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  1. Hello, I already went through this process. From what I understood DStaal said there should be no more than 1 of BEFORE, AFTER or FOR which means that if it has both BEFORE and AFTER or BEFORE and FOR it will throw an error. And as linuxgurugamer advised, whenever there is only a FOR I replaced it with NEEDS. Doesn't throw errors for me anymore.
  2. So would something like @PART[shortDecoupler1-2]:FOR[SETIrebalance] better be left alone or would it work just as fine without the FOR? Because I am unsure if this means that FOR is non needed in General or just in that specific case?
  3. Is it not needed anywhere or just in select areas? If the FOR phrase is never needed then simply using Notepad++ I can replace :FOR\[(.*?)\] with nothing
  4. Hello, I am having difficulties understanding how to build a relay network with a relay antenna. I am additionally using RemoteTech as I always have, but for me the confusion lies in understanding the relay antenna because there is practically 0 resources on them and the only explanations are irrelevant to me as they only cover signal strength. I used to build satellites with directional antennae. So there would be 1 target at KSC, 1 at active vessel and 2 at the other satellites in orbit (with the last 2 not being necessary anymore). So you had to have an antenna target a satellite and the satellite target the active vessel in order to make a connection. And a separate antenna target KSC to make a connection between KSC and the satellite. Now my question that is not answered anywhere is: does a single relay antenna replace all of those? Do I just target Kerbin with the relay antenna and when an active vessel targets the satellite it will automatically bounce off the antenna to KSC?
  5. Found a strange bug, but not sure if it's with CC (left a note on a bug report for CC in github) or if it could be something with Bases and Stations. I did note that the same happens with field research, but as far as others go I did not see the same happen (maybe because of more static requirements?). In particular I notice this with "Launch a new Space Station". I keep getting contract offers for Mun and Minmus (only ones visited so far). If I accept the contract it stays, however if I do not they erratically disappear and reappear seemingly at random. Another thing I have noted is if using the CC debug menu I disable the SunCheck requirement, I get contracts for Mun, Minmus and Sun stations, but they all stay stable even if I do not accept them.
  6. Well, did you try to remove another heavy mod while leaving B9? Maybe your PC just cannot keep up with 51 mods, but 50 are fine. You can never know! But as previously said: all we can do is guess and this is not the place to do that
  7. I too have a problem with those contracts. It's not clear as to what is required. For example I am stuck with a "Manned Power Landing on Kerbin". Apparently a MK1 pod with a pilot, a TLV-200 fuel tank and a LV-T45 engine do not meet the criteria of no aero and parachute parts and 1 kerbal crew reaching 500m. Plus you still get a parachute with the very first note which is probably not intended (part given is RealChute Cone Chute) EDIT: it seems like if you launch any kind of vessel after taking this contract then it is impossible to complete it as it will look for that other vessel instead. Might be same problem with the space station parts. If you launch anything after taking the contract it might be looking at a different vessel. I aborted the contract after I had my satellites I wanted in place and it worked with the same configuration.
  8. The latest (and previous) dev versions of B9 with Community Tech Tree (2.1 at time of writing) doubles the Experimental Rocketry tech node. The CTT tech node is populated correctly as well. I have looked over the CTT cfg file and could not find anything that would cause this, so perhaps it's something from B9?
  9. Awesome plugin. Empty nodes bother me a lot and some of them are filled only by mods that I do not want to use (and some I just have no idea what they should have). Wonder if it would be possible to take the parent node info from a hidden node and move it to the next node
  10. Hey, currently on Windows and had to update a bunch of mods. Some mods are greeted with "Failed to install" error and ask you to do it manually. The following issues occur in that case: Old mod archive is not removed from downloaded mod folder The old mod is not removed or changed in the mod list The old mod and new mod have a conflict The new mod does not get it's own entry in the mod list So while Mod Admin finds the conflict between the old and new version of the mod, the new mod is not on the list. If it were added to the list it would be easy to resolve the conflict by removing the old version, however as it is you have to remove the mod, remove it from the list and add it again. Some mods seem to not update properly on a consistent basis, others seem to work fine. I did not note down all the mods, but one that I do remember having this issue is https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/352/SpaceY%20Heavy%20Lifters%20Parts%20Pack if it helps. Did not have the opportunity to check if the same issue appears on Linux yet, since I may have broken my Linux install and haven't gone around to fixing it.
  11. Honestly I love what ev0 is doing. I love having a nice expanded tree with good distribution for various parts, but alas, the fact that I need to research several empty nodes to get to 3-4 parts seems to be a bit much. Only now I realized that in order to get rid of any unnecessary node I have to change hideEmpty = False to hideEmpty = True (just by using replace all) and the ones that have no parts (don't even know what mods would add them) will be gone! I am such a dunce in KSP modding...
  12. Hey, just found something not working with mod import from a modpack. When trying to import it with the mono version, you cannot de-select any options. For example the modpack contains all the mod archives, however I am forced to attempt to download them because if I choose not to, the "Import" button is greyed out. In addition if the mod download folder is not created before mod admin tries to download a mod, the download fill fail
  13. Hey, perhaps I am missing something but you cannot set up the Linux version to run without a workaround: Steam install KSP in a hidden path from Home ".local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program" and Mod Admin does not account for that. A workaround for that would be to create a link to the install directory and use that instead. In my example the install directory looks like this "/home/vytautas/KSP Mod Admin/Link to Kerbal Space Program", where the link is "/home/vytautas/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program"