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  1. @Thomas P. I've managed to figure out how to rebuild Kopernicus (installed the whole toolchain which I've never used before, no nasty dll hacks), and so far it loads just fine (using OPM). I won't be releasing it anywhere, but I'll let you know if I find any problems, most likely tomorrow after I get back from work and over the weekend if I have time to play.
  2. I'd be the exact opposite, but give them the option to potentially break their saves only if they really wanted to, as in keep the lock if you don't mess with some config file and have the option to bypass it if they really want to. Maybe give a big fat warning at loading if that config file does not match the hardcoded ksp compatible version. That config file could then not be included with the official release, so if it doesn't exist in the mod directory Kopernicus would work just like now. Just an idea... SoonTM.
  3. I think it's locked because it's known to break your saves if it's incompatible with the current version of KSP. It would be nice if the first thing every KSP update did was backup your saves before updating. As for bypassing the version unless you have any experience with software development it's not a good idea to try it. You'd need to recompile stuff to say the least.
  4. I'm not nudging anyone. It was just my guess that it might happen this weekend as the changelog for 1.6.1 doesn't appear to have anything that would need extensive work on Kopernikus. As for bypassing the version lock it's not difficult at all, that's all I can say.
  5. And back to waiting again as KSP just updated to 1.6.1 (damn you Steam, I'm going to be hoarding backups after this) which is only a few bugfixes so it shouldn't take long (this weekend maybe? ).
  6. After getting back to KSP after not playing for quite some time and seeing this... can't say anything but 'Hats off to you, sir!' Yes, ALL of the hats. Nothing got me more excited this year as of yet and with that said, R.I.P. my personal projects for at least a week, time to have some fun. Can't wait to check out the new parts.
  7. I find that amusing since a few villages, a city, a river and a some country's currency are exactly that in my language...
  8. Even better, have a setting to choose which one to launch by default. I always run the 64-bit executable, I have a bunch of quite large and RAM-hungry part mods installed and the 32-bit would crash automatically.
  9. Congrats on the patch I just ran into a "I need a radially mounted engine for ants" issue with my satellites and this is pretty much the only mod that has them. Now let's see...
  10. I know that, I was thinking more along the lines of having more antennas to play with, not just multiply the range of existing antennas to reach all further out.
  11. @Kerbas_ad_astra I see you're also working on a patch to make stock antennas' range suitable for OPM which gives me an idea... Could you make a patch for the Ven's Stock Revamp extra antennas so they have the range for OPM and/or repurpose them as relay antennas? Or even make the replacement antennas into new parts instead of stock replacements? Don't take this as a request but as a suggestion.
  12. Good to know there's a 1.2 compatible version being worked on This mod is pretty much the last one I need to start a new sandbox game (yet again). In the meanwhile I'm still playing 1.1.3, at least I get my all my stuff designed and ready to launch with minor modifications required by the comms network.
  13. Never mind, I was trying to modify a copy of an existing orbital calculator spreadsheet, but I can't seem to figure out why I can't add more bodies. Eventually I found it. Time to add the new planets/moons and hope that KSP 1.1.3 doesn't crash every 5 minutes while doing absolutely nothing. I'm still playing trying to play that until the mods I use get updated...
  14. Only found the radius there, but managed to calculate the mass. But I suck at spreadsheets so I gave up.