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  1. I understand that I get an advance and contract completeion.... I've been away from KSP for about a year and just came back and started a new career.. This is happening on a new career.
  2. Can Somebody Please help? I started a new career and have several mods installed but my career contract reward payouts are wayy to much. I have the funds rewards set to 60%. Here's what happened...... 1) Started career with 10,000. 2) +1,344 funds advance for first contract 3) spent 1,460 on a simple probe. 4) performed the science on the launchpad and recovered my vessel. 5) received +1,460 for recovered vessel 6) received +2,496 for contract completion...... My ending Funds balance is now 19,600. I have started several new careers, but I always end up with WAYYY more funds than I should. I started yet another career with contract funds reward set to default... still the same thing, but now I'm receiving a higher percentage Here's my log: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvUWxjgM4SuQhbZ63oAWzXd7urPN7Q?e=vvDeQs
  3. I create a simple prograde maneuver to raise my Ap but the Blue maneuver Node indicator will drift up. It seems to want to drift to the very top of the navball and then stop. It doesn't matter what maneuver I'm creating. It always drifts to the top. Also, The more deltaV the maneuver requires, the slower it will drift. Example; if the maneuver requires only 0.1 dV, then it almost instantly drifts to the top within about 1 second. If the burn is like 20 dV then it drifts much slower OUTPUT_LOG: https://1drv.ms/t/s!AvUWxjgM4SuQhc5xdR3DYGahlxF00A
  4. I had KSP running, but I was at the main menu. Could that be the problem? I exited KSP and was able to successfully update Connected Living Space I shoulda known better
  5. What is happening? Flight plan not reading correctly. I have a maneuver to circularize at my closest approach to the Mun, but FP doesn't show my interception, or the maneuver or anything
  6. Why is this happening? I just need to delete it so I can re-install it.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to go to the Mun and I'm trying to launch from the Great EZ Kapes launchpad to simulate a launch from Florida, but the latitude makes my orbital inclination so different than the Mun. What is the best way to launch to the Mun (Apollo style) from a higher latitude without having to do a "match target inclination maneuver"?
  8. I have looked everywhere in the main menu, but I don't see an option to disable eclipses... I also looked in the scatterer configuration UI and I no longer see the option in there like I used to. How do I disable Eclipse?
  9. THANKS for keeping this alive and updated and getting the aging, death and fornication finished! But there is a problem with the CKAN installation. There is also a problem with the download link
  10. It was a delta v map of the entire star systems. I haven't yet begun work on just the kerbol system.
  11. Actually, the Earth is the center of the universe and the Earth is flat and everything revolves around us!
  12. Ask Santa Clause for an upgraded system... I don't have problems and I run the whole package
  13. Have you ran a previous version of KSS before without the problem?
  14. Hmm. Not the worst I've seen trying to run KSS. What are your performance readings? Cpu or RAM maxing out? Your video card might be a little weak?
  15. Just for excrementss and giggles, try hitting control alt delete and bring up task manager, and leave it running while you're on KSP.... I was having FPS issues on all my game and that would fix it... NO CLUE WHY!!
  16. Well have you tried actually starting to play it and not just sit at the main screen? Lol
  17. Im running 32GB out RAM and it still takes like 10-15 minutes to boot up KSP... OH WELL!!! It's worth the wait!!!
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