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  1. Looking at the project files it seems like the author is working on more than just a recompile for 1.1. Looking forward to the enhancements. - Sincerely, Long time fan of your add-on.
  2. Alluvial

    [1.1.2] Kerbin-Side (v1.1.0) & Supplements

    Just had a save file corrupting crash when trying to launch a sounding rocket (Umbra Space Industries) from Central lakes via Kerbal Construction Time. During a previous session I had used this site for a successful launch. This time, however, in addition to having Central Lakes selected as the launch site in the VAB I also had used the Kerbal Construction Time pop-up menu to designate this launch site. A copy of the log file is saved and available.
  3. Has the IVA been checked at different screen resolutions? I am running 1920x1200 and the MFD does not render correctly. The button graphics are blurred and the text lines do not display as normal words but as garbled random characters. MFDs in other capsules look fine.
  4. Alluvial

    [1.1] RemoteTech v1.6.10 [2016-04-12]

    Additional realism might be a little more complex. In real world comm systems maintaining a connection is a function of a number of factors: 1. receive sensitivity 2. transmit power 3. gain of both antennas in the direction towards each other 4. the distance 5. background noise picked up by the receive antenna (from the sun mainly) 6. polarization Modeling this realistically would probably mean a major overhaul of the add on code (haven't looked at it so please don't quote me on this). Making it more complex -- communication links don't just shut down as these factors become less favorable; what happens is the available data rate diminishes until it is effectively unusable. I think the compromise of just requiring both antennas to have a max range less that the distance between nodes is a good one and makes for interesting challenges when designing the satellite network. More realism might actually make it less fun in this case, this is a space flight sim after all rather than an RF comms sim. Cheers.