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  1. Hello everyone, I was offline due to lack of available time. I merged all the contents but I don't know how many available time I will have for this project so this is on stand by
  2. New Version 0.2.3 ! This includes a lot of fixes and new small outpost contracts!(thanks for all the reports) Complete Changelog Download ----> Github (thanks to nightgale who help me on this)
  3. ok i'm back after some time because I had some personal issues. I think most of the problems here are going to be solved with the next update that is ready but github isn't working :/ I'll do a mirror download link whie I solve this Mirror download ------>> HERE
  4. Oh your mod is great! I love small mods like this one! some sorts of contracts for making funds with this will be good. I have experience making contracts but with a plugin called Contract Configurator i dont know I you like the idea. EDIT: I can confirm it Works with 1.0.4
  5. OP means Original Post , the first post on this thread. You can edit that to add and remove stuff. And yeah you'll need to add something like: "This content is released with the blablah licence" or something like that to the OP
  6. yeah that should be or if you have scansat should be the scansat scanner. Since one unlock earlier I'll do some tweaks with MM. And I think it validatets ok for you because you have the KSS contract with the same name. Github still not working *-*
  7. Yeah the think is that severedsolo changed the title via GitHub because it was interfering with KSS but he didn't changed the requirement I'll fix this and also the GitHub issue still happening so I'll do the upload via the web GitHub
  8. Yeah and Git Hub still not working I dont know what can be causing this but I'll try to do it manually from the website or to use another download point but that will break CKAN
  9. I'm having problem with KW Rocketry sizes for example the AJ10-137 [4.0 m] is just 2 metre diameter :/ but the nodes are very far away from the engine I suposse that has something to do with the size thing. Anyone has something to say? I find this bug weird EDIT: I installed RO/RSS via CKAN EDIT2:Solved via irc chat! I need to eliminate KWCommunityFixes folder and fixed!
  10. Sorry guys I've been very busy this week and i'm having issues with github I'll try to fix it ASAP
  11. The MM bug is weird but I've discovered a error from my part I'll fix it on the next release! Thank you all from the feedback
  12. Now I've thinked on doing a test to all the parts on a tech for then unlocking that node is that good?
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