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  1. Today I set up a base on the Mun in my JNSQ career save. Launching on my new Hammurabi launch vehicle. Fast forward to the deorbit burn... The crew deploys the surface experiment equipment, and begins stocking up on supplies for the first 12-day night.
  2. A while ago I began a project to set up a crew station and fuel processing station in the Jool system. After launching the crew station, I put a 9-engined, 1000-ton nuclear-electric tug into orbit and hooked it up to the handling station. I then launched the crew station and unceremoniously docked it to the end of the beast. Lateral movement was virtually impossible, so I got them close and turned the ports towards each other and simply gave the station some thrust. I also sent up a crew in the trust Razor SSTO to help with assembly. Without a doubt the most spectacular spacecraf
  3. Clean 1.9 install, trying to install mods from a ckan mod file. Worked previously with the exact same mods and game version. Getting this error:
  4. I'm getting a slight issue with the NF systems manager and NF electrical. It won't let me display the systems manager and reactor manager at the same time; if I try it just shows a blank grey window with the systems manager's "thermal" and "electrical" buttons at the top. I have around 30 mods, are there any known incompatibilities or is this a known issue?
  5. Booted up the game for the first time in a while and jumped right into my 1.7.0 save. Started off by launching an interplanetary passenger spacecraft, the IPCV Agamemnon. Built for up to 12 Kerbals with somewhere north of 8000 dV. Supplies were omitted at launch for weight savings and had to be delivered after launch. I pulled a 30-ton SSTO from my library of craft from older saves, but it turned out to be lacking in the RCS department. I tried jettisoning the payload and having Valentina chase it down in a claw-equipped support ship (pictured docked to the Agamemnon) that I b
  6. Finished my LKO general purpose/lithium refuelling station. Also tested a planetary base system on Minmus, which had to be aborted almost immediately because I had no way to start up the habs or agroponics system.
  7. So that's why nothing was working. Uh, any idea if updating to 1.22, running the game and playing in a save for a couple hours, and then reverting to 1.21 will cause any issues?
  8. It does not work at all. Certain mods like OPM, Extrasolar, JNSQ, etc require it, which means those mods do not work with 1.7.1 for now. The next Kopernicus update features large refactors and other changes which means that some of the aforementioned mods will have to be updated before they can work with the new Kopernicus and 1.7.1.
  9. edit: double post cause excrements internet
  10. Have you had a chat with the CKAN boys? Sometimes the bot fails to index mods and they won't know about it unless someone points it out
  11. How long does it typically take for mods to be indexed on CKAN? Really excited to use this in parallel with the new DLC.
  12. What happened to the Atlas domes and WOLF project? I saw some posts about it a couple months ago and it sounded like they were close. Sounded awesome.
  13. I can't seem to get the Octo-Girder octagonal docking ports to actually dock, they just bounce against each other. The magnetise, but don't dock. And yeah, they're the right way round. Edit: with a bit of Q-ing and E-ing it eventually locked, seems like they are just VERY particular about their alignment. Great for perfect spaceships, but damn does it take patience.
  14. I’ve seen some screenshots going around of NF spacecraft IVAs featuring moardv’s new IVA mod; is it being integrated as a replacement for RPM for the newer pods or are the pics someones DIY?
  15. Any tips on preventing heat buildup during timewarp? I can run a 800kW heat output reactor and a Charon thruster at full pelt until I run out of lithium without issues but time-warp causes the rads (VF-150, 900kW cap total) to heat up to 100% spontaneously, even with the reactor at 8% and engine off. E: After further travel, it seems like the rad heat is just plain unpredictable at warp.
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