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  1. @nightingale Thanks. I had tried to target the Mun/Minmus, Set as no target, etc. Setting to active vessel met the requirement thanks!
  2. I think the CLS config for the Stock Docking port Jr needs to be changed to passable. I know originally it did not allow crew transfers but looks like squad updated the description: "Originally marketed as a child-size version of the normal Clamp-O-Tron, the Clamp-O-Tron Jr. soon found use among hobbyists and professional space agencies alike for its compact profile, lightweight structure, and all-round cuteness. As a result of its small size, kerbals need to hold their breath and wiggle to slip through."
  3. Thanks @nightingale I tested the new DLL with the cases that seemed to trigger the bug and it looks like you got it. Thanks again! Your mod makes playing a lot more interesting. Really appreciate the work you and other modders do!
  4. I still had the issue with the new DLL. I put everything here You should see a KSP.log from after, the quick save from before the issue and the persistent from after as well. Thank you again.
  5. @nightingale I am losing active contracts. I see the following in the KSP.log [LOG 16:35:13.177] [INFO] ContractConfigurator.ContractType: Cancelling contract of type ScanKerbinLoRes (Altimetry Scan of Kerbin): Too many active contracts. [WRN 16:35:13.177] ContractConfigurator.ConfiguredContract: Removed contract 'Altimetry Scan of Kerbin', as it no longer meets the requirements. My Mission Control is level 3 so they should be unlimited. I had 6 active when this occurred. Please let me know if there is any more information I can provide to assist. Thank you for your work!
  6. In your PlanetaryObservationContract.cfg you have Minmus and Pol is misspelled. Throws and error when loading the contract configs. Easy fix, just wanted to make you aware. Thanks for the mod.
  7. This worked great for me last night. Almost 40 mods installed and didn't crash at all. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Would be nice for it to be stock, but there's a mod for this:
  9. Any plans on adding a feature to transfer the science to a container after it is run. Personally think it would be a nice addition. Thanks for the MOD!
  10. To get the flyby enter the SOI but do not enter orbit. Once you enter orbit the flight record changes from flyby, mun to orbit, mun and you haven't met the contract requirements.