts. as its really annoying; Just a suggestion though.
  3. So? it still looks exactly the same, and spanner plans to revive the pack, under prototypes permission when i can get that magic to work, this however was taken without permission, and no credit was given, EDIT: i would suggest taking anything from prototypes pack out of your mod pack before complications ensue. that or get prototypes permission. Thank you for your time.
  4. Hmm, i might see about Letting this Dusty ol' Thread come back to life. Stay tuned.
  5. Why is Prototype Thetas Scorpion AVRE turret in the picture? The one he used in the pack "never Enuff dakka" that he Created himself.
  6. Not for a long time, He is working on a secret project unrelated to KSP at the moment
  7. It hasn't been tested yet. PrototypeTheta needs to Work on fixing it but has more things to focus on atm.
  8. im so happy to see this mod moving along. i cant wait to see more progress. this is the MK3 Cockpit this game Diserves. if you are still interested in ASET (More advanced props for more advanced cockpits) then you should Pester Alexustas or look at his ASET Props pack Forum Post. would give the IVA more depth. (you could still have it so the props appear even without the ASET Pack, i have no idea how but i know its a thing)
  9. So you went to Suicidal insanity like i suggest? awesome! i hope the Mod continues to grow. You really have something going for you!
  10. I suppose i am back for now. i might post more mechanical stuff here soon, when i get back into the groove of making robots
  11. What about extending the first Cockpit, and added Shielded Airlocks on the sides (fit to the shape of the MK2 system) for leaving the cockpit? would compensate for the Door at the front