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  1. Love the stock docking port rework <3
  2. Beautiful new pods, very well done. RasterPropMonitor screens have vanished from all pods, however. Bug or intended removal like last time? Read the FAQ, same as last time; more renovations. Looking forward to having them back, the intereriors look just as beautiful without them though
  3. Beautiful collection. I'm getting an error saying I should run DirectX9 instead of Direct3D9. What does this mean?
  4. Hoddd9000

    Equivalent of Astronomer's visual pack ?

    None needed, themaster401 has updated the original masterpiece to 1.5.1
  5. Hoddd9000

    Looking to adopt a plugin/mod

    @HeyThisIsntFallout If you’re looking for something more typical, AIES Aerospace has been dead since 1.0.4. It added loads of little useful parts for landers and smaller rockets. Not sure of the license though.
  6. Damn, this is what I've been waiting for. Nice work. A suggestion: Color name: Simply Grey Sample: Photo Hexadecimal color value: #818181-ish Poll: Torn between A and B.
  7. @AmpCat Awesome ship, love the look of the engine section. What I did to keep partcount down on my Duna and upcoming Jool interplanetary ships is to just use one of the massive centrifuges and the large agro module from SSPXr as the only habitation modules. Is enough for 5-10 Kerbals depending on destination. How do the NF Propulsion engines compare in terms of thrust and efficiency to Nertea’s Nuclear Engines mod? That’s what I use for my ships, but I found when trying to build a interplanetary transport ship using the largest cargo containers in SSPXr they were insufficient. At 100 000 tonnes with three cargo containers loaded full of basically anything, dV was only around ~3000. Not something that’s going to go anywhere anytime soon.
  8. Since this thread is now about SSPXr (which looks incredible), is development of FFT being put on hold? Both seem like alot for one person (though Nert has demonstrated superhuman mod dev skills before )
  9. I'm trying to set up some mining landers that use 1.25 nuclear reactors for power, since using solar will require arseloads of panels and will rule out night-time operation. The problem is, it seems to be impossible to satisfy the cooling needs of a reactor (generating only just enough for the drill) and the drill itself at the same time. So far, the... thing below is the only vehicle I have built that has managed to cool both. As soon as I disable one of the large radiators, the reactor's core temp begins to creep up, eventually shutting down. I have NF electricity installed as well. How do I power this thing?
  10. Hoddd9000

    [KSP 1.7] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.74 "Warpspeed"]

    Didn't realise just how much I'd missed this mod until now. Amazing work.
  11. Is it possible to remove the extra buildings around KSC while keeping everything else? EDIT: Nevermind. Press Ctrl-K in flight to edit the local buildings.
  12. Hoddd9000

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Following up on the success of my first working passenger SSTO, I decided to try to build a heavy cargo SSTO, again using Mark Thrimm's awesome SSTO guide. I overbuilt it quite a bit and added nukes just to test what kind of TWR it would have, so it has 1800 m/s left in the tank, and that's with 3000 units of excess oxidiser. I have yet to find out if it can survive re-entry, but who cares, I built a plane that can go to space and it's awesome. The cargo, my future Minmus base.
  13. Hoddd9000

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I built my first Duna base using KPBS, then built my first functional passenger SSTO (thanks to Mark Thrimm's awesome guide). I then delivered crew to the crew vehicle, which will take the eight Kerbals to their new home on the cheesecake. The base performs it's Duna insertion burn... The Base Core separates to be de-orbited at a site picked using my ore scanning satellite. The transfer stage will be left in orbit as a reserve fuel depot. The base modules were de-orbited using a system inspired by NASA's shelved Constellation program. Unfortunately the front wheels were wonky and I had to unload the modules at the landing site and drive them to the base as one long sausage. Assembling the thing was fairly simple. The modules will be fully deployed and a garage and re-useable lander added when the crew arrives. The SSTO, in all it's glory: Docked to the crew vehicle with 200m/s left in the tank. The lander and base garage will be sent to Duna on a different non-nuclear transfer vehicle.