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  1. What about parts that would allow you to increase this cap, at the cost of additional mass and power consumption? For example: Automatic processing units, robotic sample analysis, onboard instrument suites, et cetera. This would culminate with a Manned Science Laboratory that would eleminate the cap entirely. That way in-situ research is still viable, but you're limited by available equipment rather than your tolerance for data grinding.
  2. The thing is, not every building needs to be an individualized work of art. For most of the space-filling scenery, it would suffice to model some generic, simplified structures chopped up into modular segments. These segments could then be copied, pasted, and re-arranged as needed to create non-repeating patterns. With one "set" of building types per district, plus a smattering of individually modeled "centerpiece" structures to keep things from looking too homogeneous, you could easily fill out an entire city. Just a thought.
  3. A more comprehensive part sorting/selection system in the VAB/SPH would allow you to have as many parts as you want without any drawbacks. And, theoretically, career mode's R&D system would introduce new players to the parts library gradually, keeping them from becoming overwhelmed. So "too many parts" isn't really an excuse.
  4. I think it's worth pointing out that 1.875m parts would allow us to have Gemini, Atlas, and Titan equivalents.
  5. The only problem I see with that is, well, there already is an existing standard. The "stock" KAS containers. Maybe if a KASPAR alpha had been released before KAS 0.4.1, this might have been prevented. Or maybe not. If a modder's going to put the time and effort into something, they're probably going to do their own thing regardless of what came before. But having multiple systems competing to be the accepted standard is never a good thing. Anyone remember the cluster-kerfuffle that was all of the pre-v0.18 electricity mods? Or the current however-many half-completed life support mods? Yeah. Just my two cents.
  6. I have a question. Is there any way for ModuleManager to outright prevent a part from loading? For example: To get rid rid of unused stock parts, without having to pick through KSP_win/GameData/Squad every time an update is installed.
  7. I assume this is the place to go with suggestions. Two things: First: Could it be made possible to "recycle" ships into an equivalent mass of RocketParts and/or Metal? Second: What are your thoughts on crew management? It's obviously not logical for the ships to spawn full of fresh Kerbals. How about making them spawn empty? Or perhaps they could only draw from the pool of Kerbals onboard the launch platform.
  8. I noticed a bug that I don't think has been brought up before. On all of the non-helicopter engines, there is a throttle input delay for the thrust value and the engine sound, but not the prop animation. What is the cause of this, and will it be fixed?