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  1. You should unzip the mod folder in a separate location and copy the entire contents into the root of the Kerbal space program directory, the zip file has GameData and Ships folders that you want to merge with the existing game folders, if you just unzip the file into the GameData folder it's probably not going to work, the mod includes Mod manager but you should always look for the latest one and Mod Manager must be in the GameData folder. As JadeOf Maar said the mod also requires Firespitter for fuel switching, and Community Resource Pack for Warp Jet functionality. For IVAs you will need ASE
  2. This stability problem is one of the pitfalls that prevent the use of wide bodies in real aircraft since the wide surface generates lift with no means of controlling it, they build them taller but rarely do they build them wider, and where it is used like the B2 or a variety of experimental aircraft that combine fuselage and wing they usually have a large delta wing arrangement pushing the engine mass further forward and the CoL further back, while being heavily reliant on computer augmented stability control. Perhaps a wing set with a deeper delta sweep is something to consider at some future
  3. Guys you know you're not supposed to actually let Kerbals near the controls for anything right?
  4. Frankly I don't mind the engines being OP. One has to consider the playability factor is these designs. If we merely consider realism, most of these would not be able to develop enough thrust to leave the ground and even then not have enough fuel to go anywhere. It's one of the biggest bottlenecks to the SSTO concept, so we need to consider the possibility of a future technology combining massive thrust and fuel efficiency in a compact design. Players always have the option of tweaking configs to their liking, which I think is preferable to forcing everyone to endure arbitrary limitations.
  5. Mycroft that is still my favorite version of the K, not just the two part cockpit but the fuselage as well. I liked the more bowed out sides, it made the thing look more aerodynamic and less like a box. Interesting interpretation, I like this design, of course the Movie version had some kind of weird atomic engines as the main drive (I'm assuming since they look like scaled down versions of the one on the planetary transport)
  6. Don't, you're not. People need to get that you and everyone who is working on this is doing it for free, for the love of the game, this mod and in some ways the community. Too often Iv'e seen this kind of behavior, people bringing attitude and demands and forgetting they are not paying for the right to do it. Once in a while it doesn't hurt to remind them.
  7. I'm afraid I'm not as patient. I've seen this kind of entitled nonsense before, it's one of the reasons I got out of modding for Freelancer and Paul shouldn't be apologizing because his answer to a question with an obvious answer, wasn't obsequious enough.
  8. Not a poo storm. It's my fault for trying to apply real world engineering precedents to a game situation and I should have known better. I was thinking of the realism value that such a part would have a mechanical infrastructure, which of course doesn't exist here, but if it were real, would have to be accommodated in the design.
  9. Ya but you can at least imagine there is some kind of chamber in behind the things I guess but they are supposed to be able to pass through this module and it would a hell of a tight squeeze getting by those seats going from front to back don't you think? If it weren't for the surrounding tanks there would be tons of room but because of those it make that space seem a lot smaller. I'm game if you guys think they could somehow fit and allow passage around that docking assembly, after all the seating doesn't have to be as huge as every example we've illustrated.
  10. If it's just an entry, with no airlock, no safeguard, not the way I would design it but whatever, it's just a game after all.
  11. Ya on that hull, though you would have to remember the port retracts so it going to take up more space inside, so if we're not playing Doctor Who about things there's a fat tube in the middle of the room that port and it mechanism is sitting in. Is there still going to be room for seating around it?
  12. It wouldn't be logically sound, you made a good call. The docking port is a combination airlock and access with a mechanical extension tunnel, realistically there wouldn't even be room in there for crew seating.
  13. I've been using DDS4KSP to convert PNGs to DDS, I do have Nvidea tools and plugins, etc. for when I'm actually creating or editing textures, but DDS4KSP does the job very effectively as a standalone app and it's handy for bulk conversions.
  14. Be advised, your texture problems could be driver related, I had recently updated my ATI video drivers and the graphics were horrible, the gpu seemed to be choosing the lower resolution mip maps to render, showing graphics very much like what is being illustrated here, I rolled back to a known good version of the drivers and the textures were crystal clear.
  15. This mod is basically for parts, it does use Firespitter for the fuel switching options and while that is included with this mod for completeness, it is always best to go directly to the source for the latest files, especially if you're having problems.
  16. The mod as it's available contains two folders, OPT and Firespitter, these go in the root of the GameData folder, if you just unpack the mod into a folder labeled OPT whatever in the GameData folder as is, it's not going to work since it's going to mess up file paths, the game is case sensitive (which is really annoying)so everything has to be left exactly as written, even a folder or file relabeled, say Opt instead of OPT, is going to screw things up , and of course you also need Module Manager, in the GameData folder, beyond that all I can think of is that you have another mod causing a conf
  17. I never tried to get illumination working for the KTAV Cockpit I did since it wasn't included with the original, but it is on the list of things I'm trying to learn how to do, but if someone beats me to it, there shall be joy and celebration and the villagers will dance in the streets.... Ya ok, I never claimed to be sane.
  18. It couldn't hurt to have that, if it's a resource combination that has everything, but judging by the mod variants, I think K Yeon wanted that versatility even if it made his mod dependent on Firespitter. Someone please enlighten me what is IFS bringing to the table that is an improvement over Firespitter for the basic functionality we're seeking? I'm asking asking simply because there is no sense in including both since one supersedes the other but it does seem Firespitter is being updated more rapidly.
  19. I honestly don't think we need to fix the file structure if it works, changing things just for the sake of esthetics could create more problems than solve. The unedited version of the K TAV can be downloaded from www.mediaremovethisspacefire.com/download/89rjm37bmff6l4t/KTAVCockpit.zip (remove "removethisspace") Be aware, config files are case sensitive, if the K TAV's config file mu location does not match the actual folder structure letter for letter including case , the game won't find it.
  20. I just have no idea how to get it into the game yet, still learning how to use Unity.
  21. I would direct people to check the folder opt/mm_config and look at the file OPT_fs.cfg, The mod uses the Firespitter plugin, I think it's needed for fuel tanks to work correctly, and last time I checked there was a test version available for 1.1, as for if and how they may have actually changed game functionality regarding fuel tanks in general in 1.1, I don't know yet.
  22. I described one of his cockpits as duckbilled because it was one of his revisions where he had scrapped a bunch of perfectly serviceable cockpits, especially the Valkyrie style K cockpit then provided a version of the K cockpit that was far too short for it's ultimate girth merging with a K module. The thing looked ridiculous, I saw it and immediately thought It looked like a damn duckbilled platypus. He's revisited the idea of a wide K cockpit in 1.8 but this time the way he made it the design works.
  23. Please read through the thread. At this point K. Yeon will not be available to work on the mod until much later this year, if he is available then, so the mod is essentially abandoned. Anyone looking for new development or making suggestions for additions is in for a very long wait. At this point it is up to the users to adapt these parts as best they can if they still want to use them.
  24. I don't think he's using IFS specifically unless he's integrated it in a way that is hiding the associated dlls, he is using Firespitter though which does have a pre-release variant for 1.1 available.
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