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  1. Thank you all for the replies. I guess I just miss seeing the engine glow. now how do i change this this answered.
  2. What I am trying to do is operate KSP as everyone else seems to be. from a normal install I get no heat affects from engines, little temp change and no heat glow. I know the mailsail and the nuclear heated up fairly fast and got pretty got. I get no over heat what so ever.
  3. I tried a search and couldn't find anything helpful. before 1.0 the mainsail engine would over heat and glow if it was at 100% power fairly quickly. I have tested on the pad with 100% thrust and ran two orange tanks through it. It barely got above 360 on the temp. no glow affects. Everything is stock. I have also re-installed with no mods. through testing one thing I tried is increasing "generation factor" in the Debug tool from 0.030 (which i have been told is stock) and bumped it up. Sure enough I get affects and over heating but I am not sure the "correct" setting would be. test results with stock 0.030 start temp = 287.6 end temp 100% trust no limiter = 367 0.101 287.5 562 .301 287.5 1100 any ideas? also I have no trouble heating up (and blowing up) during re-entry to atmosphere
  4. If anyone could help me out... My generation factor is set to .030. I have never touched anything in debug toolbar before. I set it to 1.0 and everything heated up like crazy. So my question is what is the Normal setting for Generation factor.
  5. I found that my engines are not heating up. None of them over heat or even glow. I deleted everything and re-installed KSP. Any ideas would be helpful.