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  1. I agree that this can be annoying, and an option to disable it would be great!
  2. The original still works I think, although I haven't tried it in the most recent version.
  3. That explains it. As for getting it to face down, I could rotate it twice, but it doesn't end up perfectly parallel. I'll try working with that some more. I also found another work around for my example: attach it to one cubic strut the way that it insists defaulting to, then attach that strut to another and I can have it the direction I want to. Cubic struts seem to default one direction towards surfaces, but you can flip them when attaching to a node point.
  4. I'm noticing that when you place landing legs, you you can't rotate them around the attach surface, but on some strange angle to it. I don't recall this issues prior to 1.1. For instance, if you put a cubic octogonal strut on the bottom of a tank let's say, and then try to put an LT-1 landing strut on, it will face straight upward and attach properly. But no matter what I do, I can't get it to face down. I could rotate the octogonal strut 180 deg into the part but that's not what I wanted to do. Is there a way around this?
  5. If someone makes a mod and the mod crashes, it has nothing to do with being able to "safely" mod KSP. I'd say KAC is crash free, as I've never seen it cause any issues. But it's still a mod, and accesses the game through methods defined for modding, it isn't directly integrated into the game. The other problem is that while a mod might work standalone, combinations of mods might cause each other to have issues. There is no way for KSP devs to prevent this, or for individual mod makers to prevent this. All the above said, I've never had a crash I would attribute to a mod, unless you count going over the memory limit back in 32 bit. I've only used popular, well vetted mods though.
  6. It doesn't count as stock because it isn't stock. Which means it can break something in ways the devs don't know about.
  7. I'd like to know too. All that is going to happen due to bugs/stability/whatever is already happening, because they've been reported and are being worked on. The reason to keep harping on about it is a mystery to me. I'm surprised all the polls/redundant complaint threads aren't nuked immediately. If you don't like the way 1.1.2 works, then you have two choices: use a previous version, or wait.
  8. I voted for the first choice, but I don't have any issues at all so it doesn't quite cover it.
  9. It's clear, people just read what they want to read, and can't be happy. Thanks for the update and the continued work! KSP continues to be the best game purchase I've made, and 1.1 has been the best performing version to date. And new bugs have been outweighed considerably by new capabilities in my opinion.
  10. There is definitely drift that didn't exist in 1.0.5, and it happens with encounters also. The periapsis will move (drop I think) around when approaching a planet/moon. This is at 1x speed. I've never had that happen in previous versions, at all.
  11. Yeah wheels are really touchy at being close to anything right now.
  12. I'm a big fan of the Heinlein also. And of course the modular bases and deployment units!
  13. I've always wanted to fly this ship since I started in 0.9, but it's been buggy since things have changed a lot in KSP. So I set out to do a re-creation! I constructed the ship from scratch to guarantee parts were together correctly. The only changes are in the lander and the rover. The rover had to be re-built to fit into the stack-up properly, and I needed to adjust the spacing on the connections so the rover would drop down from the lander. It also disconnects differently and ejects a portion off the rover after deployment on the surface. Wheels and landing gear are pretty explosive right now, so it was dangerous! I also had to add 3 liquid fuel tanks clipped into the lander, it just didn't have the dV it used to. This means you have to transfer fuel into them before the Duna landing. Perhaps a few tweaks are needed here and there, but it's pretty much complete. Thanks to Mulbin for originally designing this ship, it's a blast!
  14. It does look nice, you do have to get over it looking "different" though I think. Once you're past that it's good. I installed SVE (ultra res) and Scatterer and it runs great. I couldn't do that before because of memory and performance issues.