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  1. I designed a lander for Minmus, to return and parachute land on Kerbin at the end of the mission. The weird thing was the re-entry, sometimes these type of ship would end up dropping to very low m/s, kinda hanging in the air at 30K until i opened the parachute then it would accelerate to the expected m/s speed. The way we self build rockets and they keep being parts, leave a lot of room for things to go wrong.
  2. Shouldn't AoA not be a mode, but a toggle for the Pitch Mode? While AoA is a big deal for space plane, my main problem is that my plane drives off the runway, since PA sideway control seems turned off while on the ground. Even a perfectly balanced plane, doesn't keep a perfect 90 heading on the runway.
  3. Life happened... and I'm stuck on using something like a first generation 64 bit computer, at least it's not my old IBM PC with tape outlet anymore. It's actually better than it used to be, the old gaming machine gave up and died, on that one most modern stuff was having trouble accepting it was a 64bit machine. This one can still run most stuff, XCOM 2 is fine on it, it is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+ 2.6 Ghz used to be my Linux Workstation. The world has actually progressed so far, I should prolly have kept it as Linux, but I just wasn't up for trying to start over.
  4. When stock features get broken with just the mod installed and the mod creator doesn't even warn about it, it just seemed a bit iffy.
  5. [LOG 19:20:34.736] [INFO] ContractConfigurator.ContractConfigurator: Loading CONTRACT_GROUP: 'SpaceTuxGroup' [ERR 19:20:34.748] ContractConfigurator.ContractConfigurator: Couldn't load CONTRACT_TYPE 'STS-30' due to a duplicate name. I think Unmanned and GAP is fighting over the same contract name?
  6. [LOG 19:20:34.736] [INFO] ContractConfigurator.ContractConfigurator: Loading CONTRACT_GROUP: 'SpaceTuxGroup' [ERR 19:20:34.748] ContractConfigurator.ContractConfigurator: Couldn't load CONTRACT_TYPE 'STS-30' due to a duplicate name. I think Unmanned and GAP is fighting with each other and I guess GAP won, as I don't like GAP's STS-30 (I think it's some submarine mission), can't you rename yourself to anmanned. Just kidding. [LOG 19:20:34.948] [INFO] ContractConfigurator.ContractType: Loading CONTRACT_TYPE: 'FirstPlanetProbe' [ERR 19:20:34.958] ContractConfigurator.Reac
  7. Around 30 seconds, but I had to not erase the cache to ensure to get that. I've yet to encounter a situation where the game loaded from the cache without parts missing in game, so my only option when not testing, is to erase the cache before starting to the game, to be sure it's not loaded. [LOG 19:11:34.585] PhysicsGlobals: Loading database [LOG 19:20:32.414] [ModuleManager] Total loading Time = 496.406s Really don't want to have to start over more than I have to, with that kind of loading times.
  8. Never even remotely suggested you should, I didn't even ask you to do anything, if you go back and check my post you will see that all I said was that it would be best for me if I could turn off the cache, as it's unfortunately just increasing load times for me and I can't figure out enough details of the problem to give you a useful bug report.
  9. Really? You're going to say what modders "should and shouldn't do" when most can't code their way out of a wet paper bag? You might as well claim people shouldn't drink alcohol because it makes them stupid. Like ETT that creates a virtual MM name of zETT and then uses :FINAL, so it get sorted last... You can whine all you want about what people should or shouldn't do, someone will do the worst possible thing every SINGLE TIME. BTW: I think MechJeb 2 is one of the mods creating files in the GameData/MechJeb2 folder, config files pr. craft?
  10. After some testing, I think I can confirm that one of the tiny edges of the solar panels is the "front". Unfortunately this seems to have a big impact on them.
  11. Not sure it's true to call realchute stock compatible, when after real chute is installed, stock can't tell there is parachutes on a craft. Maybe this doesn't break anything vital in stock, but it messes with mods and will break any functionality related to parachutes in those mods.
  12. I just noticed that almost 3 small stock solar panels fit in the space of one tiny solar panel, so why is tiny only generating a fraction of the power? Same problem with Small, it's something like 10 times the size of a stock small panel, but generates the same power. It also made the RemoteTech support unbalanced, since the 3Sat was generating way too little power to be balanced for the job of carrying RT energy cost antennas. Perhaps something like the following changes: Tiny Solar Panel cost = 300 (Panel is way to cool to only cost 30, especiall
  13. [LOG 06:51:48.399] AddonLoader: Instantiating addon 'CrewQueue' from assembly 'CrewQueue' [ERR 06:51:48.400] Script error: OnLevelWasLoaded This message parameter has to be of type: The message will be ignored. [LOG 06:51:48.401] AddonLoader: Instantiating addon 'AppLauncher' from assembly 'CrewQueue' Really Squad... of type "nothing", great error message... [LOG 06:58:10.888] [CelestialBody]: Kerbin's solar day length is 1d, 0h, 0m long. sidereal day length is 5h, 59m, 9s long [WRN 06:58:11.273] HighlightingSystem : Framebuffer depth data is not available an
  14. @PART[Large_Crewed_Lab]:FOR[CrewQ] { %MODULE[ModuleCrewQ] { crewComposition = Scientist } } @PART[Mark1Cockpit]:FOR[CrewQ] { %MODULE[ModuleCrewQ] { crewComposition = Pilot } } @PART[Mark2Cockpit]:FOR[CrewQ] { %MODULE[ModuleCrewQ] { crewComposition = Pilot } } One thing we could work on is the stock and third party crew selection for parts. Mark1-2Pod = Pilot landerCabinSmall = Pilot mk1pod = Pilot mk2Cockpit_Inline = Pilot mk2Cockpit_Standard = Pilot mk2LanderCabin = Pilot mk3Cockpit_Shuttle = Pilot cupola = Pilot I hope
  15. I figured out why the cache so rarely is used on my system, I have several mods installed that write data to files in the mod folder every game session, so running the SHA check is a waste of CPU cycle, as something has always changed. To make things even better, the rare times the cache get loaded, it result in a game that is missing parts. Seems to me the best would be for me to have the cache system turned off entirely. Edit: Well, thats weird, the first post has 2.6.18 in the download link, CKAN seems to have installed 2.6.20?
  16. Switched to RemoteTech, so here is how to get RemoteTech support in CubeSat's: It makes it equal to first squad antenna, but since the Cubes Antenna theoretically seems to be part of the chassis and wouldn't break, it's also configured to be on and without the MaxQ value that makes stock antennas break. I'm used to the sharing mentality of the open source community and this is hardly my work, considering the two Module Manager files is cut & paste from Antenna Range and RemoteTech, but just in case, both MM scripts is free to use, with no strings attached.
  17. ModuleManager script to move Stayputnik to start of the techtree and the MK1 Pod and parachute to survivability. Create a file named something like LUS.cfg in the GameData folder and have ModuleManager installed. // Move Stayputnik to start tech @PART[probeCoreSphere] { @TechRequired = start } // Move mk1pod from start to survivability @PART[mk1pod] { @TechRequired = survivability } // Since Stayputnik can't use top mounted parachutes, we switch it to survivability @PART[parachuteSingle] { @TechRequired = survivability } Additional RemoteTech, AntennaRange and R
  18. I've never finished all the contracts, playing career mode and either Squad or some mod developer does something to break a game, before I'm ready to leave Kerbin's sphere. This has allowed me to really get to hate the first mission, running a Kerbal up stairs, with horrible control of the Kerbal was barely fun the first time. It made me wonder about some contract packs having the benefit of not being save locked, but max progress would be optionally available to all save games.
  19. It just seems odd to activate the throttle and have it default to what it already is. If I enable throttle, it's always going to be because I want it to be something else than the default, maybe a new add on is needed that set the basic defaults (Most of what this mod can do pr craft, but not action groups.), with separate default for SPH and VAB. Back to throttle though, on my system the entry field for throttle is not wide enough, 100 shows as either 10 or 00 and I think it even cut off a pixel of two numbers.
  20. Fool me once... I created a plane, using MK0 tanks for balancing things, setting them to locked, then set off to explore the great white south, since ARP was telling me I had plenty of flight time, I was appropriately mystified when my engine cut out while ARP was telling me I had 3 hours left of fuel. Woops... It calculates all fuel including locked.
  21. Started a fresh game with ETT installed, to try it out. Not gotten very far in the tech tree, because it's well constructed and create a good challenge. Unfortunately I also found some of my stuff wasn't working and looking at ETT's files, I'm unfortunately not able to continue with praises, because as well engineered as the tech tree seems to be, the code creating it seems to have been created by the darkside. :FINAL? Using tricks to make your addon named zETT so it get sorted last? I can't even fix the problems, because anything I do your mod will break again, unless
  22. You're completely missing the point here. If the point is to create a progression like Earths, your failing completely, by giving us silly monster rockets and the ability to fly to Kerbol sphere of influence with the second rocket. It's beyond ridiculous with the current setup, it should be something like: 1: Non guided rockets, can't hit space. (Give us the smallest SRB) 2: Non guided rockets, can hit orbital and then fall back to the planet. (Give us a larger SRB, still no decouplers) 3: Non guided rockets, can get future out, but DEFINITELY not leave K
  23. I start a fresh carrier with SETI-CTT installed and my second rocket goes into Kerbol orbit, that hybrid sure contain a lot of power. o.O Great I think, time to orbit something, so I aim for orbiting this time, all goes well and I hit 70K and realize I have no RCS, no reaction wheels, not even gimbal. I can prolly build a rocket that could do a flyby of Eloo, but I can't do anything in Kerbin's sphere?? First thing that gives me the ability to turn a ship in 0g seems to be a RCS thruster in Stability that requires Engi 101 and Early Aviation.
  24. I can't pop a fresh vehicle from SPH/VAB without it failing in the first few seconds. Older vehicles seems troubled too, as I jump to them most will have a failure. In a situation like this it would be really nice if the UI had an option to not create new failures, since disabling it would create problems for all the stuff I have floating around with broken stuff on it.
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